In You We Trust Our Lives!

This not based off from the Naruto we know. This one is based off of the original Naruto and 666Satan. Though characters from the fillers have been added. I Do NOT Own Naruto or 666Satan!!!!!this is FanFiction, no money, no stealing, no sue

Summary of Story: "So, this is where we draw the line" Sasuke whispered in a dark way. "No this is where I cross it and break!" Lines are drawn and and broken. Promises to lies and torn apart hearts. Demons, gangs and friends screw around with you. Can our heros rise again or will they fall by their own hands. Will Naruto fail or succeed in fulfilling his dream. It's life and death in this Yin-Yang Fic.

Onsides loves: sakusasu, hinanaru, sasuhina, kabuhina, inosasu, shionaru, leesaku, kibahina, soranaru, shiziru...

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warning: swearing, limes, yaoi, gore and being confused


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Chapter 1: Lines part 1

Quote of chapter: "Come with me"


"Ok, ok everyone please sit down.", Iruka yelled at the rowdy class. Everyone scrambled to their sits. Sighing Iruka took out a large book. "Now, I'll do roll call while you'll all will read the rest of the chapter but don't forget to raise your hand when I call your name."

"Yes sensei.", the some of the students replied while others just took out their books and read it.

"Alright. Aburame?", a boy in the back of the class wearing a large coat and sunglasses raised his hand. "Good, Akimichi?" a chubby boy eating chips raised his hand. "Haruno?", a pink haired girl raised her hand. Roll call went on from there. Iruka calling out a name and someone raising their hand. Though when getting to the bottom of the list, Iruka realized something.

"Class, where is Naruto?", everyone just shock their heads.

"Sensei why should it matter. He'll just get in our way.", a boy in the front said cruelly.

"Yeah he is annoying and a slacker!", another yelled out.

"It's he is out.", a girl whispered to her friends.

"I hate him."

"Dad did always say he was no good, a monster!" Soon almost the whole class was saying something along the lines of 'monster', 'freak', 'loser'. Iruka, having heard enough slammed the book he wanted the class to read onto the desk, scaring everyone.

"Enough! Silence, that is no way to talk about your classmate. I only asked if someone knew where he was not for you all to complain about having him here. Just for that I want you all to write a 10 page essay." The class groaned and whined when hearing the word 'essay'.

"But sensei, we know that you hate him too." a red headed girl muttered.

"Silence!", Iruka yelled at the girl, making her jump out of her seat in fear.

Somewhere else a young boy with blond hair was running through the village. The villages watched as he ran passed them, wondering what happened this time. While looking the other way the blond ran straight into a large fat man, knocking himself down. Looking behind him, he muttered a quick sorry and ran off. Five men ran passed the large man.

"Oh not again.", the large man said to himself.

The blond jumped up onto the roof tops, with the five men following. Smirking the blond stopped, causing the other men to halt.

"By the orders of the chief, we ask you come with us.", one the men said.

"Oh and if I don't?", the blond said while grinning from ear to ear.

"Then we'll....", the man trailed off. The blond transformed into a naked full grown women. All the men fell off the roof with massive nosebleeds. Laughing, the blond turned back into a boy and ran off.

"If that old fart wants to see me, he gots to come and get me himself.", the blond chuckled.

"Alright, class is over for today. Everyone get home safely.", Iruka dismissed the class. Everyone began to pack up and leave. Iruka left the room before as well. Soon only two students were left. A girl with boy short blue hair was still packing when a dark haired boy came up behind her.

"Hinata, lets go to the training grounds.", he whispered to her. The girl jumped instantly at the boy's voice. The boy wrapped his arms around her. "Lets train, together."

" ....i...I have to....g..go home.", Hinata stuttered out, still trapped in his arms.

"I know you're just gonna try to find him. It's pointless Hinata. Even if you find him, you'll just hide and watch him like a pervert behind a tree.", Sasuke words made her blush out of embarrassment. "Come with me." he whispered against her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"Aww gross. Geez Sasuke, I know you hate girls but don't kill poor Hinata." Sasuke and Hinata looked over to see a blond standing in the doorway.

"", Hinata said softly.

"Why are you here loser. Class is over.", Sasuke said coldly, leting go of Hinata. "Lets go." he called out, walking passed the blond and out the door. Naruto turned to the girl smiling.

"Hinata are you ok? Did he hurt you?", Naruto asked, walking towards her.

"I...I'm o..ok. B..bye!", Hinata cried out before running out the door with a dark pink face.

"She is so weird." the blond muttered.

"Who is weird?", Naruto looked back at the door to see Iruka standing there, holding stacks of paper. "Ah Naruto so you've come after all. To bad class is already over." the teacher's words weren't so kind as the smile he wore.

"Sensie I....I couldn't..."

"Save it. I've tired of this. You don't even come to normal classes. You've missed so many days now I shouldn't be surrprised you are gone!", Iruka yelled.

"Then why do you fucking care! No one does. They all happy I didn't come. Why should I anyway! Why should I be a ninja for this damn village!" Naruto yelled back, running out the door, knocking Iruka down and scattering the stacks of paper across the floor.

"Naruto!!!!!", the teacher screamed.

"Ahh s..stop!", Hinata cried out, pushing Sasuke away from her neck.


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