Don't go in to the light

E/O CHALLENGE: Drabble Word: light

Double drabble – 200 words

R for language

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. – Carl Gustav Jung

Spoilers for episode 4x16


Sam sat by his brother's hospital bed. 'How did we get here big brother?'

Sam sighed and fidgeted with the edge of Dean's blanket. 'What happened to Saturday morning cartoons and peanut butter sandwiches? Things seemed so much simpler then.

'I hated the lies, the secrecy, the constant moving. But, now I would give anything just to be back there again.'

When I left, I had just wanted to go to school…to learn, and yet I wanted so badly to be ignorant. To forget the poltergeists and demons, the need to avenge the mother I never knew. I just wanted to live in the light, and deny the dark.'

Sam smiled wryly as he imaged what his brother would say. 'Shut up, Jerk I'm not being a pussy. This is just not what I expected you know.' He sighed again, 'I really don't know what I expected.'

'I just wanted more. And you…. You were always my superhero big brother, how could I not want something better for you too?' Sam wiped a tear from his eye. 'Don't leave me alone again okay? I will make this better for the both of matter what it takes. Apocalypse be damned.'