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"Come to me my love, show me the meaning of compassion." The menacing, antler less deer cooed.

The hind glared at Sgorr.. "You may hold my friends captive, but you will never force me to mate with you."

"We shall see." The Lord of the Herd said as he nuzzled Elion's greying muzzle. "I have a surprise for you. I think you will like it."

Elion had no choice but to go with Sgorr, for she knew that if you did not do as he said, Sgorr would just threaten her friends anyway.

So the red deer walked through the meadow, along side their numerous Sgorrla bodyguards. The group came to the line of an ancient forest. They proceeded to make their way to a small, gushing stream. Elion noticed a large group of young Sgorrla circled around an old deer, who was bleeding badly from the brutality of their antlers.

"Blindweed!" The worn hind cried out recognizing the old storyteller.

"Eloin, don't let them fool you, it's ..." But he was silenced by a young Sgorrla's kick.

"Elion," Sgorr's voice had a hint of satisfaction in it. "I offer you this, if you agree to mate with me then I will let your foolish friend go. But if you refuse me, then I will simply have him eradicated."

Right now she hated Sgorr more than anything else in the world. She even hated him more then the howling Lera, that kills Herla. Sadly Elion was torn, for Blindweed had been with her through so much after all, she felt obligated to keep all of her friends safe, she had to be the strong one.

"Alright Sgorr, you will have what you want just let him go." She said in defeat.

Sgorr gave a nod to one of the Sgorrla brats, and they left Blindweed to get up on his own, slipping in the pool of blood. Eloin kindly helped him by letting him brace against her solder. He whispered to Eloin, "Please dear, don't do this. I am old and have lived my life. I feel no fear in dying." Eloin was not given a chance to respond, for Sgorr had lead her away.

He had never cared for anything before, and she was so beautiful which her defiant eyes and soft fur. When he looked at her it made his cold heart tighten. For he knew that she would never truly return his feelings.

When the group made it back to a secluded part of the meadow Sgorr dismissed his bodyguards. Eloin braced herself for what was about to come. Sgorr smirked evilly, and advanced on her. They mated for sometime. Sgorr was not gentle. Eloin closed her eyes and waited for it to be over.

That night Eloin dreamt of Brechin, the great stag appeared through the trees, his body glowing eerily. He spoke to her, told her that it would be a long time before they would be together, but that she would see Rannoch soon.

Before the dream ended Brechin said softly, "I am not mad about your choice today, but hatred will forever burn in my heart for what Sgoor has done."

Eloin looked away from his gentle eyes and said quietly "I feel so terrible. Brechin, I miss you, I feel so lonely. I can't stand being with Sgorr another minuet!"Brechin just looked at her in an understanding way, and suddenly disappeared. The dream was over.

Eloin's heart ached. But knowing that Brechin felt the way he did oddly comforted. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she would have her revenge, but that time was not now.

So Elion was forced to endure the pain, and guilt for years. Until that fateful day when she felt the warm nuzzle of her son's strong neck, plucking her from her own dispar.

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