Errr, new Neuro writer here. I had this idea floating around my head for a few days, so I decided to put it to paper, or in this case, computer.

I hope everyone stays in character (for the most part anyway)

I consider this to take part after the battle with Sicks.

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It was hot.

Yako's eyes scanned the vast plain. A large group of deformed creatures were tormenting, was that, the sun? Yako blinked a few times, to be certain. Even though her eye clearly saw it, her brain seemed to not make any logical sense of it.

Yako wiped a bit of sweat from her brow. Thank goodness she was only wearing her school uniform, or else she would have been roasting.


Yako nearly jumped ten feet as a hulking orge like monster lumbered towards her. A large club in hand, he only wore a stained (was that blood?) piece of cloth that only covered the bare essentials. Yako thought for sure it was the end of her, seeing as it was staring right at her.

Drawing her arms to protect her face, she waited for impact. Running was not an option, seeing as her legs seemed to be stuck on the floor. No amount of strength or will power would get them up.

A few seconds passed.

Nothing had happened. Yako lowered her arms, and was greeted by nothing. Turning her head, she watched as the creature kept on walking down the path.

It was then that Yako noticed her hands. They were almost entirely see-through. They could still touch and grab things, as she tested, but they still were see-through. Another strange thing was the lack of a voice on her part. Yako would think the words, and even form them on her lips, but no sound would be uttered.

She blinked, rather surprised at herself on how calm she was. No matter, this was a dream.

So she hoped.

"Ah, there you are."

Yako turned her head sharply at the man's voice, which seemed to be an odd mix of a growl and regular speech. He was an unfamiliar face, to be sure. It was hard to tell his face at all. The male figure had the head of a dog, but the body of a man. The dog (man?)had rather sharp looking canines coming over its jaw. It's, for 'it' seems like the best term, eyes were opened almost impossibly wide, and were on an upward slant. It's ears were like large loop earrings, going down to its shoulder. The nails, colored purple, were rather long and sharp. It sported cowboy outfit, complete with a hat and spurs.

Rather creepy, to be sure. On par with Neuro's bird form.

Yako, didn't say anything. She was sure that would be the case even if her voice was working.

It rummaged around its pants pocket until taking out some type of fruit. At least, something that appeared to be fruit. Yako had to admit that it did look tasty. The fruit almost seemed to give off a glow; as though it was calling out to her. Yako knew right away that she had to taste that fruit. The dog creature gave a rather unpleasant grin (or at least something that looked like a grin) and kneeled down to Yako.

"Ah, miss. This fruit is especially for you. It…will…sa…"



Yako nearly fell out of bed.

Checking her alarm clock, she let out a let curse. She had woken up five minutes late. Wonderful.

Now she had to adjust her whole morning schedule on that fact. Of course, even if she arrived on time Neuro would still torture her, but the degree or harshness would increase if she were late. Thus, it was best to be on time when going to 'work'.

Yako went through all her morning rituals, making sure to be slightly faster then usual. When she arrived downstairs, she had successfully restored the time balance and would have enough time to blow through a full course meal.

After a rather filling breakfast, not made by her mother of course, Yako quickly left her house. It was Sunday, so she had the whole day to go looking for mysteries with Neuro. Maybe she would even be able to hang out with Kanae later. Hopefully. This would only happen if Neuro got his mystery. If not, he would be glad to torture her for a few hours.

Arriving at the office, Yako cautiously peered inside of the room, only opening the door a few inches. No violence yet. Yako was about to widen the door even more, until she heard Neuro's voice ring out.

"Well, what….planning….Don't call me to tell me you don't know….You know I loath….slaves are useless…. Yes. Yes….Just hurry it up…."

The middle part was said with particular malice, Yako mused. Everything else was all she could make out of Neuro's mumbling.

Lost in her thoughts and puzzlement, Yako didn't notice a large shadow looming over where the door would have been.

"Ah, it seems this slave thinks she is important enough to listen on its masters conversations. Anyone else would ask, 'Who does this slave think she is?'"

Yako looked up to the smiling face of Neuro, the one who called himself her master. A smiling face on Neuro was almost enough to have her running in the opposite direction. However, running was useless, something she knew well enough.

Neuro quickly had her in the office, with her face smashed onto the cold tile floor, which she knew hadn't been washed in a few days. Wonderful.

"N-Neuro. Who was that?" Ah, she was pushing her luck.

At once two needles were placed centimeters from her eyeballs. A particularly nasty grin resided on Neuro's face as he looked down on her.

"Oh my! Now the slave thinks she can ask questions about her master's business. What gall!"

Neuro had the nerve to sound aghast at what she had done. Thankfully, Godai had arrived. Of course, this didn't mean he would stop his torture of her, but it would bring up a different topic on conversation.

"Fuck man, I can't even walk in expecting a moment of peace, can I."

Neuro made no move to give Yako any relief, despite her trying to wiggle out of his grasp. As though sent by the gods, Neuro's hairpiece started to glow.

"Ah. Yako, there is a mystery to be found."

Quickly, all the pressure on her body was gone and she was allowed to rise from the floor. Godai glanced at them, boredom clearly on his face. It was obvious that he wanted to go with them, at least once. Of course, Neuro would have never allowed it.

Closing the door behind her, Yako quickly hurried over to Neuro's side. He made no move to slow down from his fast pace, so Yako had to take two or three steps for his one.

After walking five blocks, they arrived outside of a salon, with countless people going in and out. It was a pretty fancy looking salon, so rich women flocked around here. Neuro gave a tiny smirk, knowing he was going to get a pretty nice meal.

Within minutes, a shriek was heard from inside of the building, catching the attention of everyone in the vicinity. Yako and Neuro quickly hurried inside of the building.


Yako let out a sigh as she watched Neuro devour his meal. In all honesty, his bird face still spooked her; even though she had seen it more times then she could count. Not to mention, it reminded her that he wasn't human. It wasn't that he acted human, but his appearance was that of one.

Turning away from the woman, Neuro licked his lips. That meal would get him though the rest of the day. Yako watched as the woman was led away mumbling under her breath, and her eyes were wide open in fright.

She had committed the murder of her mother, and was around the age of twenty-four. Her name was Mitsuki, if Yako remembered correctly.

Neuro pointed a finger to the door, motioning that it was time to go. Yako quickly ran up to him and exited the building.

Only making it one block, Yako managed to trip over some object. Neuro made no move to help her, and watched with amusement as she groaned in pain from hitting the sidewalk. Yako looked down to see what she tripped on. It seemed to be a candle.

As she made to grab it, Neuro quickly snatched it off of the ground and inspected it. A small grin appeared on his face as he tossed the object to the ground.

"Come slave. Lets not waste any more time around here."

Yako nodded, slightly curious about the candle that Neuro had such a strong reaction too. As she pulled herself up from the ground, she grabbed and pocketed the candle, not worried about Neuro seeing, since he was already a few feet ahead of her.

As she hurried to catch up with him, a slow chill passed through her body. Yako turned her head around, to see if anyone was there. She frowned; she could have sworn someone was watching her.


Thus begins the story! Don't worry, it will pick up after this. I am planning to introduce characters in the next chapter, and the mystery will begin!

As for romance, I may just put in little hints, but nothing too major.