My nose hurts like a bitch. Maybe it had something to do with Sookie slamming the door right in my face.

I never knew she was that strong.

I don't know what she's so upset for, anyway! It's not like I went on and slept with her, just to be lying in bed with her afterwards and say 'this was a mistake'. I'm not like that. I manned up and did what I do. And because I did what I had to do, I could possibly have a broken nose.

So here I am, in my bed with a towel-wrapped ice pack on my nose with the biggest case of blue balls in the history of blue balls, thinking about Debbie. Why do I keep going back to her? Do I even love her? Or is she a convenience?

Fuck my life. Fuck it to hell. Sookie's in there throwing a temper tantrum because I won't sleep with her, and she has a boyfriend in the first place!

…wait. Shit. She does have a boyfriend. And I have a girlfriend. Sort of.

We're an odd group of people. Bill's cheating on Sookie, Sookie wants to cheat on Bill, I'm cheating on Debbie (sort of), and Debbie is engaged to be married. Technically, she's cheating, too. I think.

This sounds like a fucking soap opera. A really bad one at that.

I sit up in my bed and slip my shoes back on. I need to clear my head, it feels as if it's about to explode. Boom.

Sookie's POV

"Sookie," I hear Alcide's rough voice call. I love that voice. "I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back later."

I don't respond. He sighs and I hear him walk away, shutting what I presume to be the front door on his way out.

What's wrong with me? I'm blonde, smart (well as smart as a southern telepathic barmaid can be), and to put it nicely, I have a great fucking body. Vampires want me.

Why can't he?