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We walked back to Gallagher Academy. Something was wrong. Cammie saw a teacher and asked if he was okay.

"No time. They have the list," he said. Croaked was more like it.

Cammie gasped with good reason. The list had the names of everyone who had been to Gallagher Academy. If it was gone, well no one knew what would happen but it would be bad.

The Gallagher Girls gathered and Cammie explained everything.

"What about them?" asked a girl.

"They know. They overheard someone talking," lied Cammie.

"We'll come with you," I said. They handed us coms to talk through.

We left as quick as possible to a building. Cammie went up to the room.

I heard her through my com, "Zach is here," she said and then a thump. I guess Zach must have attacked. We (not literatly) flew up to the roof and the other boys were there.

"You want me to throw him off the roof?" asked Bex.

Cammie shook her head.

"So the reason your attacking us is because I lied to you?" demanded Zach.

"No. The reason we're attacking you is because someone stole the Gallagher Academy list," snapped Cammie. He paled.

"I have nothing to do with this, I swear," said Zach.

"Em, could you check?" asked Cammie.

I nodded and concentrated.

How could they have taken the list, I had nothing to do with it. I hope they know that.

"He's clean," I said.

"How does she know?" asked Zach.

We ignored his question. "Are you with us or not?" demanded Cammie.

He nodded and they jumped off the roof.

We went down the building and they were fighting.

Someone grabbed me from behind.

No magic. said Kara.

I didn't use magic. Instead I kicked him as hard as I could at his ankle and slammed my other leg to his other ankle.

He hissed in pain. I looked up. Cammie was fighting Mr. Steve. I went to help her but Bex got there first. She held onto him and he looked like he had trouble breathing.

I was not surprised; Bex's headlocks were painful.

Mr. Solomon walked in just then.

I wasn't sure what I thought he was going to say but it wasn't that. "Let him go, Bex," he said calmly.

"This was a test?" demanded Cammie.

"Yes," answered her mom.

"Was it to see if we could suceed?" she asked.

"No. It was to see if you could work together," she explained.

"So did we pass?" asked Bex.

"We don't prepare you for tests. We prepare you for real life," stated Mr. Solomon.

So what was the answer to the question?

We headed off back to Gallagher Academy. I lagged behind to talk to Cammie.

"This is one weird school," I said.

"No kidding," she replied.

"So what's going to happen to us now we know the secret?" I asked.

"Honestly? I have no clue," she said.

The day after we got back Mrs. Morgan wanted to see Cammie, Kara, Adriane, and me.

"How did you find out?" she asked.

We didn't have to aske what she was talking about.

"I overheard it," I said not lying yet not telling the truth.

"We went to asked Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey," said Adriane.

"And we told them the truth," added Cammie.

"We won't erase your minds. But keep in mind that if you tell anyone, you'll regret it," she said.

"Oh yeah. We're good at keeping secrets," said Kara.

"And Cammie. If you hurry up you'll be able to catch him," she said.

"Catch who?" I asked.

"Zach. The boys are leaving today and so are you," she said.

Oh yeah. It was the last day of the semester.

We raced out to say good bye.

Cammie was there. I couldn't hear what they were saying but then Zach kissed Cammie.

I grinned. Zach left.

"So happy?" I asked.

She nodded.

Just then my mom was here.

We went out the gates and said hi.

"Mom. This is Cammie," I said.

"Well it a pleasure to meet you, Cammie. Now girls we have to go," she said.

We nodded and went inside the car and headed back home.


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