summary-Emily (healer), Adriane (warrior), and Kara (blazing star) got invited to see that Gallagher Academy was a school for rich, snobby, kids. The mages are all level 2 mages. Cammie and the others are in their sophmore year. the mages have no idea that the Gallagher Girls are spies. the gallagher girls think that magic doesn't exist. Emily has the ability to heal humans. The mages can speak all the languages that the Gallagher Girls can speak. Kara can still shape shift. All three of them know self-defence. They can also do somethings that they normally can't do. This is a crossover between Avalon Quest For Magic and Gallagher Girls. This is put during cross my heart and hope to spy. The blackthorne boys are here.

Disclamer: Rachel Roberts and Ally Carter own it all :(

this is my first story, so i am really sorry if you hate it. read and review please. If you never read Avalon Web of magic or quest for magic you should.

Emily's pov

"Wow! Gallagher Academy is huge," I said. It really was. I never saw anything bigger than pet palace. (FYI i have no idea if that's true)

Kara stepped forward and suddenly two girls appeared there.

"Hi. My name is Cammie and this is Liz," they introduced themselves.

(italic is when the mages are using magic to talk to eachother)

I'll talk. Both of you back off. I said silently.

Adriane and Kara moved back to let me talk and for that I was grateful.

"Hi. My name is Emily. The blond's Kara, and the black haired girl is Adriane," I said calmly even though inside i was just about ready to freak out.

"Follow us. We'll take you to the headmistress's office," they said turning around.

They weren't really snobby. It's just seemed that they knew something we didn't.

We walked down halls and I gaped at how beautiful everything was. We stopped in front of a door and Cammie pushed open the door. Inside sat a woman who looked different for some reason I couldn't tell.

"Welcome to Gallagher Academy. I am really sorry. We are short on rooms, so you will be sharing with Cammie and her roommated. I am the headmistress here, and Cammie's my daughter," she said.

Is it legal for a daughter to go to school with her mom as the headmistress? asked Kara.

I srugged and turned back to Ms. Morgan.

"Gallagher Academy specilizes in Languages and Self Defence. Our students work across the world. You will be taking classes with the sophmore class. If it is too hard, ask my daughter or one of her friends,"she said calmly.

Is she crazy? Gallagher is already for people way smarter than us, and we're taking classes with people 2 grades above us! raged Adriane silently.

Calm down, Adriane. I'm sure we'll be able to handle it. I replied.

Yeah. Calm down Xena. It'll be a challenge. said Kara.

Just look on the bright side. I said brightly.

Adriane rolled her eyes at me and I pretened not to see.

"Cammie will show you to your room," said Ms. Morgan. "And Cammie? I had three more beds moved in there, and please make sure that Rebecca doesn't do anything to them on their first day."

Cammie smirked at that, and motioned for us to follow her and Liz.

We came to another room and she opened the door. Inside was a suite with seven beds. My mouth dropped open with amazement. Inside was 2 other girls sitting on their beds.

"That's Bex and Macey," said Cammie pointing to each of them.

Our suitcases were on three beds which i guess were ours.

I sat down and sighed.

"The four of us are going to talk to my mom. You can just stay here and rest," said Cammie.

She left and we looked at eachother.

"I think they're hiding something," I said.

"I know. The way they walk, it seems like they expect us to attack them anytime," said Adriane, "Besides. If I wanted to attack them, I would of already done it."

"Of course you would, Xena," snorted Kara.

"Well not everyone is as girly as you Barbie," snapped Adriane.

"Both of you. Cut it out," I ordered.

"I feel uncomferable here," I sighed, "It's like everyone's better than me."

"I know. There are secrets here. Things that only the people here know. It's like we don't belong," Adriane said.

Just than Cammie and her friends came back.

"You guys should get some sleep. It's going to offically be your first day tomorrow," she said.

I nodded at her and fell back onto my bed.

Kara and Adriane did too. My hand fell onto my jewel and the magic helped a lot.

One hour later

You girls asleep? I asked.

No. I can't sleep. Everything's so different than home. Besides I'm used to sleeping in Ravenswood. said Adriane. (FYI I know that they don't do that. Let's just pretend they do)

Everything's weird. These girls are just so secretive. I wonder what they're hiding. thought Kara.

I miss Ozzie. I sighed

Yeah. I know how you feel. I miss Dreamer. said Adriane.

Same with Lyra. I wish they were here. said Kara.

Just try to sleep. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. I thought to the others.

I layed on my pillow and darkness took over.

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