"P-Please!" While Sam had tried his hardest to enunciate, he could barely understand himself anymore.

He knew that Dean did, however, because his hand slid out of Sam's. And it twitched ever so slightly towards his back waistband, where Sam knew that he still had his .45 handgun. Dean grew very still. "Sammy…"

Sam gaped at his brother with all the meaning in the world. With as much self-control as he could grasp, he held Dean's eyes as if without them, they would loose each other forever. "W… We h-had a good r-run, Dean…"

But it's over now. The truth was hot in Sam's gut; literally. Although the prospect of death terrified him, he couldn't help but be comforted by the sight of Dean's wet-cheeked face watching him imploringly. Dean was with him… there was no better way to die. In fact, on the grand scheme of things he considered himself lucky. A hunter could die in any number of horrible and gruesome ways, and all in all being put out of his misery by a big brother didn't seem so bad. And Dean was right – he was always right – about Lilith… maybe someone else could stop her. The whole world couldn't possibly sit on his shoulders. There had to be another way.

"It wasn't supposed to happen like this, Sammy." With trepidation, Dean brought his hands before him, trembling, and stared at the gun that lay there. "I can't…"

"D-Damn it... D…Dean…" Sam bit back his words behind clenched teeth, screwing his eyes shut as another wave of white pain seared his bones. Beside him, he sensed Dean jump and reach out a hand to his shoulder.

"It'll pass, Sammy. Just give it a minute…. We'll figure this out, okay? Just…" The air hovered in suspense as Dean searched for some words of obligatory comfort that wouldn't come. He couldn't find any.


For a few minutes Dean sat in silence, giving out a comforting arm-squeesh or "shh" every once in a while that did absolutely nothing to help. They both knew that he was stalling, but he couldn't bring himself to finish what he had started.

"Okay Sammy, okay..." Cringing as Sam made another secondary noise of anguish, Dean grabbed hold of his arm. He tightened his grip on the .45. "Just relax. It's gonna be alright."

Sammy and he locked eyes again, and it was clear that he believed Dean's words. "D-Don't go... do anyt-thing r-reckles after t-this..." Expression suddenly stern, Sam narrowed his eyes in warning. It was eerie how well he knew his big brother, how easily he could sense the budding thought that could lead to a job gone wrong. Or worse... a deal.

"I wont, Sam." Nodding firmly, Dean lied through his teeth. Who knew what he could do, would do. But Sam couldn't know that.

"L-L-Listen..." Sam shuddered on, even though Dean could feel the spasms that still tore through his torso with every breath. "Y-you were r-right. I've... I've been..."

"Water under the bridge, man." Dean shrugged away Sam's apology, unable to bear it. "I don't care what you did wrong anymore."

It appeared that those words were enough. Eyes wide and teary, Sam nodded - trembled, more like - in answer to some invisible question. He was ready. Dean wasn't.

"See you soon, Sammy..."

It was all that Dean wanted to say goodbye, but he couldn't bring himself to get the words out. Instead, he brought his attention to the gun in his palm. Sam's eyes followed his like a hawk, and he froze when he saw what Dean was holding. Dean could see the fear in his eyes, but more so the resignation that lingered behind it. Sam wanted this. Raising his hand, Dean swallowed behind a tight Adam's apple. His arm lifted to just above Sam's head. Then, with a strong swing of his arm, Dean brought the but of the gun down on Sam's forehead. It impacted his temple, causing his head to smack down on the stone harshly, and Sam's eyes drifted closed. It wasn't until Dean let the gun fall to the floor that he realized just how much his hands were shaking.

"I k-know I'm a selfish bastard..." Stuttering just about as much as Sam had been, but out of exhaustion, Dean spoke into the silence and wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. "But I'm not going to kill you, Sammy."

Dean felt separate from his body; it became a sack of flesh and bones that weighed him down, and he felt the two of them sink down to the floor. Leaning against the back of the stone table, he pulled his knees up against his chest and wrapped his arms around them tightly. His teeth ground together and hid a pent-up scream.

"Alright, you son of a bitch…. I'm praying. Are you happy?" Dean turned his face sky-ward and squinted into the vast blackness. "I need a little back-up on this one, Cas. Can you drop in and work your mojo? Please?"

Hours passed - really, minutes passed – before Dean lowered his eyes and leaned his head against the cold stone in submission. "You know… I'm kind of a dick to you half of the time. But in my defense, you have no sense of personal-space, and don't get my jokes. But man…" Shrugging, Dean tried to visualize Castiel getting his message. "I owe you one, which is pretty much my way of saying thank you. And I don't have to tell you why. I still don't know why you've put so much faith in us… in me… Considering everything that you know about me." Nervously running his nails up and down the fabric of his pant-leg, Dean stumbled on his words. "But for some reason you keep showing up, and you've gotten me out of some pretty sticky situations. I don't deserve to be asking you for anything else…. But this is Sam who needs your help. I know you guys think he's a demon-blood freak, which he kind of is, but he's a good guy." Dean rambled on to the nothingness above him, and clenched a hand-full of his pant-leg in thought. "As much as it annoys the crap out of me he loves kids and cute little animals, and holds the door for women without trying to get into their pants, and puts up with my shitty junk food. He believed in angels even before you guys showed up, and thinks that it's his job to stop the apocalypse. Sam is the guy that you should be looking out for, not me. So… just get your feathery ass down here and save his life. He's been praying to you guys since he was like… five. I think he deserves to cash in on some feather-points. Please." Cheeks damp and puffy by that last note, Dean leaned his face into the crook between his knees. After years of absent fathers, absent saviors in general… he thought he would be better prepared to have his prayers left unanswered. But he wasn't.


The man's coat swished around his legs in a whirl of black fabric as he approached, stopping behind the one who had beckoned him. "I'm here to answer your call," he spoke up firmly, seeking to make his presence known to the trench-coated figure who had his back to him.

"Thank you, Techaiah." Voice husky, the figure turned to face his companion. "I am in dire need this time."

"How so, Castiel?" Techaiah gave Castiel the up-and-down warily, noting his sloppy attire and grim expression. Although he would never say so, his fellow soldier-in-arms looked more and more human every day.

"I have located Alistair," Castiel informed him with much less gusto than such a triumph invited. "But we must move quickly. He is holding Sam and Dean Winchester captive, and I fear the worst if we do not siege the fort as soon as possible."

Techaiah rose his eyebrows in surprise stiffly. "That is quite a feat, Castiel. But I must say, the capture of Alistair is much more important than the rescue of two humans. We need to act swiftly, yes, but smartly. Are you sure that you are not letting your fondness for these boys overshadow" -

"You know their importance just as well as I!" Castiel interrupted rudely, taking an aggressive step foreword. "Now assemble a team. You will meet me at dawn with enough numbers to complete this mission smoothly"

Without further protest, Techaiah huffed dryly under his breath. "How did you locate him?"

Castiel neglected to answer, and after it seemed apparent that his question would be tossed aside, Techaiah nodded in surrender.

"I will send you direct coordinates by revelation in a few hours."

"Of course."

With that abrupt message, Castiel vanished, on to continue his quest. Techaiah's eyebrows met, watching the space where the fellow angel disappeared with curiosity. The whole situation was curious, indeed. And Castiel himself was curious, indeed. But Techaiah would obey this new order, if only to see how the events before him would play out.


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