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Yako and Neuro soon arrived back to the office. Yako reached her hand into the pocket of her skirt, and touched the candle. What a strange object to find on the ground. A lighter she could understand, but a candle? Yako pushed the matter out of her head as she reached for the doorknob. As she went to turn the handle, Neuro grabbed her head and threw her to the side. Yako gave a shout of surprise as she crashed towards the floor.

"Hey! What was that for you jerk!"

Neuro didn't reply as he quickly opened the door. A small smile appeared on his face as he looked into the room. Yako frowned in confusion. What did he just see?

Yako got up from the floor and watched as Neuro entered the room, quickly following suit.

Inside the office was a rather raggedy looking man. His hair was all messy and had a few cowlicks. His hair went down to his neck and was a light brown. He wore a dirtied suit and had a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She guessed his age around twenty or nineteen. He had a ditzy looking smile on his face as he quickly stood up. Yako guessed that he was around two or three inches shorter then Neuro. She also noticed he wore a strange looking bracelet that was a pretty gold and had engravings on it. She was too far away to see what they read, though. He also had a lighter in his hand that he seemed to have just closed.

The man walked over to Neuro, who had his hand outstretched for a handshake. The man seemed to be happy of that gesture, but as he went to put his hand in Neuro's, Neuro gripped his hand and threw him to the floor.

"Uwaah! Neuro-sama, that hurts!"

The man had the most annoying voice Yako had ever heard. It was high pitched and he sounded like a young boy. Neuro looked satisfied as he walked back to the front desk and took a seat.

The man then pointed his attention to Yako and gave a silly smile. Yako gave the man a fake smile. Who was he? The man walked up to her and grasped her hand, shaking it wildly.

"Ah, my name is Ghoul! You must be Yako-san! It is such a pleasure to meet you. Aw man, I don't really know what to say! Ooo, this is so embarrassing!"

The man, Ghoul, scratched the back of his head, a goofy smile still on his face. Yako's eye twitched. How annoying. Ghoul seemed to talk a lot, seeing as he was still mumbling things to her.

"Ghoul, why are you here?"

Ghoul turned to Neuro, his face turning serious. Well, as serious as he could look.

"Ah, well, should I be saying this in front of, you know, her? Ah, I don't know what to do! This is so confusing! Neuro-sama! Wha-"

"Enough! Yes, she can stay. Just continue with what you were going to tell me."

Even though Yako felt a twinge of annoyment, Neuro seemed calm about the man. Ghoul nodded and took a deep breath.

"Well, Suigin, you remember suigin right, cause I remember him, anyway, he's been pretty underground lately, and I mean underground as in no one has seen him in months. So I was like, come on, what's going on? So I got Cardio, you remember Cardio right? So I got him to search for Suigin. Cardio shows up a few days later, nearly dead. I tell you Neuro-sama, Suigin is up to something."

Neuro turned the chair around and spoke, "Ghoul, your staying up here until the matter gets straighten out. Suigin probably knows that you know he's up to something."

Swiveling the chair around, Neuro gave a wicked grin.

"This seems like a fine tasting mystery."


So, Ghoul ended up staying with them.

Yako swore to god she was going to kill him herself.

He was single handedly the most annoying person she had ever met in her entire life. He never shut up, he was clumsy, he would interrupt her, heck, he just gave off an aura of annoying. Yako used to pride herself in that she would just ignore an annoying person. Ghoul was impossible to ignore.

One day, when she arrived early for once and when Neuro curiously wasn't there, she finally snapped.

"Ah, Ghoul! Shut up! I can't take you anymore!"

Ghoul didn't seem to mind at her outburst. "Ah, I never told you did I? Gee, of course I never told you. Ah, I'm such a dummy!"

Yako blinked. "Told me what?"

"You know how Neuro eats mysteries? Well, of course you do. You work with him. Anyway, I kinda do that. Only I eat that hatred you feel when I'm around. I know I'm annoying, but its fun to get everyone bothered. People give off an aura when they are annoyed or hating someone. I thrive off of that. Err, I hope that made sense."

Yako nodded. Now she understood why she found him so damn annoying. It was in his nature.

"How did you get stuck with Neuro anyway?"

Ghoul smiled, "Well, he's the only one who would ignore me. It's a dumb reason, I know, but it meant something to me. Of course, I don't get to feed off him, but…"

He flicked the lighter for the umpteenth time. Yako raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, Ghoul, why do you flick that lighter?"

Ghoul looked at her, then at the lighter.

"Well, you see, I'm a lower demon. I have to survive off the energy I eat in the demon world, and energy here. Neuro-sama is a much higher rank then I, so as long as he eats mysteries, he will be fine in the human world. As you might have guessed, I have to feed off fire's rays. This is only indoors. Outside, I can feed of the suns rays. But I need to be in direct contact. It won't work through a window. If I don't get the rays every ten minutes, I start to become more human. After thirty minutes, I'm full human. And I can't go back, you see. Anyway, as long as its even minimal contact, it sets the timer back all over again. It's a hassle, but I can deal with it."

Ghoul smiled. Within seconds, he had disappeared from sight. Yako gave a little jump, confused about what had just happened. Where had he gone? Yako blinked. Ah.

"As you might have guessed," Rang out a voice, "I'm invisible in my demon form. Only certain demons can see me now. Gee, this must be weird to a human."

Yako felt something rummaging in her pocket, causing her to give a little yelp. Soon, the candle came floating out. She had been carrying it around for a while since she had found it. The lighter came floating next to the candle. Yako watched as the lighter lit the candle. In a blaze of green, the candle burned quietly.

Ghoul was visible again. At least, she thought it was ghoul. The man in front of her was deadly pale. His face was slightly sunken in, and his eyes were a blaring red. He still looked rather human. Plus, she could only see the area from which the candles light would reach. Part of his legs and feet were still invisible. Assuming he had feet.

"Older demons like me have much more sunken faces. I'm still a pretty young demon. Well, I mean young for a demon. I'm still much older then you. Neuro is even older then me. He must be ancient to you."

Yako gave a frown, "How did you know I had the candle?"

"Demon objects give an aura then humans can't see. This is a special candle from the demon world. Look, the wick is green. I don't really like the color myself, but there you go…"

Yako moved in closer and saw that it was indeed green.

"This allows demons that can't see me, to see me. They sell them at any local store. There are more invisible demons then just me, you see."

"Are there other mystery eaters like Neuro?"

Ghoul scratched his head. "No. You see, Neuro is special."

However, Yako didn't get to press for more information, seeing as Neuro had just walked through the door. Ghoul, now back to his old form, hurried over to Neuro, but tripped at his feet. Neuro gave the body a kick as he walked over to the main desk. Yako scrambled, hurrying to catch the candle. As soon as Ghoul dropped it, it stopped burning. Plus, it didn't seem to have lost any wax at all.

Pocketing the candle, which was still warm, she glanced at Neuro. Now, why was he coming in late? Did it have something to do with the news that Ghoul had brought in? Neuro was always there when she showed it, no matter how early she was. Yako wondered if he slept here.

"Neuro-sama! Where were you! I was so lonely!"

How frank! Yako knew better at his point then ask dumb questions such as that.

"I was visiting the demon world." Neuro spoke from his chair.

Yako's face dropped. She was sure if she asked that question, she would have been punched or something.

Ghoul's face turned serious. Well, as serious as he could look.

"And? What's going on? Uwaaah, I wana know what's happening!"

And there it went.

Neuro pulled a lever, causing a large ice block to hit Ghoul. Where the lever came from, Yako had no idea.

"Slaves shouldn't meddle in their masters business," Was what he said simply.

Yako frowned. Something seemed off about Neuro. Could it have something to do with the visit to the demon world?


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