Freaky Friday

Summary- A night out for the boys ends in an interesting way. Beta'd by Sendintheclowns and BlueEyedDemonLiz- couldn't have done this without you girls!

This story is dedicated to the wonderful Nebula! Love ya girl!

It was Friday and Sam sighed. He had once again been dragged to a bar. A loud, smoky den of sin. A place where only losers and his brother felt at home.

"Sammy, jeez lighten up would ya?" Dean sat across from Sam in a booth sucking on Buffalo wings.

"Uh Dean, why are you molesting your food? It's so gross." Sam tried to look away but it was like a train wreck and he couldn't keep his eyes from wandering back.

"I'm seducing little brother, there's a difference." Dean smiled at him smugly.

Sam snorted. "You're seducing your food? Man, that's weird even for you."

Dean rolled his eyes. "No Einstein, there's a girl at the bar giving me the eye, and I'm giving her a show."

Sam did a spit take, having unfortunately taken a pull of his beer as his brother answered. "Dude, that's so wrong, and the way you're sucking on that bone...uh if we were in a gay bar you'd have a fan club."

"You're just jealous, cause I'm so working it!" Dean blurted out, eyes wide.

"Yeah, I'm jealous." Sam smiled as Dean twitched.

Sam felt like he'd got the better of his brother until Dean's eyes lit up and he smiled like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"Oh little brother, just sit back and watch a master at work." Dean growled out.

Before Sam could respond, a curvaceous red head was standing in front of their booth.

"Hello boys, how's your night going?" The woman purred.

Dean glowed. "Oh it just got so much better."

"I see, well mind if I sit?"

"Please do." Dean replied moving over in the booth to make room for the beauty.

Sam was shocked when the lithe red head started squeezing in next to him. He quickly made a move to the other side of the booth making room for his new company. Trying to give the red head some room, he was shocked when she latched onto his thigh preventing any further retreat.

Dean had gone from glowing to glaring and Sam just wanted to disappear. If the woman in question wasn't rubbing his thigh he might have found some humor in the situation but as it was he was only feeling very awkward.

"I'm Vivian and you two are?" The voice was very soft and hypnotic.

Dean seemed to recover as he put on his best seductive smile. "I'm Dean and you are sitting next to my little brother, Sam."

Vivian's eyes lit up as they rested on Sam. "Oh not so little as far as I can see, but I have faith that he is proportional all over."

It was at that moment, Sam just wanted to die. Having a girl fawn all over him in front of Dean, was his worst nightmare.

Dean just grunted. "Looks can be deceiving, but charm, that's hard to hide."

Vivian took her hand off of Sam's thigh and reached across the table taking Dean's hand into hers. "Oh that's true so true. I really like your style, you know that Dean?"

Dean moved in closer. "Yeah, and I like yours Vivian, in fact I would love to spend some time really getting to know you."

"Oh yeah, that would be nice but there's a bit of a problem Dean." Vivian reached over with her free hand and tugged Sam's hand into it and placed it on top.

Sam swallowed hard, he could hear the words in his head. Threesome. It freaked the hell out of him, because as much as he loved his brother, there was no way. But Dean, he might actually consider the request and that scared Sam in more ways than one.

Sam was relieved to see his brother's eyes go wide.

Dean swallowed hard before answering. "Uh what problem?"

Vivian began rubbing Sam and Dean's hands in the most erotic way, the woman was truly talented.

"Well, the problem is, that while I love your style Dean, I want your brother's body. It's just too damn bad we couldn't switch you two out for the night. You know just for a day, wouldn't that be nice?" Vivian was purring again and Sam could tell that his brother was mesmerized by her voice and touch.

"Yeah, okay it might be nice but not possible. So looks like you'll have to make a choice." Dean held a smirk in place as he answered. Only his horn dog brother wouldn't be turned off by a woman who lusted after his brother more.

"Oh a woman can wish can't she? Tell you what, I'll mull things over and if you're still up for fun tomorrow night, I'll be here." Vivian disentangled her hands from theirs and stood up to leave.

Dean's eyebrows quirked up. "Yeah if we're in town I might just do that."

Vivian placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "So Sam do you speak?"

Sam felt his face heat up. "Um yeah, nice to meet you Vivian."

"Oh, and a voice to die for too. Sam you need to take lessons from your brother here and you'd be a sex god!" Vivian winked and quickly walked away.

Sam just wanted to disappear, be anywhere but sitting across his brother waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Dean was a bit crushed, it didn't help his pride any to have the girl he was seducing fawn over his little brother. But looking at his blushing brother, quickly brought him out of his funk. Teasing Sam over Vivian was too tempting to pass up.

"So Sammy, see I've been telling you for years you need to relax and get laid. Evidently Vivian agrees with your big brother." Dean smirked as Sam finally gave him eye contact, bitch face firmly intact.

"Whatever Dean, can we just go home now?" Sam's shoulders were hunched making the kid appear smaller.

"Sure thing Romeo, I think tonight is a bust for me anyway." Dean sighed as he grabbed his jacket, wishing that Sam would loosen up around women.


Dean had been happy to crash for the night anyway. His tummy was full and there was no case stressing them out so it was a good night to just sleep.


Slowly coming to consciousness he stretched and was annoyed when his knuckles scrapped the wall. When did the bed move closer to the wall? Looking around he quickly realized that he was in Sam's bed and not his own.

If Sam was pulling pranks this early in the morning he is so gonna die. I haven't had my coffee yet.

Slowly sitting up, Dean quickly realized that he was no longer in his boxers but in Sam's PJ bottoms. How the hell did Sam do that?

Dean stood starting to pull the pant legs up so that he didn't trip, but soon realized that the pants were the right length. Puzzled and pissed Dean decided to take care of his morning business before doing any more investigation.

Reaching the toilet ready to take care of business it finally hit him that the hands in front of him were not his own. There was only one person he knew that had such long assed fingers, Sam!

Forgetting his morning priorities Dean hurried over to the mirror over the sink to confirm his fear. Staring back at Dean was the freaked out face of his brother Sam.

Damn it! Why can't we ever have just a normal day?

"Sammy! We got a problem!" Dean yelled in his brother's voice which was totally weird. He watched as the form on the other bed popped up.

A very confused and handsome face stared back at Dean. "D-Dean, what has happened? Why are you in my body?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "The way I see it, that bitch from last night got what she wanted. My personality in your body."

Dean watched as his own eyes widened in anger and damn if he wasn't handsome when he got angry.

"Damn it, I thought there was something a bit off about her." Sam growled out.

"Yeah, well considering we aren't in the area for a hunt, my guess is that if she has done this before, it hasn't been an issue." Dean plopped down on his bed, no wait make that Sam's bed.

"I really didn't get any evil vibes from her so maybe she's more like a harmless trickster or a newbie witch?" Sam went to move his hand through his hair only to pull his hand back puzzled.

"I know kiddo it's weird huh? I have to keep ducking now." Dean smiled as Sam just huffed at him.

"So Dean, what do we do?" Sam was now examining his awesome hands.

"Well, we could call Bobby because I don't know about you, but I really don't remember this coming up in Dad's journal."

"No, but Bobby is going to laugh. This is so stupid. We let her do this, you do realize that?" Sam was now trying to give him his classic bitch face but it looked all wrong on Dean's face.

"Dude stop making those silly faces with my face. It's so wrong. And yes he will laugh at us and call us idgits but what else can we do?"

"Then you're doing the calling cause I'm not up for this at all."

"Man you're such a whiny bitch this morning." Dean chuckled at the hand gesture he got in reply, which looked totally awesome when it came from his body.

"Dean, I can't help but be a little on edge. I'm talking to myself who only isn't me but you! We're trapped in a stupid Disney movie and we have to call Bobby for help!" Dean didn't like his face all red with frustration, not a good look for him.

"Calm down Sammy, besides Lindsey Lohan was totally hot in Freaky Friday it's just too bad that douche bag Chad what's his name was in it."

"Chad Michael Murray is his name and he's not such a bad actor."

"Dude and you accused me of acting gay last night. Whatever, so we are trapped in Freaky Friday but at least the girl wants to meet us tonight, right?"

Sam's face scrunched up puzzled. "So you think she really did this to score with you in my body?"

"I'm kind of thinking yeah, on that one. Why else would she have done this?"

"Uh, well she could have made us as hunters and is doing this as a prank." Sam huffed out.

"Could be. So I need to take care of business, and then I'll shower. Why don't you grab some grub and then we'll call Bobby and do some research."

"Okay, but no molesting my body while you're in it!" Sam was doing the pissy face again and it was so unattractive.

"Dude, I ... don't even want to go there. I promise to close my eyes." Dean got up and started to get his duffel when he realized that he was stuck wearing Sam's clothes. Man this day was so gonna suck!