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He never expected to lose her this way. Not like this. Why, why?

Hands covered in blood, face crumpled in sadness and horror, he bent over his beloved, begging her, pleading withher not to die.


And as he screams this, she smiles at him weakly, her eyes warm, lovingly looking up at him. And oh, how he loved her eyes, although, he never told her that.

And she mutters, a confession;

'I love you Lelouch…'

And he so desperately wants to say;

'I love you too Shirley…'

But words have escaped him.

And she continues her confession.

Her secret, about loving him forever, is finally out.

And Lelouch is in pain. Oh so much pain, as he watches the one he loves, the only one to truly accept what he is- what he has become – die in front of him.

And her body is getting colder, and her breath is getting slower, and her eyes are getting heavier.

And Lelouch is filled with regret.

The one thing he regret's, is not being with her when he had the chance.

Instead, he chose to act ever so distant, from his friends, from her.

And he thinks back, to past memories, to happier times when she was alive…

He should have held her hand when she was scared.

Teased her more, because it was always cute the way she reacted.

Tried to make her smile more often, because, it was her smile that saved him.

Held her in his arms when she was upset.

And kissed her one thousand times.

He should have told her that, that kiss wasn't a mistake.

It was meant to be.

Because they were meant to be.

But Shirley would never know any of this, because Lelouch was never one to openly discuss his romantic feelings.

But, oh, how he wishes she knew it all. How he wishes he had a chance to tell her how he feels.

Because their love for each other was true.

She wanted Lelouch, for whatever Lelouch was, bad, good, or somewhere in between.

She knew he was Zero

She knew he killed her father

She knew he wiped her memory.

And yet, what amazed him was that she still wanted to be with him.

'And when I'm reborn…I'll fall in love again…'

'I'll fall…in love…with you…again…'

And her hand became limp. And her eyes where closed. But the blood kept following.

And the world could hear Lelouch scream.


He wanted to sleep. Sleep forever.

People where screaming

The world was getting hazy

And Lelouch could hear Nunually's screams of horror.

Dying was peaceful.

And he mutters he's last words to Nunually, and can no longer fight the growing urge to sleep…

And darkness washes over him, and he knows, he knows he has passed on.

He opens his eyes, to see a magnificent gate. One made of gold. And the sky is blue, and the clouds are pure white and misty, waiting for Lelouch to discover what they are hiding underneath.

And things are getting clearer, and Lelouch realises, he is surrounded by people he knows.

His mother is standing to the right, smiling, tears in her eyes.

Princess Euphemia, stands to his mothers left.

Prince Clovis and Genbu Kururugi, stand among the crowd.

In the middle of the crowd, She stands.

Skin, porcelain white, her red hair glowing, blowing gently in the breeze. Her dress, angelic, and her wings, magnificent.

Tears streaming down her face, Shirley waits for Lelouch, with open arms.


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