Freaky Friday

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Chapter Three

Dean's head was throbbing, well more like Sam's was but it was hurting Dean at the moment. The Impala, his baby had gotten him when he got into the car. Not that it was his baby's fault or his really, why did Sam have to be so freakishly tall?

Sam slid into the passenger seat and glared. "Dean, please be more careful. I would like to be able to use my brain when I get it back."

Dean huffed. "First off, like I'm doing this on purpose, it hurts like hell. Second off, you could stand to lose a few IQ point, it might make you a little less geeky."

"Dean, I'm so done with all of this."

"Yeah, well it isn't a picnic for me either, so let's go get it taken care of."


As they got out of the car, Sam grabbed Dean's arm or technically his own arm.

"Dean, I just want you to remember one word as you flirt with this woman, green. Because if you do anything that I don't approve of in my body then I will retaliate."

"Fine, I'll remember."

Dean was excited and relieved to find Vivian sitting at the same bar stool she had occupied the night before. Sam had followed him in and taken a corner booth in the back before Vivian had spotted them.

Dean started to swagger over to his prey, only realizing that in Sammy's body it made him look like he was drunk so he stopped and concentrated on just getting to the woman without tripping.

Dean propped himself against the bar and spoke. "Is this spot taken?"

Vivian's eyes lit up and purred. "No not at all Sam."

Dean huffed and plopped down next to her. "Uh, not Sam."

Vivian gave Dean a puzzled look. "What do you mean not Sam?"

Dean reached over and held her wrist tightly. "I mean that you got your wish, Dean's personality in Sam's body."

Vivian flushed red. "I-I don't think I know what you mean."

Dean took a calming breath trying not to lose his composer. "I mean that, last night I went to bed as Dean and this morning woke up in Sam's body."

"Shit, like in Freaky Friday?" Dean could see genuine fear in Vivian's eyes.

"Yeah, like in the stupid movie. Would you have any idea of how that could have happened?" Dean tried to keep the anger out of his voice not wanting Vivian to flee.

"I-I well... maybe it was this?" Vivian pulled a necklace out from under her t-shirt.

It held a medallion of some sort with weird ancient writing on it.

"And what is that Viv?"

"It was my great-grandmothers and I recently got it from my mom as a birthday gift. I was told that my great-grandmother was an unusual sort and she swore that this medallion could make wishes come true. Silly really, right?"

"Not so silly evidently. So was this the first wish you've made while wearing it?" Dean hoped that there wasn't a big mess of wishes they needed to clean up.

"Yes, I think so. Last night was the first night I had worn it out since I got it a week ago. I was feeling frisky and I thought it might bring me luck." Vivian blushed as she spoke the last part.

"Oh it did alright, it gave you just what you wanted. The good news is, I think that if you wish things back the way they were, then Sam and I will go back to normal." Dean felt himself relaxing.

It was a big relief to know that this girl wasn't up to no good and that a simple fix was in order.

Vivian pouted for a moment. "Sam, I mean Dean, do we have to change things right now? I mean couldn't we have a bit of fun first? You do look awful hot in that outfit."

It was Dean's turn to flush red. "Uh, I don't think..."

"What would it hurt?" Vivian was now moving her hand up and down Dean's er, Sam's chest.

"Well, hell even green hair might be worth it."

"Pardon me?" Vivian looked at him confused.

"Sam is here, let me go and talk to him and then I'll be right back."


Dean hurried over to Sam in the corner booth trying to hide his excitement. He had a plan and just hoped he could pull it off and have a night with Vivian.

Dean plopped down in front of Sam.

"Well Sammy, I've got some good news and well more good news really at least the way I see it." Dean gave Sam a smirk.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I'm afraid to ask."

"Well then I'll just spell it out for you Sammy boy. Vivian received a medallion a week ago for her birthday. It had belonged to her great-granny and supposedly had the power to grant wishes. Of course Viv thought this was a load of crap but decided to wear it last night for luck."

"So she can wish us back?" Sam took a swig of beer.

"Yep, but not until the wish is fulfilled." Dean wiped the beer that had been spit on him by his surprised brother away.

"Sammy, you need to not drink while I'm making my big reveal."

Sam ignored the comment and exploded. "Dean, you mean you have to sleep with her in my body?"

"Jeez tone it down Sam, I don't need the whole bar knowing I'm getting laid. Might give me a slutty rep, oh wait that would really give you the rep huh?"

"This is not funny."

"Oh but I kind of think it is." Dean loved upsetting Sam, but it was a bit weird watching his own face get so flustered.

"Fine, sleep with her. But be careful, use a condom, maybe three cause I really don't want to be a daddy."

Dean eyes lit up. "That's right, while I'm in your body, I can have all the pleasure without any of the worry."

"Uh, yeah well just remember you do what you have to do and then leave cause I can't be responsible for what I'll do to your body if you don't."

"Kill joy. Alright, but I would imagine that since it took over night for the spell to take place then the same would be true this time."

"Yeah, so basically we go to sleep in these bodies..."

Dean cut his brother's tirade off. "Yeah and wake up in our own. So you be good and I'll see ya well I'll see ya."

Dean rose to go.

"Dean I have one word."

"I know green, don't get your panties in a twist, I'll be good."


Dean almost felt bad for lying to Sam, almost. Vivian was a hot number and he would be a fool to not tap that ass.


It was midnight before Sam heard from Dean. Sam had spent hours worrying until he heard the phone ring.

"Dean, where are you?"

"Uh, I think you know where I am. I've had a wonderful time with Vivian and she just made the wish to reverse us back so hopefully by morning all will be normal, well as normal as we get."

"That's good Dean so are you heading back to the motel now?" Sam held his breath hoping that his brother was done debauching his body.

"Well, in a bit. You see we've both had a lot to drink so I'm going to chill here for a bit. Viv said she'd drive me back."

"I could come and get you." Sam knew his brother was not going to leave and he was wasting his breath.

"You could but I rather have Viv do it. Night Sammy."

The phone line clicked before Sam could reply.

The knowledge that sleep was needed to make the change was the only reason Sam settled in for the night. But sleep wouldn't come, not with the awful thoughts of what Dean might be doing in Sam's body floating around in his head.

Alcohol seemed to be the answer. It would block the thoughts and help him sleep. After four shots, because jeez Dean had a high tolerance, Sam finally relaxed enough to sleep.


His head was pounding and the thought of opening his eyes was not a pleasant one, but the movement of someone in bed with him forced the issue.

"Morning Dean."

Sam leapt from the bed. Lying next to him was a very debauched Vivian. It was once he was up that he noticed his lack of clothing.

Quickly he grabbed the top sheet of the bedding and wrapped it around himself.

A giggle brought him out of his panic.

"Oh so not Dean then, Sam. The wish worked."

"I-I guess so... Dean stayed the night huh?" Sam quickly began searching the room for his missing clothes.

"Yes he did. Oh baby, I think your clothes are in the bathroom, but are you sure you want to get dressed? We could have a bit of fun before you leave." Vivian was doing that purring thing with her voice and it made Sam pause for a moment.

"I-I'm flattered really but ..."

"I'm not your type?"

Sam blushed and looked away. "You're very attractive it's just that I don't normally..."

"Do one night stands? That's a shame. So tell me Sam, what did Dean say to get you to let him use your body last night? I was shocked you agreed."

"Well, it had to happen right. I mean the wish had to be completed in order for you to make another one right?" Sam was becoming angry as Vivian looked at him confused.

"Oh no, that wasn't... oh is that what Dean told you? Oh that naughty boy."

"I'm gonna kill him. Damn it." Sam forgot all about his modesty and flopped down on the bed.

"Oh sugar, it was only sex and it's not like he was that good at it." Vivian placed a hand on Sam's thigh.


"Oh, I'm sure Dean is a sex machine in the comfort of his own body but he was, well a bit uncoordinated in yours. We'd get in the mood and then bump heads. He thought alcohol would help but it only made things worse. He kept muttering about what a light weight you are. In fact we never got passed the hot and heavy petting before he just passed out on me."

Sam sighed in relief. "So you two never..."

"No, that's why I'd love for you to stay Sam. Show me what that body of yours can really do." Vivian's hand was moving farther up his leg. His pounding head became forgotten as other needs made themselves known.

"Okay, then I guess I can do that."


Sam's sexual high was leaving him as Vivian dropped him off at the motel. His head was starting to throb again and his stomach was queasy. It was bad enough that he had an actual knot on his head from where Dean had wacked it well wacked on many things, but he also had a hangover thanks to Dean.

But at least no one had gotten hurt and he now had the medallion in his possession ready to burn as soon as he had a chance.

Sam smiled at the one unexpected bright spot in all of this. Vivian had been a wild cat in bed and it had allowed him to let off all the stress that this situation had caused him.

As he approached the door to the motel, he decided that he might need to wait to join his brother.

Shouts and growls about killing Sam and why does Kool-Aid have a lime flavored drink,were not doing his pounding head any good.

And as much as he wanted to get out of Dean's tight pants and to take a shower, avoiding a pissed off brother until he cooled down seemed the prudent choice.

Yep, things were definitely back to normal for them.


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