Outside of the Lines

by aishuu

Part 1:

Touya Akira glances at the clock, noting that it is about to pass ten. It's late at night, and if this was a normal evening, he would have been asleep long ago. He prefers to work in sunlight, but recently he's been feeling blocked and needs the extra time.

He sees his characters staring back at him from depressingly wide-open pages, but he can't hear their voices right now. To him, the story he writes already exists, and he's merely privileged to uncover what is there. His fans - legion by now - say that he is a genius, but Touya doesn't agree. Touya's three weeks ahead of deadline, but for him, it's two months behind.

The story just isn't coming. He slowly sets aside his mechanical pencil, frustrated. It's going to be another day with nothing accomplished.

He pushes himself away from the storyboard, hoping that getting away from his work might help restore that spark of inspiration that's been missing. His father has always stressed the importance of having some "outside activity" to keep from fixating.

Touya's never been good at letting go. He thinks about his story every waking hour, and dreams about his characters at night. He knows he's obsessed.

Touya checks the tailored black slacks and collared green shirt he's wearing, and is even more depressed to discover them nearly pristine. It's a reminder that he hasn't been inking at all. On good days he ends up with india ink all over his clothing.

He needs to step back. He's just too wound up to think. Maybe a couple of drinks will help.

Half an hour later, he's in his favorite bar, located two subway stops away from his comfortably furnished apartment. Touya's not much of a drinker, but he loves to watch people, and this bar offers him plenty of opportunity to observe. He grabs a table on the side - all the ones in the corners have been previously claimed - and orders a whiskey sour. A couple of the women swing by hit on him, but he dismisses them with a stare. If he was seeking companionship, he would have gone to a gay bar.

There's something about this bar which appeals to his inner artist, an atmosphere so choked with cigarette smoke and other less licit recreational drugs, that speaks to him. Touya was never one of the cool kids growing up, but he knows how to recognize them, and how to recognize who the wannabes are.

The population is an interesting cross section of society, he thinks. It's a Wednesday, not prime time for this kind of place, but there's the regulars and tourists and the recently legal, which gives him plenty to look at. He notices one girl wearing a sweet yet sexy outfit, and mentally thinks Orihime might look good in it. He wishes he had brought his sketchpad, because it's the first hint of inspiration he's felt in weeks.

He wishes he knew where his inspiration had fled to. Maybe it's the fact that he's about to finish his series, which is his first success. He's spent a couple of years with his characters, and they're more real to him than the mess of humanity currently swirling around the bar.

Touya watches as a handsome man in his thirties approaches a girl that's barely old enough to be present. She's wearing a short, red skirt that shows off her legs, and the man places a hand on her thigh in a way that's a blatant proposition. The girl looks him up and down, mentally judging him, and clearly decides she likes what she's seeing. She places a hand on top of the man's to inch his up just a bit closer to her crotch. Touya wagers privately that they'll be screwing each other in the back alley in another fifteen minutes.

The idea reminds him that it's been over a year since he last had sex. Maybe that's part of his problem; sex is a human need, just like food and sleep, and he's only been seeing his own hand for fifteen months. Glancing around, he wonders if he should try to strike up a conversation, but quickly shies away from that idea.

Touya's never had to make the first move, and he's really bad at picking out the guys who swing his way. Usually he doesn't need to worry, since men come onto him first. There's something about Touya that sets off other men's gaydar, and he finds he prefers it that way. It's much more fun being pursued than chasing after someone else.

Musing on his lack of sex life only serves to further depress him. He nurses his drink slowly, savoring the burn of the alcohol on his throat and enjoying the taste. He's on his second drink, just enough to feel relaxed without becoming drunk, when someone plops down across from him. Touya doesn't spare him a glance, feeling antisocial, but that doesn't stop the new arrival. "Come here often?" the stranger asks.

Touya's had enough to drink to keep him from blushing at being hit on. "That's a really lame pickup line," he says.

"It seems to work when I need it to," the stranger replies as he slides his chair closer to Touya.

Normally Touya would ignore such forwardness, but he's just been thinking about trying to find someone, and something about the man's voice catches his attention. Then he makes the mistake of actually looking at his new companion, and he doesn't want to look anywhere else.

The young man, he thinks, would make a good manga character. His bangs are bleached very blond and his clothing is cutting-edge trendy and eye-catching. He's handsome, verging on pretty, but the play of the fabric over his shoulders indicates he also plays some kind of sport. Maybe football, he thinks, or swimming. These are idle observations, though, because it's his gray eyes that really fascinate him. Touya wonders if he's imaging things or what, but he feels like this man could be something.

Touya tries to think of something clever to say, but like his drawing talent, it's not coming. He knows he is staring and feels like an idiot. Thankfully the stranger takes pity on him. "I'm Hikaru," he says, and he holds out his hand.

First names only, Touya thinks. He could deal with that. "Akira," he says, shaking it and being surprised at the warmth of the other man's hand. He doesn't let go quickly as he should, but Hikaru doesn't appear offended. "Can I buy you a drink?" he offers. Hopefully this guy is trying to come onto him, since Touya's in no mood to get into a bar fight over unwanted advances.

"Sure," Hikaru agrees, and his smile is like being hit between the teeth with sunlight. Touya's heart starts to race, because he's now ninety-nine percent sure that Hikaru plays for his team.

Touya signals the waitress, and she hustles over. Hikaru orders a beer, and Touya agrees to a third drink as well. She's back seconds later, and she winks at Touya as she places their orders on the table. "Let me know if I can get you anything else," she says, and then she disappears.

Hikaru downs half his glass in three swallows, and Touya wonders if he's a drunk. But his posture is alert, and there's a hint of smile on his face as he leans forward, resting an elbow on the table. "Thanks," he says, and now there's a definitely playful smile on his face. "So do you come here often?"

"Occasionally," Touya replies, unable to keep from laughing at the other man's persistence. Hikaru's an imp, but an attractive one. "You?"

"First time. I'm usually not in Tokyo - I live up in Toyonaka City."

Touya raises an eyebrow. "You don't have the accent."

"I grew up in Edogawa, but I had a friend who had some ties there, so I moved," Hikaru replies. "It's a nice enough place once you get over the whole Hanshin Tigers thing."

Touya laughs at that. "Did they convert you?"

"Hell no," Shindou says, making a mock toast his with beer. "Giants all the way. Well, when I remember to pay attention to baseball." He downs the rest of the mug, slamming it down as he slants a sideways look at Touya. "Football was more my sport in high school."

"Ah, I see," Touya replies, because he knows very little about sports, except for what he's researched for his series. It's one of the reasons that only one of his characters belongs to a sports team. He likes to run, or swim, but he's never been involved in organized sports. "Are you in town for business?" he asks. Hikaru looks young, and Touya hopes he's not a college kid.

"Unfortunately, yes," Hikaru replies, and he slyly swipes Touya's glass, taking a sip of the mixed drink and pulling a face at the taste. "Couple of days in town, a visit with my agent, and I thought I'd see some of the old haunts. None of my friends were able to come out, though, so I decided to go out and see who I met." Now the smile looks flirtatious.

Two can play at that game. He boldly picks up Hikaru's right hand, earning a curious look in response. "Are you planning on reading my fortune?" Hikaru asks.

"Maybe," Touya replies. He turns Hikaru's hands over, noting that there's no ink on them. The bump on his third finger is prominent, which means Hikaru is probably some kind of writer. "You have artistic hands." He traces a finger along the edge of the bump, and Hikaru shivers in a satisfying way.

"I like to draw." Hikaru's voice drops to a husky tone. He catches Touya's hand in his own, caressing it in a way that is suggestive as he slides his seat just a bit closer to Touya's.

"So do I," Touya replies, and he doesn't pull back. Maybe a one night stand might help him relax from some of the stress. It's insane, it's reckless, it's everything Touya is not, but his head is spinning and he realizes that he wants Hikaru, wants him more than he can possibly justify.

Hikaru must sense that desire. Ignoring their public surroundings, Hikaru leans in and kisses Touya like he means it. Touya's breath stops at the tentative touch of lips on his own, but then he opens his mouth, inviting Hikaru in. Hikaru's tongue obliges, swiping across his bottom lip, before touching Touya's own tongue questioningly.

Touya forgets where they are, and jerks on Hikaru's shirt to pull him closer. The first kiss somehow converts into a second, then a third... It's wet and intimate and sexy and Touya's breathing hard when Hikaru pulls away thirty seconds later. He's half-aroused, and he wonders if he should make the next move.

"I'm staying in a hotel near here," Hikaru says, and there's questioning in his eyes.

"Is it within walking distance?" Touya asks recklessly. Touya's no virgin. He views sex in much the same as scratching an itch. After it's taken care of, he can compartmentalize his life again.

"Two blocks," Hikaru replies. He's standing, and holding out a hand to help Touya rise. Touya smiles, and accepts. A woman near the door lifts her glass in a salute as they leave, and Touya can only laugh.

His head is buzzing and he feels powerful as they exit the bar together. Hikaru's acting like he can't look away. He places his arm around Touya's waist, a gesture that should have seemed possessive but only served to heighten Touya's awareness of his presence.

The pedestrian population on the streets is thin this time of night on a weekday, and for a moment Touya wonders if this is such a good idea. For all he knows, Hikaru could be some kind of murderer. Then Hikaru slants him a smile, and Touya decides he doesn't care.

The hotel is a good one, Touya notices, but Hikaru is pulling him through the lobby too quickly to do more than notice the marble floors and the concierge who eyes them with raised eyebrows. Touya doesn't even spare a moment to be embarrassed.

The elevator is thankfully empty as they board, and Hikaru presses Touya against the wall, and it's a thrilling ride up the fifteen stories. He can feel Hikaru's warmth through the thin cotton shirt. He places his hands on Hikaru's shoulders, enjoying the feel of just being kissed. He meets Hikaru's mouth squarely, not backing down when Hikaru sends hands wandering over his ass and up the back of his shirt.

Touya's never really thought about why people found the possibility of getting caught an aphrodisiac, but it is. The elevator stops, and Hikaru starts to pull away, but Touya slams a hand out to hit a button to close the door. He drops a hand down to Hikaru's groin and cops a feel, pleased that the other man is just as turned on.

"Not here," Hikaru gasps, pushing Touya's hand away. He opens the door and drags Touya down the hallway with a biting grip on his forearm that makes Touya briefly fear for his circulation. Hikaru digs a hand into his jeans' pocket and pulls out a room key. A swipe later, and the door's open, and Touya steps in first.

The door hasn't even clicked closed when Touya finds himself shoved against another wall, with Hikaru's tongue down his throat. He can't even gasp for breath, but that doesn't matter because he's horny. He reaches out to clutch Hikaru's shoulders, and tries to take control of the kiss, making demands of his own. He nips Hikaru's lips gently, earning a similar bite in retaliation.

Hikaru's right hand falls to Touya's slacks, and the button is popped open and the sound of the zipper being pulled down echoes in the room. Touya groans as Hikaru brushes his fingers over the sensitive spot, cradling his balls before offering a gentle squeeze. Then Hikaru's on his knees and Touya's cock is out.

His pants are around his ankles and Touya's got a guy he doesn't know sucking on his cock, and he's more turned-on then he's ever been in his life. He grabs Hikaru's head to keep him in place. God dammit, he doesn't want this to stop. He thrusts, forcing Hikaru to swallow even more of him as Touya fucks his mouth. There's some kind of noise from Hikaru, what Touya takes to be encouragement and he moves a bit faster.

He's wound up and about to come, but Hikaru pulls back at the last moment. Touya wants to swear at him for being a tease. Hikaru falls back onto his ass, gasping heavily as he tries to catch his breath. His lips are swollen. "Not that quick," he says. "I want to enjoy you."

Enough of Touya's blood is still in his head to feel a bit embarrassed about that. Being a two-minute man isn't anything to be proud of. "Um, sorry..." he stammers, earning a laugh from Hikaru.

"No worries," Hikaru says, before standing again. He licks his lips, and Touya feels another shudder of lust. Hikaru's eyes are very, very dark. "Though I think you should strip to make up for it."

Touya obeys, wantonly kicking his pants and underwear away, undoing the buttons on his shirt and shrugging it off. It's impossible to be seductive while removing socks and shoes, though, but Touya manages to get them off without embarrassing himself. He stands as naked as the day he was born, his erection jutting out proudly.

"Now you," Touya says, crossing his arms over his chest. He tilts his head slightly, letting his hair fall across his face.

Hikaru is gratifyingly eager to obey. He lifts his shirt up, over his head, and then flings it across the room. He deals with the rest of his clothes with similar haste. Hikaru is well-toned without being bulky, and Touya notes that he's just as aroused. He takes a couple of steps toward him, and Touya starts to sink to his knees to return the teasing-blow job in kind, but Hikaru stops him, grabbing his shoulder.

"I want you," he says, kissing Touya on the lips. Their cocks rub together in a satisfying fashion, and Touya shifts a couple of times to increase the friction. "Can I fuck you?" Hikaru whispers into Touya's ear.

Touya's vivid imagination quickly supplies a variety of images in response to that. Against the wall, in the shower, on the bed, missionary or doggy... "Fuck yes," Touya replies, earning a laugh and another kiss in return.

"Just wait a minute, I've got to get some stuff," Hikaru answers, and Touya watches as the man fumbles through his suitcase for a couple of condoms and lube. He unrolls a condom onto himself, his eyes fastened challengingly on Touya's face.

Touya's a bit chagrined to realize that he hadn't even suggested those, which is incredibly stupid on his behalf. He only has a moment to think that, though, because Hikaru returns and starts to kiss him again, causing all rational thought to flee. He traces the muscles of Hikaru's back with his hands, wondering if he should get on his back or knees on the nice, queen-sized bed that's only a couple of feet away.

Hikaru has a different idea. He maneuvers Touya so he's standing in front of the bureau, with a large mirror reflecting their images back at them. Hikaru brazenly uncaps the lubricant, squeezing a generous squirt into his hand before setting the open tube on the side of the bureau. "Bend over," Hikaru says, and Touya spreads his his hands out on the bureau in front of himself and braces himself.

There's the feeling of smooth wood under his fingers, but he's more fascinated by what he's seeing. He looks disheveled and aroused. Hikaru stands directly behind him, and all Touya can see is the smoothness of his bare chest.

His own face is flushed and his hair's messy, but he could care less about that now. He can feel a gentle touch tracing around the outside of his anus, made slick with lubricant, and then Hikaru tentatively presses a finger in. Touya grunts a bit at the intrusion, shifting slightly to seek a better position.

"Tell me if I need to stop," Hikaru says softly, leaning forward and kissing Touya's shoulder blades.

"Give me another finger," Touya answers instead. He's feeling impatient, the blow job having left him frustrated and anxious.

Hikaru obliges, and Touya feels the scissoring motion. It's enjoyable, that strange mix of pain and pleasure that anal sex always is. Then Hikaru's fingers stumble upon the prostate, and Touya whimpers from the sensation that awakens all his nerve endings.

"Another finger," Touya demands again, feeling sweat start to bead on his forehead, and he lowers his head for a moment. There's that sensation of being stretched, and he looks up, meeting Hikaru's gaze in the mirror. Hikaru has pretty eyes, he thinks.

"Still okay?"

"Fuck me," he says, and then the fingers are gone, replaced by something thicker. It feels good, Touya thinks as Hikaru pushes in gently, trying not to hurt him.

"I'm not going to break," Touya says, moving his hips back to get more of that cock inside.

Hikaru growls, and starts to thrust more steadily, penetrating more deeply and less cautiously. It feels spectacular. "Look at you," Hikaru orders. "You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

Touya can see his face, his mouth open as he pants for breath as he feels Hikaru moving inside of him. The sound of Hikaru's balls slapping against his skin whenever he thrusts deep echoes in the room... and then Hikaru angles himself just right and Touya screams as he comes. His vision goes blurry and his legs are wobbly and he has to fight to remain on his feet.

Hikaru barely seems to notice that Touya's finished because he's still moving, hard and fast. Touya watches Hikaru's reflection, and can't help smiling at the intent expression on the other man's face. There's another thrust, Hikaru's fingers dig into Touya's hips, and then Hikaru collapses onto Touya's back. To his credit, he stands back up almost immediately, although there's a sated look on his face. Touya's too tired to say anything in reply, instead mutely following when Hikaru helps him rise. He's feeling a bit shaky, but it's a good kind of shaky.

"You're really pretty," Hikaru says, kissing Touya on the cheek, and then on the lips. There's a fondness in the touch that Touya finds slightly embarrassing.

"You mean handsome," Touya corrects. He's been mistaken for a girl a couple of times while a teenager. It's still a sensitive topic.

"No, I mean pretty. You're... handsome's not the right word," Hikaru says thoughtfully. Then he gives Touya a hug, completely ignoring their messy condition. "Let's lie down for a bit."

Hikaru takes the condom off and throws it in the trash before dragging Touya onto the bed. The air conditioner is humming along merrily. Touya realizes the room's chilly, but he's still warm and has no desire to crawl under the covers.

Hikaru wraps a hand around Touya's shoulders, pulling him close. They lay together facing each other, and Touya finds it peaceful. His mind is comfortably blank, and he wonders if this calm will help him get passed the block.

He can hear the sound of Hikaru's breathing deepen, and realizes he's fallen asleep. Touya glances at the clock and sees that it's pushing two in the morning. He's sleepy, and if he stays much longer, he's going to fall asleep as well.

Touya doesn't want to wake up here in the morning. By then his common sense will be back and he'll start in on the self-recrimination. He doesn't want to have an audience for that. Besides, he needs to get up and work on his story.

A bit regretfully, he slides out of Hikaru's arms, suppressing the little voice in the back of his mind that wants to just curl up beside Hikaru and damn the consequences. Touya's never done the one night stand thing before, and he collects his clothing feeling off-balance. Should he wake Hikaru, and thank him for the time? Maybe leave a phone number? Or is it more appropriate to just leave?

He decides that discretion is wise in this case. It's not like he's ever going to be seeing the stranger again. A part of him regrets that, but above all, Touya is practical. Hikaru is merely traveling through, and it's not like a one night stand is anything to build a relationship out of. He doesn't know if he even likes Hikaru as a person. Hell, he still didn't even know Hikaru's full name.