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We joined the Cullen clan back in 1950. When I say we, I mean Alice, Japser and myself. Our clan is more like a family. For the most part we all get along except when my brother Emmett does something stupid to annoy us. He likes to play practical jokes mostly on me.

I had been trying not to worry about my older brother Jasper. I kept my eyes on him as I watched the clock tick. 'Why is it so hard for him?' I asked myself. Edward slightly shrugged next to me.

I counted each tick of the clock softly in my head so I wouldn't annoy Edward. The whole mind reading thing got on my nerves some times. He would get pissed off every time I was singing in my head. I started shadowing my thoughts and he yelled at me. He thought I could be a danger if he didn't know my every thought. He and Carlisle were constantly worried about Jasper and I. Neither of us had been very good at resisting temptation.

My thoughts were interrupted when I smelled something calling to me. My gaze followed the scent. I imagined how easy it would be to fill my sudden thirst. I could just get up from the table and walk over to her. She would smile and I would smile back. I could lead her away and have my my fill. My body started to rise when I felt Edward yank me back into my seat. He kicked at Jasper's chair. I looked down at the table shocked at what I would have done if Edward Hadn't stopped me.

"Sorry." Jasper whispered.

I felt Edward shrug beside me.

"You weren't going to do anything. I could see that." Alice said softly placing her hand on his.

I put my head down on the table and folded my arms completely covering my face. Alice started talking about the girl who was almost a snack and Jasper interrupted her. I heard her get up from the table. Even at times like this I was envious of what they had and I would never have. I looked up when I felt someone poke my arm.

"You ok?" Rosalie asked. I sighed nodding. I watched the clock again.

"Jessica Stanley is giving the new girl all the dirty laundry on the Cullen Clan." Edward murmured. "No. Just the normal gossip."

I glanced up and looked at Jessica's table. My attention turned back to the clock. I could feel Jessica and her new friend Bella staring at my family. Rosalie again reached her hand out to me. "KC." She said softly. "Focus." After a moment I understood what she meant. I had absent mindedly made my hand go invisible. It was something I had to struggle to control on a daily basis while at school. I couldn't take it when people stared at me. "Shall we?" Rosalie asked.

"Is the new girl scared of us yet?" Emmett asked.

I didn't wait to hear the answer I tossed my tray of human food away. Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett then Edward followed me. Jasper and I had all the same classes. We along with Rosalie and Emmett were yet again in our Senior year. Both of us hated going to school with the humans for obvious reasons. We would tune out most of what was said.

The time ticked by slowly and Jasper and I quickly went to the door. We weaved in and out of the humans trying to get to my car. Jasper spotted Alice and headed towards Edward's volvo and I got in my GT. I started up my car and pulled out of the parking lot at a human speed. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Edward fly by me. I sped up following. Something was wrong. He didn't normally drive at such a fast speed in town.

I slowed down seeing the volvo stop before the turn off to our drive way. My siblings got out of his car and he sped towards back towards town. "What happened?" I asked rolling down my window.

"He is having problems with self control. Its the new girl." Alice said. This had to be serious. He was pretty good with the whole 'vegaterian' thing.

"Anyone want a ride home?" I asked. Rosalie nodded and got in. My other brothers and sister headed into the woods as I sped up the drive way to our house. They beat us home of course.

After Edward left everything seemed wrong. It was to quiet. Esme was distraught. Carlisle was equally unhappy. My siblings and I had been trying to cheer them up any way we could. It was sunny out today and I had decided to do something that Esme enjoyed doing.

I went to her office where she had been spending most of her time since Edward left, and I knocked on the door. She looked up and slightly smiled. "Hi mom." I said trying not to stumble over the lose term. I have always had a hard time actually calling Esme and Carlisle my mother and father.

"Hello KC." She said watching me take a seat.

"I was wondering, if you wouldn't mind doing something?"

"What did you have in mind?"

I hesitated. This sounded so stupid. "I don't know. Maybe a puzzle or something?"

She glanced at the papers covering her desk thinking. I was about to leave when she nodded. "I would love to."

We ended up playing uno. My personal favorite game. My plan had worked. She looked happy. She was smiling a real smile. I had beaten her ten times already. Ten out of twelve games. Hearing a sound, I looked out of my room across the hall to Rosalie and Emmett's room. Emmett had her pinned against the wall. Both were laughing as they continued to play fight.

My mood soured. I kicked the door shut from my spot on the floor. Esme looked at me concerned. None one other than Edward knew why I couldn't stand seeing couples being so close together. Esme ran a hand through my wavy red hair. "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked softly.

I shook my head. "I can't..." That was the truth. It hurt me to even think of Becca. There was no way I could talk about her.

We looked up hearing someone outside of the door. Alice opened it. "Edward will be home soon." She informed us.

Esme looked excited. She pulled me up and we went down stairs to wait for his return.

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