-1I suppose it was something that could have easily been foreseen, since I first met him, and, thusly, avoided. But, then, he always had a quality that could attract you to him.

Whether it was Sven joining up with him as a Sweeper, Eve looking up to him as an older brother, or Sephiria wishing to have him in their battle with Creed some time ago. Even I cannot seem to restrain myself from his quirky smile and attitude randomly popping up when I daydream.

Not that I like him, any more. I think it was something more of a kinship unlike the others. We're similar to stray cats, he and I, drifting along and doing what we wish. I suppose that's why he decided to leave on his way shortly after I saw him, eight months after the incident with Creed. It was just something he wanted to do. No one could stop him.

I remember when we first met, and I ran into him at Annette's diner. I don't remember any man resisting my feminine wiles so easily. It was definitely an awkward moment, because I expected him to fall into the trance I'm usually able to pull all men into.

Our next great meeting was when I was captured by Creed. It was the first time I learned of Minatsuki Saya. I think I knew then that, I had no chance. How could I compete with a woman who was already dead?

I didn't want to hold him down, like that, so I decided that I'd go back to my stray cat ways, as did he. I think, in a way, Saya was like that to, telling him to forget about her.

But, it was never meant to be. Cats never listen to what they are told do, whether they are strays or pets. They come and go as they please.

And, if nothing else, I am a stray cat.