In You We Trust!

Summary: "So, this is where we draw the line" Sasuke whispered in a dark way. "No this is where I cross it and break!

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This not based off from the Naruto we know. This one is based off of the original Naruto and 666Satan. Though characters from the fillers have been added.

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Fireworks lit the youthful sky with youthful colors and cherry blossoms danced in the youthful wind

But none could compare to her youthful hair

The solf, lu...

"Damn, no that's not right!", muttered the bowl hair cut boy. Crumpled up the paper and throwing into a near trash can only to miss and land next a pair of feet. The boy looked up to see his rival in the doorway. Said boy bent down and picked up.

"Another love letter Lee? Give up for once, she and the rest of the girls got there eyes on that Uchiha." The rival said while reading the letter. "And, you got 'youthful' in here so many times she would throw up"

"I shall never give up! The power of youth shall win her over! Nor will I lose to you Neji!", Lee cried out, jumping out of his seat and gave the other the famous good guy pose. Sighing, Neji walked out of the room. "Whatever, I just came to tell you the genin are here."

"Genin?", Lee asked.

"Yeah, like that Uzumaki kid, the Uchiha, my cousin and your crush.", Neji said from outside the room. As soon as Lee heard 'crush' he bolted out the hall and down the, running passed Neji and other students.

"That moron.", muttered the Hyuuga, walking after the youth moron.

"Attention, attention everyone. I, Senju Tsunade, welcome you all to the Leaf Military Academy. This school is job is to teach you all to perfect your skills and and get you all ready to protect and defend our country. Today and over the rest of our 3 years here, you'll go under the harshest of training and you'll see the horrors of this world. Leave now and betray your country if you can't even imaging working so hard." The large crowded was silent and some were just speechless. Tsunade smiled at the response. But before she could finish up her speech, a yell came from the crowd. Looking around, she noticed a blond, spiky haired kid standing up on a chair, in the back row.

"Is that all? Hard training, that's nothing old lady. We can take on anything you got! Nothing you say or do will stop me from becoming the leader of the Leaf Army! Believe it!", the boy yelled. Rage bottled up with the principal. That little brat how dare he! I'll....wait, that voice. No way, back? But his name wasn't in the papers.

"You sure got spirit kid. To bad it won't last. Here you brats like you die before they even finish the semester.", all eyes were on a white haired man, with a scarf covering his mouth and nose. "I am the Teamwork and Skills director. Call me Kakashi-sensei. An attitude like that won't fly here. Teamwork is key to mission, but anyone who thinks they work on their own is a fool." Kakashi explained.

In the back the blond haired boy was pulled down and whacked in the head by a pink haired girl. Though everyone was listen to Kakashi, their eyes were burning holes into the duo. Hitting him a again the pinkette sat down.

"Sakura why did you do that, that hurt." the boy whined.

"You idiot, don't say such dumb things.", Sakura muttered. "This our first year here, our firt time with other 'ninjas'. Don't try to make enemies on our first day."


"I've never heard of anyone who even spoke during a the Welcoming before. But then again I never met a guy like you." The two looked behind them to see Neji and Lee.

"Ah! Bushy Brows, Weird Eyes what are you two doing her?", the blond asked, only to get hit in the head or the third time that day.

"Idiot, they're our senpais, stop being rude." Sakura whispered to him. "Oh Neji-senpai, Lee-senpai how are you two?"

"We're here to see the genin."

"Genin? who are they?" the blond asked.

"They would be you guys. It's a tern we use to call the freshmen. We're called chuunin and the third years are called jounin. Those who graduate are ANBUs." Neji explained to the due.

"Wait but genin means low rank person." the blond muttered.

"Yeah, so?"

"Hey that's no...", before the blond could say anymore someone new began to speak.

"I am Danzou, the chairman of this Academy. As Mrs. Senju explained, these years for you all will be full of hardship. But those who survive and graduate become apart of either my branch or the Main ANBU force of the Fire Country's Military. Only the best are seleted to join Root. I don't expect to see many of you at the end, nor becoming a member of Root. Over these years you have a high chance of dieing. Only the greatest will live and only the greatest of the great will join Root. everyone work hard and good luck." the last part of the mummie like man's speech sent shivers down everyones spine, including the staff. Stepping back up to the alter Tsunade spoke again.

"Like Danzou said, good luck everyone and Welcome to the Leaf Military Academy! Now you all may go. Be back here at 9 o'clock.", everyone clapped and began to file our the doors.

"That guy gave me the creeps." Sakura muttered.

"He gives everyone the creep." Neji replied.

"Don't fear Sakura, I your youthful knight shall never let any harm come to ....", Lee's words were cut short as he hit a wall. Getting back up to notice they were far ahead of him. "Ah wait slow down!" Lee cried out, running over to them. The trio stopped suddenly, causing Lee to crash into the blond.

"Ow, get off Fuzzy brows!", the blond whined.

"Ah you guys are here! You guys come here.", yelled a boy with red markings that was not too far from them.

"Hey Kiba.", Sakura greeted. Lee got off the blond and helped him up. Soon 3 guys and a girl came over to them.

"Well well, if it isn't Billboard Brow. I'm surprised they let you in. With that inhuman forehead of yours, they could have mistaken you for a demon.", the blond girl laughed.

"Same could be said for you Ino-pig. It's not normal for a girl to be sooo fat like you." Sakura laughed as well. The two soon went into a staring, growling contest.

"Kiba, Shino where is Hinata?", Neji asked the boy with the red markings and a tall guys with sunglasses.

"Oh well she was next to us but we must have gotten separated when leaving. We were looking for her but we found you guys instead.", Kiba explained.

"Oh how troublesome, don't ask me to help find her.", a boy with pineapple shaped face muttered while leaning against a wall next to a big guy eating chips. "I wonder what I should eat for lunch, Leaf Military Academy is said to have the best food." the big guys said aloud, but to himself.

"Ah Choji, Hinata is missing and all you care about is food." Kiba whined.

"Hinata, I wonder if she is ok.", the blond muttered.

On the roof of the school a blue haired girl watched as other students walked around the campus. Sighing to her self she sat down against the fence. Oh great, I've gotten myself lost. I'm so stupid. I don't even see Kiba are Shino down there.

"what are you doing here?", a cold voice made the girl jump to her feet in fear. A dark haired boy stood at the doorway. "Oh, it's you." the voice this time was less cold.

"Sas....Uchiha! Ah s..sorry, I...I'll l...leave." the girl stuttered out, rushing to the door. The boy grab her wrist before she could given open the door.

"Uchiha? we've spent 7 years together and yet you don't know my name. Hinata, look at me." the boy commanded.

"So..sorry" Hinata said only above a whisper. Sasuke pulled Hinata into a tight embrace. "" Hinata was cut off as Sasuke's lips covered hers.

The end...or not?

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