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Chapter 18: Welcome to Real Life, Hermione

The thought of going back to Hogwarts almost brought me to tears. I had found that I had never actually experienced true bliss before, until my honeymoon. It was so nice not having to worry about anything. It was just Fred and I, doing whatever we pleased. No more boundaries.

Things were still awkward, and I didn't know if that would change with time, but I hoped so. I didn't feel like I could just go up and kiss him, or grab his hand, or wrap my arms around him. Perhaps it was just me being a prude. I mean, Harry and Ginny are totally comfortable with it! But, I just wasn't yet.

We did have sex a few more times before returning to Hogwarts, each time just as blissful as before, and I was beginning to wonder how I really ever lived my life without it. But the realization was beginning to hit me now. The Honeymoon was ending. The wedding was over. Now it's just me and Fred, living together, and eventually having a child.

Oh God! A child!

No, no. I really wont be thinking about that right now. The next step is getting…home… and getting settled. This awkwardness has to eventually cease, right? I think people who live together must eventually get used to each other. I hope he doesn't get bored with me…

Fred shakes me out of my daydream with his smile. He's halfway across the room packing up the few things we had sent here. I'm sitting in bed, comfortable under the covers. His devilish smile makes me giggle like a little girl, which I'm always embarrassed about, but I simply can't help it. He's like a crush, making me giddy just to look at him.

"Plan on getting up any time soon?" He asked playfully, "Or is this how our marriage is going to be? I'll be doing all the work and you'll just sleep?"

"Ha!" Hermione scoffed, "Oh please, you know I'm going to become a healer. I'll be working just as much as you!" I said matter-o-factly. However, the look on his face made me wish I hadn't said anything at all. He looked almost pitying, and I realized when I looked back on my words that this may never be the case. I would probably never get the chance to live out my dream. I would have to have children instead.

And the odds of having children AND working were relatively low. That, or I gave up sleeping. Perhaps there's a potion out there….

"Hey love," He started, obviously eyeing the look on my face as the wheels in my head were turning, "things are going to be fine. Let's just focus on now, and worry about the future later." He smiled, "You know I'm not really one for thinking ahead." and with that he snapped our suitcase shut and levitated it over to the bed beside the Port Key.

We would be transported outside of Hogwarts grounds and then make our way up to the castle, a slightly annoying side effect, but it's worth having the protection. It isn't much needed now that the Dark Lord is dead. Although, there are still many crazy Witches and Wizards about.

I finally got out of bed. I was already dressed, and really just waiting for Fred to get everything ready, but I had a feeling he had already known that.

I could sense his nervousness, and certainly he could sense mine. We were feeding off of each others emotions, which probably wasn't a good thing. He firmly took my hand, and as I grasped his, I felt slightly more relieved. Even though the jump was huge, I knew we were doing it together.

"Ready?" He asks.

I sigh, "As I'll ever be."

And we are transported back to Hogwarts, our new home.

"Fred!" I call from our tiny kitchen into the bedroom. He doesn't respond, which makes me wonder what he could possibly be doing that he doesn't here me calling. It's not as if the apartment is that spacious. There's a small kitchen, a decent sized bedroom, and a nice living room. It's the perfect place for a newly wed couple. It was much smaller than what Fred was used to though. That's the first thing he said when we walked through the door.

"Fred!" I called again, as I scanned through the kitchen.

"What?" He called back, and I could tell he was in somewhat of a sour mood. It was understandable, because I was in one too. Going from bliss to reality isn't a bad thing, but it isn't exactly pleasant.

"Should I rearrange the kitchen or do you like it the way it is?" I asked.

"What?" He called louder.

I rolled my eyes and raised my volume, "DO YOU WANT ME TO REARRANGE THE KITCHEN?" I practically yelled.

Instead of a distant reply, he finally comes walking into the room. His face is rather stoic, and I absently wonder what it was he was just doing. Would it be paranoid to ask? I still haven't figured out what's appropriate and what's not.

"Why do you want to rearrange it?" He asked, scanning the kitchen.

"Well the fridge and the cabinets are rather far away from each other, I like it when they're closer because it's easier to cook with. And the kitchen table is a little small, but those are just minor things. I was wondering what you thought of it." I said, hoping to stay as diplomatic as possible.

"I like it the way it is." He said simply.

I sighed, his difficulty grinding on my nerves, but at least it was an answer. "Ok, we'll keep it how it is for now. We can always change it latter if we feel so inclined."

All I received was a grunt in return as Fred went back in to our bedroom.

I was really at a loss of what to do. I hadn't really seen him in one of THESE moods before. But then again, it's going back to the idea that we had spent very little time together before we were being legally bound in matrimony.

I decided to casually walk into our bedroom. It was better then curiously assessing what he was doing from the Kitchen, at any rate.

I found him at the desk in our bedroom, slumped over some paper work like an old business associate. The thought almost made me giggle. Fred and George started their shop because it was all about the pranking and fun, but he didn't look happy right now.

"You all right Fred?" I asked lightly, beginning to approach his desk. I did so carefully, and slowly. Just like I would a wild animal, so as not to scare it off.

"I'm fine." He replied in a monotone.

"What're you doing?" I asked, even though I had a basic idea.

"Paperwork for the shop. Bills and things I need to sign. All of the things George lets me take care of." He huffed angrily. But, the anger on his face soon changed to plain tired as he looked up towards me.

"It's been a long day," I said easily, "Perhaps you should just get some sleep and finish that before you go in to work tomorrow."

Work. Work. I will NEVER get to work. I will get to finish schooling, and then who knows where I will be? He doesn't know how lucky he is to be filling out those bills. And I can't believe I envy him right now, but I really do.

"They need to be sent in by tomorrow. I might as well just get them done now," He replied coldly, looking back through his paper work, "I could really use some quiet." He had to add in.

I felt my body literally shut down with his comment. I HAD BEEN TRYING SO HARD! But I just nodded, and walked out of the bedroom. I hoped this wasn't how it would always be like. I just wanted this whole thing to be easy, even though I knew it wasn't. I knew marriage was difficult, but from the experience I had with my own parents, I guess I never truly connected the dots.

Consequently, both my parents had very similar personalities, but it just seemed like they understood what to do with each other. It's like they fit into the same puzzle. And even though I'm terribly angry with my mum and dad for missing my Wedding on purpose, I also wish I could just talk with them. I want my marriage with Fred to be as easy as theirs always seemed.

Perhaps it just comes with time.

Either way, I exited to the living room and started on some homework. I was all caught up with everything, as I knew I would be. So I thought I would just do some light reading on the next few chapters in our curriculum. Still, I couldn't get Fred out of my head. The fact that merely my presence annoyed him was deeply upsetting me.

How the HELL were we going to make this work?

I mean, Surely, this was a big change for him. He was so used to living in the loft. All he had to do was wake up, put some clothes on, and walk downstairs and he'd be at work. Now, there are a lot more steps involved. But honestly, it wasn't that more difficult.

Perhaps I should give Katy a ring and tell her to put George in check. He needs to be pulling his own weight around with the store.

But no, that would DEFINITELY be overstepping my boundaries. Even with my new Sister-in-law status. It's so strange to think about. It's almost as if we are all connected now. And in a strange magical and marital way, we all are.

I wondered when I would be allowed to go back into my bedroom and go to bed.

"Hermione?" "Hermione?"

I felt someone shaking me, but I swatted their hands away. I was so tired, I just needed to shut my eyes for a minute.

"Hermione, did you sleep out here all night?" He asked.

Now I cracked my eyes open just a bit, and came face to face with Fred. He was looking at me, somewhat mockingly, and all the events of last night came rushing back to me. I suppose I just fell asleep here. How pathetic.

"It looks that way doesn't it?" I replied, pulling myself away from him and shifting my head so I could try and go back to sleep.

"I didn't even notice," He continued on, obviously not getting the message.

I glared at him, then got up from my chair and stormed into the bedroom. I had every intention of dropping onto our bed and going to sleep, but he stopped me before my head could even reach the pillow.

"Don't you have school today?" He asked me from the safety of the doorway.

"Yes," I mumbled, "My first class isn't until nine."

"Well it's eight thirty now, so you might want to get up." Then he exited the room before I had a chance to really comprehend what he had said. As soon as my brain began to dance around his words, I sprung up from my spot and raced to the shower. I got my robes on so fast I wondered how it was even possible.

I was like a tornado, whirling through the living room picking up the books I needed and throwing the rest back where they had been. Fred watched me in awe.

"So, you're late?" He prodded me again.

"Yes Fred," I stated, annoyed as I searched for my shoes, "I did in fact, wake up late. Which wouldn't have happened if I had actually gotten to bed on time." I accused.

He frowned at me, as if he was just now understanding that I was peeved at him, "no need to be sore," He said, "I wasn't stopping you from going to bed."

"Well you were in too foul of a mood to be in the same room with," I replied as I gathered everything together, finally ready to run to my class, and hopefully be on time.

"Look, I have to go to work," He said, and I couldn't tell if he was angry with me or what he was feeling. Usually, it was so obvious to me, but at the moment I had no idea. And I really hadn't the time to scrutinize over it any longer.

Welcome to real life, Hermione.