48 hours later~

Abby looked at the test results and was in shock. She called Gibbs who helped gather everyone together. Jillian, Jeanne, the baby, and Kort all arrived at the same time. As they got out of the elevator, everyone looked at them.

"Bet that was a weird ride up." Abby said.

Hinky Jillian signed to her. Abby laughed.

Tony stood up and grabbed Jillian pulling her to him. He made sure that he kissed her where Kort and Jeanne could see.

"We're ok, whatever happens?" Tony asked.

"We're fabulous." She said with a smile. "Friends stick together."

Abby shuffled on her feet and looked at the group. "Well there is no use in wasting time. After the test was run, it's 99.9% conclusive that Tony is not the baby's father. Kort is."

Jeanne looked at Kort and at Tony. She wanted to say something but couldn't. She just looked helpless.

"I'd deck you for doing that to him but you've got a baby so I can't do that." Jillian said angrily.

Jeanne turned to Kort. "You said you couldn't have children." She replied accusingly.

"He couldn't because of his agency job." Jillian replied.

"But I can do this," Tony said as he stood in front of Kort and punched him in the stomach. "That is for me." As Kort was double over, Tony got in an upper cut that left Kort on his rear end. "That was for Jillian. Now you need to take your baby momma and leave. It looks like you have a lot to work out." Tony told him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 year later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a bright Louisiana day. There were no clouds in the sky and it was a perfect temperature out. Tony stood next to Gibbs as he watched Abby walk down the aisle of the outside courtyard. She looked beautiful in her long black dress and her red rose bouquet.

"She's hot." Tony said with a smile.

"I know." Gibbs replied.

He signed I love you to Abby as soon as she took her spot. Then the music began again and this time, Jillian walked down the aisle in a white dress that was almost identical to Abby's. She stopped when she stood next to Tony.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today," The preacher began.

After most of the festivities were over, Tony and his new bride were getting ready to leave. But before they did, they had to do the garter toss and the bouquet toss. Tony went first and Gibbs, with help from McGee and Ducky was the one to catch the garter.

It was a little easier for Abby to catch the bouquet. She was the tallest one. When both were caught, hugs exchanged and pictures taken, Tony and Jillian were ready to leave.

Gibbs hugged Abby to his side as he watched them leave.

"Should we set a date?"

"For what?" Gibbs asked.

"For me to be your last wife."

"I like your thinking." He said as he kissed her.

As soon as Tony and Jillian were on their way to the airport Jillian reached over to her small purse and pulled out a small thin piece of plastic.

"I've been waiting all day to give you this." She said.

Tony took it and read the word. He then pulled his wife into his arms.