Kei felt his heart skipped a beat when he heard Misaki confessing her love to a guy... To an UNKNOWN guy. He was void of emotion, unable to sort out the feelings he was experiencing. Anger, hatred and.... And.... Jealousy... He was so furious that he could kill the guy. Kill the guy? A good suggestion I must say. Let's do that.

He slammed the door open invading their privacy, and grabbed hold of Hanatarou's colar. Dark blue eyes met Amber atmosphere was heavy and Misaki was finding it hard to had to break them apart, else she'll be the victim. But what should I do? There's nothing that can stop those two. If it was someone else with Takishima or someone else with Aniue, it'd be easier to break them apart. Only feminine charm could... Wait a minute, feminine charm? Aniue has ALWAYS wanted me to be feminine even for just a minute. Takishima has never seen my feminine charm before, so it could shock him. Oh Thank God I was born a female~!

"Aniue, Takishima-kun, please don't fight. I beg you" *sobs* I don't wan't to see either of you hurt yourselves.. *sobs*"

Misaki's plan went smoothly as she wanted. Once both men were caught off guard, Misaki grabbed hold of both of them. Her eyes glinting of murderous intent. Takishima was looking as pale a ghost while Hanatarou was still smiling and afford to giggle to himself with his current situation. Misaki shot death glares like daggers to Hanatarou, earning her a wide grin before Hanatarou escaped from her clutches.

He walked up to Takishima shaking his head slightly and spoke, "You need to be around Mi-Chan more often to understand the methods and techniques to escape from her without hurting yourself Takishima Kei." He looked at Misaki for a minute before returning to Takishima and continue speaking, "You also need to learn to control your emotion boy. Especially jealousy. You almost hurt your PRINCIPAL with that fist of yours, you know."

Takishima felt his face hot, embarrassed of his actions when, wait Principal? Did that old geezer call himself the Principal? He turned and faced Hanatarou with a shocked and questioned expression, only to be replied with a burst of laughter. Misaki could only afford to blush furiously and managed to calm her nerves before ending up insane with both Hanatarou and Takishima....


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