Truth or Dare – High School Friends

Chapter 1: The Game Begins

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Bella POV

My life was almost perfect. I had the love of my life; Edward. My family. My Friends. All I needed was to become a vampire, but that is going to happen soon, after graduation to be exact. Graduation was 2 and a half weeks away.

Today it was snowing -for my disgust - so Edward was taking me to school, not that I was complaining, on the contrary, I loved going to school with him.

I got out from bed put on my jeans and a t-shirt and went downstairs to wait for Edward, while eating my cereal.

After 5 long minutes – every second away from Edward was long – I felt a pair of cold arms wrap around my waist.

"Good morning, sunshine" My Adonis said. His golden eyes stared into mine and as always, I began to melt.

"Um... Hi." I stuttered. He chuckled and kissed me on the lips forcefully. Since the night me and Edward crossed all boundaries, he was not so gentle any more. I loved this newly discovered side of him.

"Lets go or we are going to be late." Edward sped off to school and we were there in no time.

In two more hours school was going to finish – finally. Today I was going to Edward's house visit Carlisle and Esme. Me and Edward were going to lunch when the speakers went on.

"There is a snow storm out there, so, by safety reasons, all students are to stay in the school until second order." With that the speakers went off. There were multiple groans and a sound of clapping hands. Who could it be? Alice. Of course, she must have a great – well at least for her – way of spending the time here.

Alice stood on top of the table and yelled. "We are playing truth or dare. If you wish to join us please do." Alice sat on the table as soon as me and edward arrived.

"Bella!!!" Alice said excitedly. "You and Eddie are going to play, right."

"Um... Alice, I dont think so..."

"Please!! It will be fun, I promise." She said using her best puppy dog eyes.

"Urgh, I cant believe I am doing this." I said under my breath, but of course she could hear me. I looked up and nodded. "We will play with you."

By now, all the Cullens were playing, plus Jessica, Mike, Lauren, Eric, Ben, Angela, Tyler and some others.

"Okay. Here are the rules. Number one: If you are given a dare, you need to do it." Emmett said looking at the students. "Number two: Only the truth must be told. Number three: Have fun!" He said grinning diabolically. Edward squeezed my hand tensing my tension.

"Okay. As I had the idea... I start." Alice chimed. She looked around the group choosing the first victim. Her eyes stopped at Lauren. "Lauren, truth or dare?"

Everybody looked at Lauren. She was biting her nails nervously, but when she noticed everybody staring, she composed her face and said. "Dare." Well that was a mistake. You could see the look on Alice's face, God she was going to suffer.

"Lauren, I dare you to go up to the hottest boy in school - in your opinion, of course -

make out with him and suck his tongue." She said that looking at Edward. Obviously, Lauren was going to pick him.

Lauren POV

Yay!!! I cant believe it. There could not be a better dare in the world. Now I have a perfectly good excuse to kiss edward. God was he hot. I couldn't see what he saw on Bella. He was a greek good and she was a plain girl, I was much better for him. But with this kiss he will see this.

"Okay." I said calmly. I stood up and started walking towards Edward. Bella was glaring at me. What! She could make out with Edward, but I could not, well that was about to change.

"Oh, no." Edward complained as I got closer.

This is your chance Lauren make it the best as possible. With that I sat down in front of him and started getting closer. I put my hand on his hair and glued my face to his. Oh. My. God. He kissed so well, but his mouth was cold. I could see he did not want to put any tongue in this kiss, but I was more then willing. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and it was even more amazing in there, he tasted so good. I sucked his tongue and undid my hold to his neck and hair.

"HA! See Bella! He made out with me. I bet he does not kiss you like that." With that Edward got Bella and sat her on his lap! Wait! On his LAP.

"You are right Lauren. I do not kiss her like that. I actually kiss her not just sat there as I did with you. I kiss her like this." He got her face in his hands and bent down to kiss her. First it was soft, but it was increasing strength, and soon he was sucking her lip. He stopped kissing her and they smiled. God they kissed in such a way... I wonder... Well we are playing truth or dare, might just ask.

"Well now it is my turn." MUAHUAHUAHUA, I giggled evily in my head. "Bella, truth or dare."

Choose truth. Choose truth. Choose truth. Choose truth. Choose truth. Choose truth. "Truth" Bella said. YAYYYY!!!

"You will regret that." I grinned. "So I was looking at you and Edward and you to have a very strong physical relationship, so I was wondering... Have you had sex? If yes with who and how many times."

Bella POV

My jaw dropped. I couldnt believe what Lauren just asked, might as well get over with it.

I sighed and put my face in my hands as I spoke. "Everything that is said here, does not go out. Okay?" Every one nodded. "So the answers are: Yes, Edward and Lost count."

Now every ones jaw dropped, but just as I finished speaking Edward's phone rang. He picked it up and said. "Hey mom" I just heard yelling in the phone. "Sorry mom, we couldn't help it." More yelling. "Okay we will buy another one today." Just as he was about hang up, I asked for the phone. He spoke once more. "Esme, Bella wants to speak to you." He said and handed me the phone.

"Hi mom!" Esme had asked me to call her mom, so I did.

"Hi honey. I am a little disappointed at you. How knew you and Edward would end up breaking the furniture as well."

"Oh. Sorry mom. We did not mean to."

"Yeah, I know. Just make sure you buy another bed."

"Okay. You want the same bed or a different one?"

"Either one. You and Edward should choose. After all, you to are the ones that use it."

"'Kay mom." I said hanging up.

As soon as I hung up Lauren asked. "Who were you talking two, and what was all the talk about buying a bed?"

"Um, it was Esme, and she wanted me and Edward to buy a new bed." I answered. "Okay. Now it is my turn." Who to choose? Hum... Paybacks!!! "Emmett, truth or dare!"

Emmett looked happy. Not for a long time. MUAHUAHUAHU.

"Dare." He said confidently, but his smile started fading as mine started growing.

"I dare you to..."

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