I kick off my silver four-inch heels as I toss the keys of my temporary home on the well-polished cherry wood coffee table in the center of the living room.

Alcide will probably throw a fit about that in the morning. He'll move them to the side, probably give me a small scolding about how neat he likes to keep his house, and that'll be the end of it.

Letting out a small sigh at the thought, and remove the rubber band that's held my hair in a neat ponytail for the past five hours. Blonde hair cascades around my shoulders, and strawberry shampoo invades my senses as I shake my hair out.

Alcide bought me four new silk shawls to replace the one that Debbie – his ex-girlfriend who's a shapeshifter - destroyed out of pure impudence and jealously after seeing us at Club Dead a few nights ago.

I allow soft black silk shawl to slip from my shoulders and rest lightly in my hands. I rub my fingers over the material, savoring the feel of it. I'm prepared to walk towards my room when I feel a pair of large hands grab my waist and pull me close to his body. It's Alcide.

His warmth was a big, yet welcome change from Bill's cold body. He breathes down my neck, and his lips trail from my cheek to my shoulder, light as a feather.

"And just where do you think you're going?" His voice was so smooth in a rugged way. The smell of Old Spice overpowers the scent of my strawberry shampoo, and it's getting difficult for me to concentrate.

Bill. Boyfriend. Bill.

Unfaithful boyfriend Bill, but boyfriend Bill nonetheless.

Screw him. I'm not an idiot. I know what he's doing in 'Seattle', which is stupid codename for Mississippi. He's cheating on me, that stupid fuck.

I close my blue eyes briefly before opening them again and turning around to face Alcide. I wrap my arms around his neck. This surprises him. I guess he's not used to an attractive woman making a move on him.

His green eyes zero in on me as he looks at me in question. I simply shrug and bring him down for a kiss.

Fuck Bill. I've got an urge to satisfy.


Obviously, this ignores some aspects of the book, but it stays true to it for the most part. I just like Alcide and Sookie together, lol.