American Dragon Season Three

A/N: Okay, this is how it's going to work. This fic is going to be a potential Season Three for the series, seeing as we're not going to get a real one. There will probably be around 20 or so chapters, each will be one episode. I'll be trying my best to stay with the flow and keep it at a TVG rating, although I'm quite certain that some of the chapters would probably get a TVPG rating, such as this first chapter. However, I think that would be okay, seeing as a couple episodes of Am Drag probably deserved a TVPG rating, most notably Homecoming and Eye of the Beholder

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Chapter/Episode 1: The Hong Kong Sisters

It was a beautiful day at the skate park. Kids were laughing as they road their boards, however, no one seemed to notice two people on top of a larger than life ramp. A young blonde girl by the name of Rose looked over the edge. As much as she hated to admit it, she was afraid; for almost all of her life, she had fought and attempted to kill powerful dragons, but she was too frightened to go down a ramp at the skate park on a skate board.

"Jake…" Rose turned to look at her boyfriend, Jake Long who was slowly approaching her. "I don't think this is the best idea…"

"Yo, babe!" Jake tried to sooth her. "You are such a daring woman, you can do this!"

"I don't know, Jake."

"Yo, you don't have to worry." Jake assured her with a smile. "I'll show you that it's easier than fighting the Am Drag!"

Rose smiled at this; she really couldn't help it. Jake was so charming and yet so clumsy and rather foolish. Yet, that's what she loved about him.

She watched, the fear almost flowing out of her, as her boyfriend lowered his board at the edge of the ramp before putting his feet on it and rolling down. Rose slowly walked over to the side as Jake reached the other side and did a handstand. Jake than disappeared down the ramp once more before quickly coming up to the side in which Rose was watching. Jake did a spin before he came back down and ended it at the bottom. Gleaming with pride and cockiness, Jake turned and looked up to meet the gaze of Rose.

"See, Rose!" he shouted up to her. "It's as easy as can be! A fine lady-hunter can do it! I believe in ya, my lady!"

Rose sighed as she dropped her own skateboard down on the ramp and was about to go until she felt a cold breeze brush against her. It wasn't until the sun quickly faded that Rose started to panic. It was only 2:30 in the afternoon and it was already dark. Rubbing her eyes, Rose felt a little relief as she noticed that the area that Jake was standing in was still bright. However, her relief soon turned to horror as she saw the cackling forms of 88 and 89 approached Jake from behind.

"Jake, watch out!" Rose tried to shout, but to her shock, no words came out.

"Say something?" Jake asked her. Panicking, Rose tried to point at 88 and 89, but Jake still didn't seem to get the message. Laughing madly, 89 held up his staff and brought down in-between Jake's left ear.

"NO!"" Rose could hear her voice return to her as Jake crumpled to the ground.

"Hey, Huntsgirl!" 89 shouted. "Turn around!"

Fear shining through her whole body, Rose slowly turned around to see the face of her constant nightmares…her old master, the Huntsman. His uniform was ripped, completely revealing his dragon-marked bare chest and his mask was gone, revealing his angry expression and his eyes which were filled with hatred and complete evil. He looked the exact same way he did the night the skulls took his hideously evil body and soul away from the world.

"No…" Rose gasped. Her fear rose even higher as 88 and 89 walked up behind their deceased master, apparently out of nowhere.

"No…" Rose repeated. "It can't be! You're dead!"

"Thanks to you, you treacherous whelp!" the Huntsman roared as he grabbed Rose by the shoulders. "You and I have unfinished business! It's time for you to pay!"

The Huntsman then forced Rose from the place where she was standing and hurled her from the side of the ramp. As she fell head first, Rose's eyes widened as she literally felt the ramp rising, making her fall higher. As the ground became closer and her doom seemed evident, Rose let out a frightened gasp before she closed her eyes and embraced herself…


Rose shot up in her bed with a startled scream. After catching her breath, she slowly turned her head to see that she was safe in her own room in Hong Kong. Closing her eyes, she let out a sigh.



After getting dressed for school, Rose walked out of her room and over to the kitchen table and sat beside her also school uniform clad twin sister, Daisy. Rose didn't even pay attention as her mother put a plate filled with eggs, toast and the like in front of her, instead only cradling her head in her hands.

"Hey, Rosie…" Daisy asked. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" Rose lifted her head to meet her sister's gaze. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I just had a bad dream, that's all."

"Oh, well why don't you tell me about it on the way to school?" Daisy suggested.

"I'd rather not…" Rose quickly got up from her chair, picked up her backpack and walked out the door.


Daisy exited the apartment building as quickly as she could and quickly ran up to her sister.

"Okay, Rose…" Daisy said. "There is obviously something that's bothering you."

"Daisy, I really think that this is something that you shouldn't know about…"

"But why?" Daisy turned, saddened. "We're sisters; best friends! We tell each other everything!"

"Just try and believe me when I tell you that you would probably think that I'm insane…" Rose finished as she turned and continued walking off. Daisy turned to face her sister again and was about to chase after her again, until she heard a rattling in a nearby alley.

"Help me!" came a distressed voice.

Horrified at the thought at what could be happening, Daisy turned and slowly walked into the alley.

"Hello?" Daisy called out as she walked down more of the alley. "Does somebody need some help?"

From behind the helpless teen girl, two forms dropped from a roof of a building. Grinning, 88 and 89 each pulled out their staffs.

"Oh, somebody please help me!" the voice said once again, only it was coming from the mouth of 89. Shocked, Daisy whirled around; only to let out a scream as a green energy beam hit her in the chest, throwing her against a wall before the helpless girl collapsed to the ground. The two hunters slowly approached her, laughing.



As the day wore on and eventually started to come to a close, Rose found herself walking to her apartment building. As she slowly walked up the steps, she couldn't help but think about where her sister was. They had all but one of their classes together, and Daisy hadn't shown up for any of them.

Rose reached the door to her apartment and opened it before stepping in. To her shock, the whole apartment was dark. After walking to the kitchen and to her room, she had found nothing. Rather confused, Rose was about to go to her room and change, when she heard a faint sound coming from her sister's room. Putting her ear to the door, Rose became horrified as she heard sobbing.

Oh no, Daisy! She had been so mean to her sister, and Rose honestly regretted it. However, Daisy could never know the truth. Rose was certain that Daisy would go straight to their parents, and Rose would be carried away in a straight-jacket, just as Jake had almost been a couple of days earlier.

"Daisy?" Rose asked softly, but received no answer. Taking matters into her own hands, Rose grasped the door knob and stepped in only to see both her parents sitting on Daisy's bed. Rose's mother was sobbing uncontrollably, while her father was holding her in a tight embrace, seemingly struggling to hold in his own tears.

"Mom? Dad?" Rose asked. "What's going on?"

"Oh sweetie…" her mother started to say, but she was cut off by a new set of sobs.

"Honey, you're sister has been abducted." Her father finished for his wife.

"What?" Rose asked incredulously.

Rose's father let one hand go of his wife and reached out for a letter lying on the floor. Reaching over, he handed it to Rose.

Trembling with dread, Rose turned the paper over and read: If you ever want to see your daughter again, watch this video.

"What video?" Rose asked.

"It's out by the television set." Rose's mother choked out.


Walking out to the Family Room, Rose immediately saw the video cassette lying on the floor. Carefully picking it up, Rose quickly put it inside the VHS player.

After a little bit of static, Rose gasped as she saw her unconscious sister chained tightly to a wooden post in a dark shack. Before she could even blink back the tears, 88 and 89 each stepped into the frame. The tears quickly faded and Rose struggled to keep from screaming with rage.

"Hello, Rose…" 88 grinned.

"Or should we say Huntsgirl!" 89 chimed in.

"Shut up, dude!" 88 hissed, punching his companion in crime in the shoulder, knocking him over with a loud crash. 89 quickly got up and dusted himself off.

"If you think that we are in any way trying to make you suffer for killing the Huntsman and the rest of the Huntsclan…" 88 continued. "Then you are wrong."

"In fact, we want to thank you for that!" 89 added gleefully. "Because of you, the Huntsclan is gone forever! If you hadn't done that, we never would have realized how good we actually are at hunting magical creatures!"

"Anyway…" 88 tried to finish. "You have 24 hours to get us what we want, or else we'll slay your sister. If you don't know what we want, then you really are a dumb blonde."

88 then casually walked off as 89 stared at the camera.

"I can't believe he said that…" 89 muttered. "He said I could do all of the insulting."

The tape then came to an end and the static returned. Giving into her rage, Rose grabbed the television by its sides and proceeded to shout: "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT?! YOU'RE SICK FREAKS! I'M GOING TO SEND YOU TWO TO WHEREVER THE REST OF THE HUNTSCLAN IS!"

"Why are you shouting?" a voice came from behind Rose. Rose turned to see her mother. Rose could no longer hold in her fear, rage and grief for what had happened.

"Mom, this is my fault…" Rose whimpered.

"What are you talking about?" her mother came to comfort her daughter.

"Daisy tried to talk to me this morning, and I basically ignored her!" Rose now had tears coming from her eyes. "She probably wandered off—it's my fault!"

"No, honey." Her mother assured her. "It wasn't your fault."

This seemed to comfort Rose, and she was able to straighten herself up. "Mom, there is only one person that I know who can help us."

"Oh, no!" Rose's mother replied. "That crazy boy will have nothing more to do with you! He's crazy, Rose. You spend time with him, and you'll only get burned."

"Mom, he isn't crazy!" Rose tried to reason, as her father came out of the kitchen. "So he has some delusions, so he has multiple personality disorder! All he wants is a friend."

"Rose!" her father added. "You are not to see that boy."

"Well, if you want to see Daisy in more than one piece, just let me know and I won't go." Rose retorted. "Jake is the only person who can save her, because those people who have her will kill her in 24 hours unless we do something!"


The hotel room that Jake, his family and his friends were staying at was now a mess. As it was time to leave to go back to New York, Jake sat on the couch, depressed at leaving Rose behind while the others were packing.

"Has anyone seen my DVD of the monkey hiding cheese?" Spud asked.

"Oh gross, Spudinski!" Trixie complained.

Sensing that his son was upset, Jonathan walked over to the couch and sat down, putting an arm over his shoulder.

"You know, Jake…" Jonathan began. "Your grandfather and Fu Dog told me all about your relationship with that girl. You two really have been through a lot. I know it must feel bad to leave her behind, but I think you'll see her again."

"You really think so?" Jake looked up.

"I know so." Jonathan embraced his son. "I know because if two people truly love each other, nothing will get in the way."

"Thanks, Dads…" Jake smiled.

"On the other hand…" Jonathan continued. "I always liked dogs, but I never knew that they could be such charming fellows if they could talk." As they let go, Jake couldn't help but laugh at his dad's words.

"Well everyone…" Lao-Shi said. "Are we ready to go?"

It was then that they're hotel room got a nock at the door…

"I'll get it!" Jonathan said as he walked over and opened the door. As soon as he saw Rose, he smiled and turned to face his son. "Hey, Jakers! You better come here!"

"Yo, what's up?" Jake slid off of the couch and walked over to see Rose. "Yo, what are you doing here?"

"Jake, we need your help…" was all Rose said.

"We?" Jake asked as Rose pushed the door open to reveal her parents. "Aw, man!"


Both of Rose's parents leaned against the wall as Rose finished telling everyone else about what happened.

"But what are 88 and 89 doing in Hong Kong?" Trixie asked.

"It doesn't matter, Trix!" Jake stated. "All that matters is that my lady needs my help!"

"Thanks, Jake…for helping me." Rose smiled gratefully and tearfully at the dragon that she had fallen in love with.

"Yo, there's no need to cry, babe." Jake comforted her.

They all stood up and turned to face Rose's parents.

"The only thing we can do is go to the Dragon Council." Lao-Shi said.

"Wait, that's enough of all this crazy talk!" Rose's mother shouted. "You all need serious help! Honey, call an ambulance!"

"Mom!" Rose nearly shouted. "Mom, Jake is not crazy! Show them, Jake."

Both Jake and Lao-Shi looked at Rose with uncertain looks. Surely she didn't really want them to turn into their dragon forms in front of her parents. They would totally freak out!

"Yo, Rose!" Jake whispered to her. "You can't be serious!"

"But I am." Rose replied. "Do it."

After looking at each other, Jake and Lao-Shi finally complied. With his signature "Dragon Up!" phrase, Jake's form slowly faded and was replaced with a large, red and scaly dragon. Seconds later, Lao-Shi turned into his dragon form.

Rose looked at the dragons with a small smile filled with relief. Turning back to face her parents, Rose couldn't say that she was surprised that they were both lying on their backs, having fainted.

"Aw man!" Jake whined.


Once Rose's parents had regained consciousness, Rose told her parents everything about the parallel universe where the Huntsclan had kidnapped her and raised her to fight and slay dragons. She then continued to go on about all the times she and Jake had spent time together before they found about each other's secret lives. Rose told them about how they had reunited several months later and ultimately ended with telling them about how the Huntsman had learned of her treachery and threatened their lives if she didn't betray Jake. By the time that Rose admitted that she had destroyed the entire Huntsclan, her parents looked like they were about to pass out again, but still Rose carried on with the story. She finished by telling them how Jake had used the skulls to save her by wishing that none of it had happened.

"Isn't it just beautiful?!" Fu Dog exclaimed.

"You have a very brave daughter…" Lao-Shi admitted.

"And now 88 and 89 are back…" Rose added. "And they want to get to me through Daisy."

"Daisy, huh?" Trixie crossed her arms. "I suppose your parents wanted their home girls to be named after flowers…"

Once Rose was sure that her parents weren't going to pass out again and/or call a mental hospital, she climbed onto Jake's back while Lao-Shi seemed to be having trouble getting Rose's dad to get on his.

"It's completely safe!" Lao-Shi argued, trying hard not to lose his temper. After a moment, Rose's dad was finally able to get on the back, while La-Shi grabbed hold of her mother.

"Please don't drop me!" Rose's mother begged.

After Haley told the others that they should stay behind and look for possible clues that could lead them to where 88 and 89 were holding Daisy, she transformed and gripped onto Fu Dog and they flew off.

"Where are we going?" Rose's father asked.

"To see the Dragon Council..." Lao-Shi answered. "They are the only dragons who could possibly know where to find your daughter's captors."


At a large and secret temple, Councilor Kulde, Councilor Andam and Councilor Omina were sitting at a table as Sun poured a cup of tea for them. Just then, the Dragon of Australia, Fred Nerk, busted through the doors.

"Councilors!" Nerk shouted.

"What is it, Dragon Nerk?" Andam asked.

"The American Dragon is here with his family…" Nerk answered.

"I wonder what he needs…" Sun wondered out loud. "Why don't you bring them in?"

"Yes, ma'am." Nerk bowed before leaving. Moments later, Jake, Haley, Lao-Shi, Rose and her parents walked in with Fu trotting behind them.

"So, what's lovely Sheila such as you doing in a place like this?" Nerk tried to flirt, but Rose grabbed him by the snout of his dragon form.

"First of all, I'm taken." Rose warned. "Second, you don't want to be flirting with someone who can turn you into a pair of boots." With that, Rose let go of him, and Nerk backed away as Councilor Kulde angrily stood up.

"What are THEY doing here?" he demanded. "Not only normal mortals, but a slayer! What is the meaning of this, Dragon Long?"

"Councilors, we wouldn't be doing this unless we absolutely had to." Lao-Shi stated. "Yes, she is…err was a member of the Huntsclan, but not anymore."

"Besides…" Jake stated defiantly. "Even when she was a member, she still did more help than damage! She did everything in her power to help us get the skull before the Huntsclan did! She single handedly wiped out the entire Huntsclan forever…at the risk of her own life at that! She helped put an end to the number one threat to the magical world for the rest of all our life times! Yo, how could you be so hostile to someone who helped you like that?"

"Jake…" Rose put a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. You don't have to defend me or my past actions."

Rose ten looked away from her boyfriend and turned to face the enraged dragons. "Council members, I know you must have mixed feelings about me; you probably want to lock me away for all the trouble I caused your kind, but it's literally all in the past. 88 and 89 are in the city and they have my sister and they'll kill her if I don't find her. Please, she's done absolutely nothing to you…you're dragons; you help creatures and other living beings in need! My sister NEEDS help! Please, will you help me?"

"Why did you come to us?" Kulde asked, apparently unmoved by Rose's plea.

"She needs some Huntsclan gear." Jake replied.

"What?" Rose looked up. "No, I don't. I have my staff, that's the only gear I need."

"No, Rose." Sun pointed out. "You need the full power and stealth of the Huntsclan."

"And where is she supposed to get that?" Haley asked. "The Huntsclan has been destroyed. Everything that the Huntsclan used has gone with them."

"Not true…" Sun walked over to a drawer and pulled out a box. Sun then walked over to Rose and handed the box to her. "A couple of days after the Homecoming dance; Lao-Shi and I went down to an abandoned Huntsclan lair and took what we could. Just in case it could come in handy…"

Rose looked down and opened the box to see a Huntsclan uniform, Huntsclan mask and a pair of boots.

"Go ahead…" Sun advised. "Try them on. You have a vicious battle lying ahead of you."

"You cannot be serious!" Andam objected. "You are handing her the tools that will lead to our very end!"

"I concur." Kulde added.

"Not if she swears to be loyal to the Dragon Council…" Sun pointed out. "Would you be willing to do that, Rose? Even if you are different sides of the world, you and Jake would still see each other." She turned her gaze to Jake and winked at him.


Moments later, a fully Huntsclan clad Rose flipped into the temple before landing right in front of Sun. Sun smiled as she stepped away to let a regretful looking Andam step up. Rose kneeled in his presence.

"Let's get this over with…" Andam sighed. "Okay, do you Huntsgirl, swear to use your abilities as a Huntsclan member only for good and the good of the Dragon Order and not for evil?"

"I do…"

"I should warn you…" Andam continued. "The consequences for you breaking this vow or any form of betrayal will be severe. Do you except these terms?"

"Yes." Rose replied.

"Then rise…" Andam finished. Rose stood and raised the mask over her head before bringing it down and over her head. The Huntsgirl was back…

"We should split up…" Rose said as turned around to meet the gazes of everyone else. "I'm going to check out…oh my, I can't believe I was so foolish!"

"What?" Rose's mother asked.

"In the video, Daisy was being held in a wooden shack." Rose started. "As far as I know, there is only one place like that in the entire city!"

"Where is it?" Jake asked. "We'll go there together!"

"No, Jake." Rose lowered her head. "This is my battle. They kidnapped my sister, my closest friend. And now those buffoons were stupid enough to pick the most obvious hideout in Hong Kong. I'm going alone, and I'm going to make those two pay."

"Huntsgirl, don't choose revenge!" Andam warned. "That goes against your oath. We want them alive."

"This isn't about revenge." Rose replied. "At least, not yet; but if I find out that they hurt her, then it will be. Then, it will be personal."


After leaving the temple, Rose had left to find the shack. With nothing else to do, everyone else arrived at Rose's home and they sat down.

"How long do you think it will be before Rose arrives home with Daisy?" Rose's mother asked.

"There's no telling." Fu replied as Rose's father placed a bone in front of him. "Okay, now that is awesome. I know I'm inclined to be man's best friend, but I really like you!"

"Jake!" came Lao-Shi's voice. Jake turned his head to see that his grandfather, sister and Home Economics teacher were gone. Getting up, the young dragon walked into the source of the call: Daisy's room.

"Yo G, what's up?" Jake asked as he walked over to the bed side that they were sitting at. Sun's fingers trembled as she handed Jake a picture. In the picture, it showed both of Rose's parents and a young girl. At first, Jake thought that the girl was Rose, but after looking closer, he could see that the girl didn't have Rose's birthmark. Jake could feel someone approach from behind him. Turning around, Jake was relieved to see that it was Rose's mother.

"Oh, that was their 8th birthday." Rose's mother smiled.

"Their?" Jake asked. "Then where's Rose?"

"I don't know!" Rose's mother admitted. "They celebrated all their birthdays together. Let me see the date."

Jake carefully handed the picture to Rose's mother and she flipped it over.

"May 4th 2000." Rose's mother read. "Wait, that can't be right! Daisy was in the hospital after getting her appendix removed that week!"

"What does it mean?" Haley asked.


Rose stood in front of the wooden door of the only shack in the city. The shack was close to a shore line which led to a body of water. Her staff was strung over her back. Closing her eyes, Rose tried to get a moment of relaxation before she barged on in.

"Hiyah!" Rose jumped up and kicked the door to splinters before slowly stepping in. Rose immediately caught sight of her sister, who was still chained to the pole. At first, Daisy looked terrified at this masked stranger and she started to shake.

"Daisy, calm down." Rose pulled off her mask. "Look! It's just me!"

"Rose!" Daisy whispered in relief. "Thank god you're here! I was so scared! Come on, get me out of this!"

"Shh!" Rose walked up to her sister and silenced her. "You have to be quiet. You can't let those two hear us!" Rose then held up her staff and blasted away the chains holding her sister with a green blast of energy. "Come on! Let's go!"

Rose quickly turned and looked to see if there were any signs of 88 and 89. However, before Rose could turn to face her sister again, something hard came down on the top of her skull. Rose tried to fight it, but the pain was too great. Rose collapsed to her knees before falling to her side as she looked up to see her sister tossing away a big piece of wood.

"Oh sis…" Daisy mocked. "Why would we leave when the thing that 88 and 89 wanted is lying right at my feet…?"

Rose struggled to fight the blackness that seemed to be gripping hold of her, but it was too hard. The last thing Rose heard before she lost consciousness was the sound of her sister's laughter.



Back at Rose's apartment, Jake was still looking at the picture while Rose's mother and the others tried to think about how this fit in.

"Wait!" Jake snapped. "It was just Daisy before I wished that the Huntsclan had never taken Rose, right? What if Daisy somehow knew about the alternate universe?"

"That's not possible!" Haley argued. "What does that have to do with anything, anyway?"

"I'm just saying, do you think it's possible that Daisy faked her own kidnapping?" Jake asked.

"Not possible!" Sun said. "Why would she have anything against her sister?"

"I don't know…" Jake replied. "But as of right now, it's the only hunch I have."

"Young man…" Rose's mother scorned. "How dare you suggest that my daughter would set a trap for her own sister? Daisy would never do such a thing!"

"Well, what about Chang, gramps?" Jake argued. "Did it make any sense? Did you see it coming?"

"No, I didn't." Lao-Shi started to get the idea. "As terrible as it sounds, I have a feeling that Jake may be onto something."

"Yeah." Haley agreed. "Maybe Jake is right."


Back at the shack, Daisy was shackling her sister to the wall. She had already managed to get one cuff around Rose's wrist, and now she was getting the second one. Rose yelped in surprise at the coldness and the pinching as the second cuff was locked, but her head was still too groggy for her to fight back. As Daisy started to walk away, Rose looked up at the chains holding her hands against the wall and realized that she was in trouble.

Shaking away the grogginess, Rose struggled to shout at her sister: "Why are you doing this? I thought we were sisters; best friends!"

"Why? Why?!" Daisy turned around, amused but angry at the same time. "Oh, we were friends, sis. But let's just say that there was a time without you in my life. That's right Rose, I know all about your life as Huntsgirl."

"How?" was all that Rose could say.

"Well, a couple of days ago, I was cleaning my room and what did I come across?" Daisy smiled. "A picture of my 8th birthday, and one without you in it at that. It was then that everything came back to me. I remembered a time when I was the only child and everything revolved around me. All of a sudden, I really hated sharing absolutely EVERYTHING with you. And then one day, I came across two boys being attacked by some kind of munchkin with an Irish accent and green clothing. After I handed his butt to him, I realized that the boys hated you and wanted you out of the way. Well, what can I say? We plotted and this is how it all came out."

Suddenly, a door opened and 88 and 89 walked in. They were looking quite pleased with themselves.

"Well, look-y at who's here…" 89 smiled. "Our dearest of friends: the Huntsgirl."

"You did well." 88 said to Daisy. Daisy smiled and turned her back on her sister and joined the two hunters. The pain that Rose felt in her chest soon faded and was replaced with rage at her sister's greed and envy. Ignoring the pain in her head, Rose forced herself up off of her knees and onto her feet. Growling, Rose forced herself at her captors as far as her restraints would allow her.

"Oh can it, Rosie." Daisy bent over and picked up her sister's staff and ignited it with glowing green plasma. "It will all be over soon enough…"

Rose's heart started to pound as she felt the heat of the glowing plasma get closer and closer to her. Shutting her eyes, Rose prepared for the pain and ultimately the death that would follow…

However, it never came. Rose's eyes shot open as she heard a smash. As the dust cleared, Rose could see the dragon forms of Jake, Haley, Lao-Shi, Sun, Kulde and Andam. Also there, were both of Rose's parents.

"Jake!" Rose cried happily.

Daisy growled as she turned to face her sister one more, but before she could deliver the final blow, Jake's tail slapped her hand, causing the staff to fall to the floor. As Daisy clutched her hand while grumbling in pain, Jake slammed his tail into her chest, sending her skidding and rolling across the floor.

Rose turned her head away from her sister as she felt someone tugging at her chains. Rose could see her mother gripping the chains and pulling at them.

"Don't worry, Rose." She said to really no one in particular. "We'll get you out of this."

"Honey!" Rose's father tried to reason. "Stop wasting your time; the only way to get her free is to have a key. Just help me look, there has to be one somewhere."

"I have and idea…" a dragon Jake appeared by Rose's mother's side. "Why don't you step aside and let a dragon do his job?" The parent stepped aside and allowed Jake to grab the chains. With one swipe of his claws, the chains were sliced and Rose was free. Rose immediately tried to join the fight, but Jake still wasn't done. He grabbed hold of one of the shackles and broke it off with his strength. As Jake did the same with the other shackle, Rose watched Sun battle her sister out of the corner of her eye. Sun threw both her fists at Daisy, but the teen caught both of them and the kneed her. Daisy then lifted sun up and hurled her to the floor with a loud crack. Sun grunted, before lying still.

"Sun!" came Haley's saddened and worried shout. By the time the second shackle had been broken off, Rose had seen a flash of pink slam into Daisy. Daisy doubled over and hit the wall, knocking her senseless.

By the time Rose stood, she could see both 88 and 89 angrily charging their staffs. 88 angrily charged at his enemy.

"DIE!!!" 88 roared. However, with a battle cry, Rose jumped up and planted her foot in 88's face, slamming the hunter onto his back. 89 then proceeded to charge at Rose with a maniacal, yet foolish laugh. Rose prepared to fight, but Jake wrapped his tail around the hunter's torso and lifted him up off of his feet.

"Don't ever threaten my lady again, ya got it?!" Jake roared before he threw 89 away and into 88 just as he was starting to stand up after Rose's attack. Both boys were thrown into the air with such force, that when they hit the wall of the shack, it gave way sending the two screaming boys out and splashing into the dark water of the sea that was next to the shack.

"It's over." Rose's mother smiled as she ran over and embraced her daughter as Haley struggled to drag her unconscious dragon master over to the rest of the group.

"What about Daisy, though?" Rose's father asked. "What's going to happen to her now?"

"I'm sorry, sir." Andam frowned. "But we have no choice but to have her arrested. She must be put away before she can cause any more harm."

Rose frowned; she was about to turn to face her fallen sister, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Daisy slowly rise. Her eyes filled with rage as she grabbed a hunts-bomb from a wooden box.

"You'll never catch me!" Daisy roared as she ripped the wire from it and tossed it at the dragons. Thinking quickly, Councilor Kulde rose and hit it back with his tail. The bomb bounced and rolled before it reached Daisy's feet.

"Oh, sh…" BOOM! The bomb exploded, and Daisy's form disappeared in the flames. Jake and the other dragons grabbed their allies and shielded them with their wings as the force of the explosion caused some beams and other parts of the shack to collapse.

As soon as the dust cleared, both Rose and her mother pulled free from the dragon's grips and looked at the corner where Daisy once stood. She was gone; if the explosion didn't kill her, then the falling debris, which there was now a pile of where Daisy had once stood must've.

"NO!" Rose shouted. She turned with a look of rage at Kulde. Running at the dragon, she pounded her fists against his chest.


In all her pounding and hysterical sobbing, Rose froze as she felt Jake wrap his arms around her before he pulled her into a tight dragon hug.

"I'm so sorry, Rose." His voice was also filled with sadness. Looking up, Rose could see that tears were forming in his eyes as well.


By the time the Long family as well as Spud, Trixie and Sun Park, who had one of her arms in a splint, were at the airport, it was pouring rain. As he stood underneath his father's umbrella, he became ashamed that he was leaving now. After the death of her sister, Rose would need him more now than ever. Jake suddenly jumped as Lao-Shi put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay, Jake." Lao-Shi assured him. "I know I never was all too supportive of your feelings for Rose and I was never too fond of the girl, but now I see how strong she really is. She'll be okay."

Jake still wasn't convinced. He still continued to be lost in his own thoughts, until he heard Fu's angry ranting as Haley walked onto the plane with the dog in a crate.

"Oh come on!" Fu pouted. "Is this any way to treat man's best friend?"

It was then that it happened. A taxi pulled up and out of the car, Rose and her family emerged carrying suitcases and other belongings. As she approached Jake, Rose wrapped her arms around him.

"Rose, what are you doing here?" Jake asked.

"We're coming back to New York with you." Rose replied.

"What?" Jake exclaimed. "What about your dad's job?"

"I quit the job." Rose's dad sighed. "Hong Kong holds too many painful memories. We can't live in the city where our daughter died."

"Besides…" Rose's mom added. "Rose needs you."

The group then proceeded to walk over to the ramp and board the plane. They were going back to New York, the place where Rose was meant to be.


The shack where the battle had taken place had taken a great beating by the explosion Daisy had caused. The rain continued to dampen the structure. However, a rustling came from one of the piles of debris. After a beat, the arm of Daisy emerged from the pile.


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