American Dragon Season Three

Chapter/Episode 20: Forever Am Drag Part 2

The door to Chang's warehouse lair slammed open as Mrs. Jennings stepped in. Mrs. Jennings closed the door and turned to see Chang glaring at her. "Well, did you do it?" Chang demanded. "Are the humans now nothing more than mindless slaves bowing down in the streets?"

"Well…no." Mrs. Jennings answered, worried about how her mother would react.

"What do you mean?" Chang was getting angry.

"My daughter got in my way…" Jennings held out the staff. Chang roared as she grabbed the staff. "But master, it is not a total loss. We can still enslave the humans…even though they seemed to think that I was crazy…"

"You have done enough!" Chang shouted, pointing the purple staff at her daughter. "Because of you, I fear that we have lost our chance!"

"No…no!" Mrs. Jennings replied. "We can still succeed! Just give me another chance! The humans will be nothing more than putty in our claws! Please, just give me another chance! I can succeed!"

"You better…" Chang lowered the purple staff. "Or you will face my wrath…"



As soon as her daughter had left, Chang angrily swung the staff around, releasing a cloud a steam. Out of the mist came a purple dragon, which fell to the stone cold floor on her side, groaning in pain. Holly suddenly looked up as a chuckling Chang approached her.

"It was a valiant effort, Holly…" Chang mocked. "But your attempt to stop my plans didn't work. And even if your mother fails to enslave the human race, I will quickly dispose of her and do it myself…"

"I won't let you, Chang!" Holly weakly tried to stand to fight, but Chang easily lifted off her feet and slammed into the younger dragon with her tail. The younger purple dragon reeled back and fell to the floor. Chang quickly grabbed her and dragged her to a door, opening it and tossing her down a flight of stairs.

Chang swooped up and flew down the flight of stairs and landed, reverting to human form right where her groaning granddaughter was lying. Lao-Shi, Haley, Jake's parents and Sun all glared at Chang. Holly had been taken to the prison of Jake and Rose's family.

There was suddenly a snort as Dylan Anderson's eyes opened widely. He shook his head, realizing that he fell asleep while he was supposed to be watching the prisoners. "Wha…what happened?" he asked groggily.

Chang grinned evilly. "Hook her up along with the others…" Chang laughed as she turned to walk up the stairs. From behind her, Anderson growled with rage as his medallion glowed, resulting in his claws tripling in length. Anderson was about to attack her, but Chang turned around once more, forcing Anderson to revert his claws back to normal size. "Oh, and if I see that you have fallen asleep again, I will chain you up with these prisoners."

As soon as Chang had left, a scowling Anderson grabbed hold of a metal collar that had a chain attached to it. He walked over to Holly, only to see that she had a smug grin on her face.

"What are you grinning at?" Anderson demanded, grabbing Holly by her hair once more as he applied the collar around her neck.

"You've been demoted, haven't you?" Holly's grin did not fade away, even with her new restraints.

"You can grin all you want, prisoner…" Anderson growled. "But in the end, I will be the one grinning when Chang slays you all!"

As Anderson turned his back and sat back down on his stool, Holly's grin faded as she grabbed her chains with her good hand and gave them a good tug.

"It is no use, Holly…" Lao-Shi whispered. "Chang has made sure that these chains have been enforced with Sphinx hair. No dragon on Earth can break them."

"Are you saying that this is the end, Grandpa?" Haley asked.

"But what about Jake?" Susan asked.

"That's right!" Jonathan smiled. "Jake is still out there!"

"He's alive?" Sun asked. "But Chang…"

"He's alive…" Holly responded. "And he'll save the day…just like the American Dragon always does…"


Meanwhile, back at the Long residence, both Jake and Rose were forced to dodge the plasma shots that Daisy was firing from her pistol. Jake swooped into the air and managed to dodge the shots with various maneuvers.

Growling, Daisy pointed the gun at her sister, as Rose charged at her. A blast of green plasma exited from the barrel and was on a collision course with Rose's chest. With a ninja cry, Rose leapt into the air, aiming herself so that she would slam into and capture her sister.

However, this didn't go as well as Rose had hoped. As Rose landed, clutching her staff, Daisy jumped back and grinned as she pointed the gun right at Rose's head. Before Daisy could pull the trigger, Jake's tail wrapped around her ankle; flying up into the air, Jake looked down to see Daisy dangling helplessly with the gun lying on the ground.

"Gotcha, Daisy!" Jake grinned, but he soon grunted in pain as Daisy slammed her free foot into his jaw. Jake immediately let go of Daisy, and she landed on all fours on the ground. Just as Daisy got her hand around her gun, she was kicked to the side as Rose slammed into her.

Daisy landed on her back, with Rose's boot pressed down on her stomach. The gun was just a couple inches out of Daisy's reach. Daisy turned her head and tried her best to reach it, but a now human Jake kicked it even more out of her reach.

"It's over, Daisy!" Rose spoke. "We've defeated you!"

"Yeah, now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Jake grinned. "Let's go, Rose! We can deliver her to the Dragon Council."

"No, Jake…" Rose replied. "Not anymore. Daisy, please listen to me! You need to let go of your desire to destroy us. Daisy, you're my sister and I love you."

"I hate you!" Daisy shouted.

"Daisy, just think for one minute! Can you do that?" Rose gritted her teeth. "How did you honestly believe this was going to turn out? Did you think that once Jake and I had destroyed each other, Chang would just let Mom and Dad go and allow you to live happily ever after with them?"

Daisy said nothing; her deadly glare starting to fade.

"Rose is right…" Jake spoke up. "Chang wouldn't let them go. She will always go back on her word!"

"She's going to slay them anyway, Daisy." Rose pleaded. "Is that what you want? I don't think it is…"

Daisy's deadly and hateful glare was now completely gone, and in its place were big and fearful eyes.

"Our parents will be slain…" Rose took her foot off of Daisy and extended her hand for her sister to take. "Unless we do something; unless we put aside our differences and stop her."

Daisy just stared blankly up at her sister, apparently thinking about what her sister had told her. Finally, after a moment, Daisy slowly reached up and took her sister's hand. Rose backed up as Daisy stood up. Daisy looked down for a moment before rushing up and grabbing her sister, wrapping her up in a big hug.

"I'm sorry, Rosie!" Daisy moaned quietly. "Please forgive me!"

"I forgive you, sis…" Rose replied quietly, freeing her arms and returning the hug. "But unfortunately, I don't think we have time to make up right now." Daisy slowly let go of her sister as Jake transformed into a dragon.

"I do believe that we have a wicked witch to take down!" Jake grinned.

Rose smiled as she ran up and agilely leapt onto Jake's back. "Wait…" Daisy asked. "Where am I supposed to sit?"


Daisy let out a shriek of terror as Jake flew high in the air. While Rose sat on her boyfriend's back, Daisy was dangling; the only thing keeping her from falling was that Jake was holding onto her arms by his claws.

"You're not going to let go of me, are you?" Daisy asked, panicking.

"Relax babe…" Jake smiled. "The Am Drag would never let anything bad happen to his lady's sister…"


"Holly?" TJ asked, walking around the area of Draco Island. "Holly, where are you?" he demanded, but could find no sign of her.

Finally, he decided to check the last place he has seen his sister: in the infirmary. Poking his head in through the door, TJ could see Nerk sitting alone.

"Fred, have you seen my sister?"

"She said she was going to go out for a flight." Nerk replied without bringing his head up to face the other dragon. "You know, to clear her mind…"

"Oh no…" TJ rushed out of the room and quickly transformed into a dragon; flying off into the air.


As the unsuspecting humans walked or drove to work, Mrs. Jennings once again went unnoticed as she flew to the building of the roof in dragon form. Reverting to her human form, she held onto Chang's staff, Mrs. Jennings was about to point the staff down at the humans, but she turned when she heard the flapping of wings and felt a presence behind her.

"Oh, hello Teddy…"

"Where is Holly?" TJ asked, preparing to fight. "What have you done with her?"



Finally, after flying for who knew how long, Jake and his companions finally spotted the Island of Draco. "There it is!" Rose shouted.

"Thank god!" Daisy sighed as Jake got closer and closer to the island. Finally, Jake landed, letting go of Daisy and with Rose jumping off of his back, Jake returned to his human form. Just seconds later, the Council members walked out to greet them.

"Welcome, Dragon Long…" Kulde said. "You should be quite pleased to know that we are almost done gathering an army."

"And we see that you have once again captured your sister…" Andam added, looking right at Daisy. Snapping his fingers, two dragon guards ran out and quickly grabbed onto Daisy, who now looked scared.

"No!" Rose begged. "Please, don't punish her! Give her a chance to redeem herself!"

"Are you insane?" Kulde nearly exploded. "Do you know how much trouble she has caused?"

Rose frowned as she walked over to the Councilors. As soon as she reached them, she calmly held out her hands in front of her and put them together, as if she expected them to be shackled. "If you imprison her, then you have to imprison me for the crimes I committed as a Huntsclan member." She spoke, calmly and coldly.


Moments later, Rose and Jake sat together in the main hall, where Councilors Andam and Kulde were seated at a large desk. Andam rose from his seat and pressed a button, opening a door in the wall, revealing a large screen. A moment later, a huge map appeared on the screen.

"Whoa…" Jake was impressed. "I never saw that before!"

"Alright Daisy…" Andam sighed. "Show us where Chang's hideout is." Nervous and trembling, Daisy walked up and cut down the desk, stopping directly in front of the large screen. Daisy nervously turned and made eye contact with her sister; Rose nodding. Turning her head back around, Daisy lifted her arm and pointed at an image of a large building that was cut off from the city.

"There…" Daisy spoke. "That is where she is holding them…"

Jake immediately shot up from where he was sitting. "I'll go." He declared. "I'm going to go try and sneak in there."

"I'll go with you." Rose volunteered.

"No, Rose." Jake looked directly into her eyes. "It's too dangerous. I've almost lost you too many times. You stay here for now and meet up with the army. Once you have met up with all of them, meet me at the lair. We'll take Chang down."

Rose nodded. "Okay, Jake."

"DRAGON UP!" Jake shouted, transforming into a powerful red dragon after being engulfed by blue light. Lifting off his feet, Jake flew out of the building and into the sky.


"Where…is…Holly?" TJ demanded, his voice shaking with rage.

"I'm afraid it doesn't matter, Teddy…" his mother taunted. "Because it just so happens that I will be slaying you in a very short while. But don't worry, you'll see her again…in the afterlife!"

Mrs. Jennings laughed evilly, relishing in the pain this caused her son. Roaring, TJ shot up and attempted to attack, but Mrs. Jennings rose into the air and slammed into him with her tail. TJ slammed against the ground, dazed. Grinning, Mrs. Jennings dropped a length of chains from her claws. Laughing evilly, Mrs. Jennings threw the chains at her son in an attempt to capture him once more.

TJ rose to his feet and let loose a torrent of fire, engulfing the magical chains. Over heated, the chains exploded into millions of pieces. With his mother completely shocked, TJ rammed into his mother, sending the female dragon flying over the ledge and into the window of the building across, shattering the window.

Believing the threat to be gone, TJ bent over a picked up Chang's staff. However, Mrs. Jennings looked out of the window; and with a roar of rage, leapt out. She arrived by her son's side in a matter of seconds, grabbing his ankle with her tail, making him lose his balance. TJ went over the ledge, and Mrs. Jennings grabbed the staff as she heard a thud.

Looking down, Mrs. Jennings grinned as she saw her son's mangled dragon form sprawled out on the cement, as horrified humans screamed over the sight of a dragon. With a roar of victory, Mrs. Jennings aimed Chang's staff at all of the humans and pinned them to the ground with violet strips as she transformed into her dragon form.

Shooting up into the air, she yelled: "Pathetic human race, you are no longer fit to be the dominate species! Behold your new masters! You'll find that your new life as slaves will be more fitting!" Laughing, Mrs. Jennings flew off.


Meanwhile, Jake looked down on the building that Daisy had said was Chang's lair. Jake stopped for a moment to think about how to get in. Perhaps he could just barge in a fight Chang and win. No, he couldn't do that. There had to be a way that he could sneak in. Flying around in an attempt to scope out the lair, Jake soon found a small vent. Reverting back to his human form, Jake went over to the vent, pealed back the cover and crawled inside.

After several moments of crawling, Jake found himself at a crate; looking down, he could see his evil doppelganger sitting on the floor, scratching into the wall with his claws. Suddenly, Jake could hear footsteps, and a second later, Chang approached the double.

"What are you doing just sitting around?" Chang demanded.

"I've completed my mission…" Yang Jake shot up. "The stupid twin is making sure that my original and his stupid girlfriend are destroying each other! What else would you have me do?"

"You think you have nothing to do?" Chang asked dangerously. "Well then, I guess you wouldn't mind if I destroyed you, then?"

However, before Chang could do anything, Jake could hear the door to the warehouse open, and a second later, Jake recognized Holly's mother approaching them. "Well?" Chang demanded.

"They are all yours…" Mrs. Jennings grinned. "And the best part is, I didn't have to do anything…my son did all the work."

"Your stupid children are getting in the way too often!" Chang growled.

"It makes no difference!" Jennings replied. "Holly is waiting for her execution here, and my son has fallen. The human race is ready for you to take control of them…not that they have much of a choice…"

"Excellent…" Chang laughed. "The second the twin returns, I will put her in chains before forcing the others into labor!"

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news…" Yang Jake suddenly spoke. "But it seems that we have company…"

Yang Jake suddenly transformed into a red dragon as he looked up at the vent. Jake's heart sank; his doppelganger had made eye contact with him. Laughing, the evil doppelganger flew up and put one of his claws through the crate, grabbing Jake by the neck and dragging him down. With a yell, Jake fell and slammed against the ground hard.

Before Jake could even react, Chang's held the tip of her staff to his throat. "How nice of you to drop in, Jake…" she grinned.



Back on the streets, the restrained humans screamed in terror at the sight of the dragon lying in front of them. Several of the enslaved people looked up as they saw two more dragons swooping down. A purple dragon and a violet dragon with grey hair and some kind of mark on the chest reverted down into human forms.

"Oh no…" Andam went over to the dragon lying on the ground and bent down and lifted up TJ's chin. Frowning, Andam took his fingers away as the dragon's head rolled to the sidewalk once more. Andam rose to his feet and shook his head sadly.

"Councilor Andam…look!" Kulde suddenly pointed, and Andam turned his head to see a bunch of humans gathering in a crowd, each mumbling in awe. Suddenly, a young boy pushed some of the crowd away. Andam gasped as the child approached him and brought his hand up, touching the dragon's stomach. And then, the child smiled—a big and sincere smile. And soon after, the crowd started to clap and cheer; the dragons could hear comments such as "I always knew dragons were real!" and "Rad!"

"Councilor…" Andam spoke after a moment. "Release the humans."

"What?" Kulde asked. "You can't be serious!"

"I am…" Andam replied, looking at the crowd. "Perhaps we were wrong…wrong to separate our species from theirs…"


A large wooden door swung open as Jake was thrown in, where he rolled down the flight of stairs, before landing at the feet of Dylan Anderson.

"Lock him up!" Anderson looked up as Chang shouted down to him. Jake managed to look up just in time to see the door close as he felt cold metal close around his neck. Jake then heard laughing as Anderson yanked Jake over to where the rest of the prisoners were being held.

"Jake, no!" Lao-Shi whispered.

"You guys have fun…" Anderson chuckled as he went back over to his seat and sat down.

"Kid, how could you just allow yourself to get captured?" Fu demanded. "Were you thinking properly?"

"Don't be too hard on him…" came Sun's voice. "He was just trying to help…"

"Sun, you're here." Jake was shocked. "How long have you been down here?"

"I've lost track of the days…" Sun muttered weakly. "Unfortunately, I fear that it is my fault that you are all here…

"What are you talking about?" Holly asked. "How can this possibly be your fault?"

Sun suddenly shut her eyes and clenched her teeth; as if she was reliving a painfully memory:

Sun Park was in dragon form, lying on the floor. Her hands were behind her, locked in place with metal shackles and she had bad bruises and deep cuts all over her body. Sun squirmed a little against her shackles, even though it was fairy agonizing. However, she soon stopped as the door opened and a dragon Chang flew down to greet her, clutching a sharp dagger in her claws.

"I see that my minion has treated you well…" Chang smiled. "Now, are you ready to cooperate?"

"You're going to have to slay me Chang!" Sun spat. "I'm not telling you what you want!"

Chang grinned as she grabbed Sun by the arm and forced her to her knees. Chang's grin widened as she pressed the blade to her throat. "Do you honestly think you are in any position to not be obeying my commands, Sun Park?"

"Jake and Haley will stop you…" Sun just glared at her captor.

Chang let out a loud cackle. "Stop me?! Dragon Long is as good as slain! In fact, he is meeting his fate as we speak—at the hands of the Dragon Kings." Sun's eyes widened. "You will tell me about my granddaughter and her ally's weaknesses. Because if you don't, I will track them down and slay each and every one of them; if you want them to have any chance of not being destroyed by my claws, you will tell me what I want to hear!"

Sun's look of horror seemed to grow even more. She was truly trapped…

Back in the present, Sun looked down, having told everyone what she did. "You told her?" Jake asked, shocked.

"I am sorry." Sun apologized. "But if there was any possibility that Chang wouldn't destroy you all, I didn't want to ruin it."

"Would you shut up?" Anderson suddenly roared as he shot up from where he was sitting. "I thought I told you not to speak!" he continued to growl as he approached them.

"Well actually, you never told us…" Jonathan replied, but he soon stopped.

"Your arrogance will cost you your life!" Anderson growled; as one of his hands grabbed the medallion, it started to glow and his claws started to spark with electricity.

However, before Anderson could attack, there was an explosion as the wall was blasted to pieces. When the dust cleared, Rose stood with her staff, ready to fight; approaching beside her were Daisy, Trixie, Spud, his wizard instructor, Nerk, General Crabbarc, his shrimp shoulders, Councilor Kulde and Councilor Andam.

Anderson quickly recovered from the shock and he pointed his claws as Rose, just as electricity shot out. Thinking quickly, Haley shot up into the air as high as her collar would allow and shot a large fireball at her brother's girlfriend's attacker. As the electricity hit the fireball, the fireball soon evaporated into thin air and the electricity rebounded on its caster. Anderson's eyes widened for a split second before his own attack hit him. As the electricity coursed through his body, Anderson's long hair stood up on end and he let out a howl of pain. The electricity shot down to his medallion, shattering the chain and burning the medallion to a blackened state. With a final yell, Anderson was thrown a couple feet backwards where he landed to the cold floor, groaning in pain. His charred medallion hit the ground, being reduced to a pile of ash upon impact.

"Jake!" Rose called as she ran over to her boyfriend. As Rose used the blade of her staff to snap open the collar, Spud and his instructor used a spell on the collars of Jake's parents. Haley's collar also fell away as the shrimp army hacked it away. Spud then walked over to Holly. "Don't move…" Spud said as he cast the spell and the collar fell away. Nerk then walked over to Sun and slashed away the shackles. "Can you get up, Dragon Park?" Nerk asked.

"I'll help her." Trixie volunteered as she walked over and helped Sun stand; it was then that Haley and the others could see just how seriously Sun was injured. "You…" Andam said to Trixie. "Watch over Dragon Park and Dragon Jennings. They are both injured."

"Doctor Trixie Carter, at you service!" Trixie responded.

Meanwhile, Daisy rushed over to her still unconscious parents and started to shake her father. "Dad…" she spoke. "Daddy, c'mon! You need to wake up!" Rose, on the other hand, walked over to her mother and used her staff to free her from the collar before going over to her father and freeing him as well. As soon as the collars fell away, both groaned as their eyes opened. "Daisy?" her father groaned.

"Daddy, I'm sorry!" Daisy quickly grabbed her father in a hug. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry for what I did! Please forgive me!" Her father looked down in shock at his daughter who had him in a tight hug as tears formed in her eyes. This helped her father make up his mind. "I forgive you, honey." Smiling, her mother made her way over and got in on the hug as well.

"We must hurry." Andam spoke up. "We must strike while we still have the element of surprise."

"But Councilors…" Holly asked; sitting beside Sun. "Where is my brother? I thought he would be here…"

"Your brother has been slain." Andam replied. "He fell while fighting your mother. He was looking for you."

"No…" These were the only words that could make it out of Holly's mouth.

"We are sorry…" Kulde added as Nerk re-entered the room carrying a large satchel. Dropping it to the floor, everyone could see that there were several weapons from the Huntsclan inside.

"Yo, Rose…" Jake was shocked.

"We went to the old Huntslair…" Rose smiled. "You'd be amazed at how many different kinds of weapons we had. Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Long…there is one for each of you. Chances are, you'll need them."

All the parents nodded and each pulled out something out of the bag: Jonathan pulled out a small dagger that was glowing green; Susan took a bow with glowing arrows; Rose's father took a smaller version of Rose's staff and her mother took a glowing green pair of num-chucks. Rose looked to see that her sister was cocking her plasma firing gun. "Let's do this…"


The door leading to the prison was smashed to pieces as Jake's dragon tail slammed into it; the American Dragon and Rose landing on the ground, both prepared to fight; followed by each one of the warriors, ready to fight.

However, Jake's cocky grin faded as he stared at Mrs. Jennings, who was grinning as she stood in front of a whole bunch of Changs; all in dragon form. "Whoa…" Spud muttered. "That's a lot of doppelgangers…"

Jennings grinned as she brought her claws forward, ordering the clones to attack. Each of the clones shot up into the air ready to attack. "CHARGE!" The large crab general shouted, sending his shrimp army to attack. The doppelganger let loose a blast of fire, quickly incinerating the army. The cackling doppelganger landed, and the general lowered his weapon; preparing to meet his end.

However, it never came. Before the doppelganger could roast him, the doppelganger was felled as a green blast made its way to its chest. The doppelganger disappeared in a flash of blue light as Rose landed right in front of it. "Thank-you, Huntsgirl…" the general said respectfully.

"Don't mention i…" Rose started, but she let out a yell as she was cut off and lifted into the air as a dragon Yang Jake grabbed onto her with his claws. Laughing evilly, Yang Jake let go of her and hurled her backwards. Rose let out a yell as she went flying up into the air and crashing through a high window.

"Rose!" Jake called out in horror; having seen this happening during his fight with a doppelganger of Chang; Jake tried to pull away, but the clone grabbed his wrist and threw him to the floor. Jake thought quickly and blasted the clone into a blue light with a torrent of fire.

Meanwhile, while Nerk, Lao-Shi, Haley, Councilor Andam and Councilor Kulde hovered in the air blasting the doppelgangers with their fire and while Spud and his master stood back to back hitting the clones with spells, Jonathan stood by his wife as she destroyed them with countless arrows. Jonathan looked uncertainly at the dagger in his hand before glancing up to see Daisy fighting beside her parents and Fu Dog jumping up and biting at the doppelgangers.

Finally, Jonathan saw a Chang clone that was about to swoop at his son. "Nobody messes with my son…" Jonathan growled to himself as he ran up to the dragon. Jonathan roared as he tried to strike, but the clone turned its head and stared into his eyes as it grabbed him and threw him down, the dagger sliding across the floor.


Yang Jake laughed as he peered out the window. He hoped to see the Huntsgirl lying in a mangled heap on the ground; but to his shock, there was no sign of her. "What?" he demanded, flying outside to really take a look; however, it was then that Rose attacked.

Jumping from the roof of the warehouse, Rose landed on his back, digging her boots into his sides and pulling his hair, making the evil clone swerve out of control.

As Rose noticed that the doppelganger was swerving over the roof, Rose leapt off, flipping in the air and landing safely on her feet on the roof. Moments later, Yang Jake came crashing down, his head smashing into the roof.

Meanwhile, down below, Jonathan Long gulped as the Chang doppelganger blew out a fireball into her claws. However, a large chunk of the ceiling suddenly came down, destroying the doppelganger in a blue light. "Yeah!" Jonathan grinned. "Take that, Changelganger!"


Meanwhile, watching this, Mrs. Jennings seemed to realize that the doppelgangers were no match for the army. Turning away, Mrs. Jennings was about to fly away, but she suddenly heard a click coming from behind her. From behind her stood Daisy, who was holding her plasma gun with both of her hands.

"You're not going anywhere…" Daisy spoke.

Mrs. Jennings' eyes narrowed and she let out a large evil grin as she lifted off her feet and slammed her tail into Daisy. Daisy dropped her gun as she was thrown from her feet; flying back through the prison cell door and down the stairs.


Yang Jake growled as he lifted his head from the giant hole in the ceiling. "You'll pay for that, you stupid…" he started but he was cut off as Rose jumped up, wrapping her feet around his neck before twirling herself, slamming Yang Jake to the roof, hard. However, as he fell, Yang Jake was able to grab onto her wrist.

Rose gasped in shock as Yang Jake rose, pulling her arm behind her back and forcing her down to her knees. With his other hand, he brought a claw to her neck. "Shh, shh…" Yang Jake grinned. "Don't worry…it won't hurt…It will be over before you know it."

Rose struggled briefly, but it only caused the evil doppelganger to pull harder on her arm. Rose stopped struggling and she looked down as Yang Jake brought his claw closer and closer to her throat. Thinking quickly, Rose forced her head backwards, slamming into Yang Jake's face. As the evil doppelganger roared in pain, Rose yanked herself free and flipped away, reaching behind her back and grabbing the staff that was strung over.

When Yang Jake finally got over the pain and looked up, he could see Rose pointing her glowing green staff right at him. Yang Jake simply growled at her as she fired the blast, hitting him and sending him flying backwards and into the world of unconsciousness.


Mrs. Jennings swooped in through the door and down the stairs before she landed right behind the groaning Daisy. Laughing, Mrs. Jennings grabbed her by the hair and forced her into a sitting position. Mrs. Jennings was just about to swipe at her victim's throat, but a steel collar suddenly snapped shut around her throat.

Her eyes widening, Mrs. Jennings let out a yell as she was pulled backwards and slammed against the pole that held Sun. "That's for my brother!" Holly growled as she slammed her tail over her mother's head, knocking her unconscious as Trixie tied the chain above her and around the pole.

Satisfied that her mother was secured, Holly rushed over to Daisy and helped her to her feet. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"You care?" Daisy was rather surprised.

"Why wouldn't I?" Holly asked. "You're on our side now…"


Back on the roof, Rose finished wrapping the chains around a now human, yet still unconscious Yang Jake; binding him to the chimney. Smiling victoriously, Rose stepped away and stared at her handy work.


Back down below, Trixie entered up the steps, helping Sun keep her balance, while Holly and Daisy followed. "Daisy, are you okay!" her mother rushed over to her daughter and gave her a big hug.

"I'm fine, mom…"

"So, I take it that we won…"Trixie looked around, seeing everyone standing unharmed.

"It appears so…" Lao-Shi responded.

"There's just one thing I just don't get…" Jake spoke up. "If we were fighting Chang's clones…then where is the original Chang?"

As these words left his mouth, Jake was suddenly thrown backwards as two velvet strips hit him. Jake slammed against the ground and struggled against his restraints as Chang swooped down; her tail snagging Daisy's gun and pointing it at the army as she brought her foot up, ready to step on Jake's head.

"Councilors, does this remind you of anything?" Chang sneered, and Jake could hear some gasps coming from the others. "It was you…" Andam growled.

"Well of course…" Chang grinned. "And you thought it was Jake's little hunter…" Chang then turned her head and lifted her foot even more. "And then you thought it was those two buffoons and that they framed her…"

"You don't have to do this, Chang!" Lao-Shi pleaded.

"Name your demands!" Andam added. "We can make them happen. What do you want from us?"

"I have what I want!" Chang shouted. "And I will slay each and every single one of you once I'm done with Dragon Long! Well Jake, any last words…"

Then, out of the corner of Jake's eye, he could see Rose swing in from the window. Then, Jake could hear her scream: "NO!" The next thing he knew, Rose was leaping through the air, her staff being pulled out from its holder on her back. Jake then heard a sickening thud as Rose landed on the ground and the blade of her staff made contact with the back of Chang's left ear.

Chang's eyes widened in shock as she twitched once or twice, and finally, Chang fell face first to the floor, never to rise again.

Jake then turned his head to look at Rose's smiling face as she pulled him up and hugged him tightly. However, Jake let go when he saw the extremely angered Dragon Council approaching him. Rose turned to face them after she realized why Jake had let go of her.

"What have you done?" Kulde demanded.

"I just saved Jake." Rose responded. "I thought that was a good thing! Is there something wrong with me saving him?"

"As a matter of fact, there is…" Andam replied. "Are you aware that your actions were a violation of your pledge to the Dragon Order?"

Rose's eyes widened as Andam and Kulde were now right in front of her, Kulde raising his claw in order to bring it down. "We are afraid that you leave us with no other choice, Huntsgirl…"

When Jake saw that the Councilors were about to slay Rose, he immediately shot up, pushing Rose safely out of the way as he shot out a ball of fire from his mouth. The ball of fire hit the ground and caused an explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Andam and Kulde were lying on the ground, in their dragon forms; both were out cold. "Kid…" Fu's voice came. "What did you just do?"

"You attacked the Dragon Council!" Haley was shocked.

"I don't care!" Jake stated darkly as he reached down and offered Rose his hand. Rose accepted his hand and got to her feet. "Thanks, Jake…" Rose smiled at him.

"Jake, the Council will not be pleased." Lao-Shi said. "They will without a doubt try you for treason."

"I know, Gramps…" Jake lowered his head, but then he lifted it again and stared at his sister. "That is why I have to go…and that is why it is Haley's time."

"What?" Haley was surprised. "Me--the new American Dragon? Now?"

"Yes, Hales…" Jake smiled at her.

"But what about you…?" Holly asked. "The Magical World needs you!"

"And I'll be there…" Jake smiled. "Haley may succeed me as the American Dragon, but there is still only one Am Drag."

"Wait, so you're leaving?" Rose's father asked. "But…"

"But…" Rose's mother just cut her husband off, smiling lightly. "…just take care of our daughter…"

"What? Really?" Rose asked, breaking out in a smile. "You mean it?"

"I think we were a little too hard on you, Rose…" her father said. "If this has taught us anything, it is that you are responsible enough and that Jake is reliable enough. We trust you…"

"You're my sis…" Daisy added. "I've seen you fight. You really can fend for yourself."

The unconscious councilors started to groan and turn. "Jake, you should get going!" Lao-Shi advised.

"We're proud of you, Jake." Susan smiled.

"Yeah, go get 'em, son!" Jonathan concurred.

Jake nodded as he scooped Rose into his arms, and after one last look at his family and friends, took off into the air and out of the warehouse.

As soon as they had left, Trixie groaned as Spud burst into tears and grabbed onto her in order to be comforted. "Yo Spud!" Trixie shot. "I did not hear myself asking for my shirt to be washed!

"I'm sorry…" Spud muttered. "I just miss them so much already!"

"I wouldn't worry too much about that…" Sun replied. "Like Jake said, there really is only one 'Am Drag'. He'll never be gone."


As Jake and Rose flew off into the night, Jake looked down to see Rose's smile. However, they were both brought out of their romantic stares as they both noticed a crowd of several people, carrying candles and other lights as well as signs, one of which read "DRAGONS 4 EVER!"

"Yo, they know…" Jake was shocked. "…and, they're cool!"

"Not everyone is going to like the idea of dragons being real, Jake." Rose reminded him.

"You know, I really should put an end to your negative attitude…" Jake smiled.

"And just how are you going to do that, Dra…?" Rose started, but she was cut off as Jake brought his lips to hers. At first, Rose was rather shocked, but she soon felt every muscle in her body relax as she simply returned the kiss.

The two lovers; dragon and former slayer remained in their romantic lock of lips as they continued on their flight into the night.


A/N: So, this is the end. The American Dragon story is over. Yeah, I bet you don't like it. But I must say that I knew that it would end like this since the beginning. It seemed like the perfect bitter-sweet ending. And to make sure that it wasn't a real downer, I put in the lines about how Jonathan and Susan are proud of him and how deep down; they know that Jake will never leave their lives for good.

So, I'd actually like to talk about a few things:

First, if there are any questions you want to ask, feel free.

Second (and most importantly), there will be a sequel series/spin-off focusing on Haley. Now, yes, Jake and Rose will be in it, but they'll be recurring characters. Also, there will be appearances from old characters, including some who you thought wouldn't make a return. As a heads up, my "premiere" date is in June.