Zypher: Well, another day, another plot to come to my whacked out mind. Been getting into the Persona fandom and as such, have various ideas to come to mind but the one for this story is spawned from an rp I do with a friend of mine who roleplays as Naoto to me [rps Kanji]. And I do note the serious lack of NaotoxKanji stuff here so if all goes well, more will start to pop up from me. -grins- But all in all, hope you enjoy. MegaTen must live on!

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Summary: After the events of Naoto's shadow, everyone was given a moment of reprieve before continuing on with the case. But love blooms between Kanji and Naoto during the case but with past experiences, will Naoto be able to get Kanji to love again, much less get her own heart straightened out?

Warnings: Contains spoilers and is partial AU to P4 but still follows the storyline.

Untold Stories

Chapter 1

Kanji gave a sigh as he woke to another sunny day. He was glad for one thing. At least there will be no more foggy days for a while. Teddie still pestered Yosuke at Junes and got his favorite treat of topsicles while others focused with schoolwork and upcoming midterms. With a groan, he rose up from bed and got ready for school. As he walked downstairs, his mother greeted him and placed a plate of food before him. "Ma, why do you make me meals that would feed an army, huh?" he grumbled as he started to eat breakfast.

"A hearty meal is good for my growing boy."

"Ugh, enough of the motherly shit." he mumbled as he continued to eat as she started preparing his bento for school. When he was done, despite the amount he was complaining about, it was still a normal meal to his standards, he grabbed his bento, kissed his mother's cheek, and was off to school for hours wasted with lectures that he really didn't give a damn about. "Good education my ass. The only thing I benefit from it is another excuse to sleep."

"Makes it a wonder why you don't just drop out, Kanji-kun." A voice murmured from above and he stopped, turning to look over to the high wall that wrapped around a private residential area to see a pure white fox sitting there. "Yo, Kaja. What brings you out of the TV world?" he questioned. Now while it isn't normal to see a fox, especially with the resident fox that lived in the shrine, Kaja was a very special one for he wasn't really a fox at all but another protector to the TV realm. Of course, to avoid becoming the next experiment to a mad scientist (especially after the fiasco with Shadow Naoto before they defeated it), he took on said form and acted like a normal house pet. And that worked wonders with Dojima-san since he stuck around with Souji for most of the investigation up until now.

"Yeah, I would but of course, I'll be reprimanded by just about everyone if I did so I bear it." he replied as he walked on, Kaja following him from the wall. "Understandable. So how's life treating you?"

"Pretty damn good so far." Kaja chuckled before hopping down, draping himself over Kanji's shoulder. "Guess I'll stick around with you for today. I have nothing else better to do with myself and Teddie's at Junes to keep an eye on things should something go wrong." Kanji only shrugged and left the guardian to lounge there as he continued on his way to school.

At school, he greet the guys and girls, Kaja hopping from his perch and curled about Kanji's legs, watching Naoto who was watching Kanji. He may have only knew the girl briefly, seeing as she was the last addition to the team but he could just sense the feelings she held for the punk first-year. Now, whether he would see any improvement between the two, he didn't know but hopefully, something good would happen. After talking for a few, the warning bell rang and they all headed to their respective classes, promising to meet up for lunch on the rooftop.

Naoto gave a tiny sigh, her attention focused on the lesson but her mind was wandering once again to her privy matter that she pushed to the back of her mind while the case was still unsolved. Putting her work before everything else was her motto but now, she had another thing on mind and he was sitting not too far from her seating arrangement, snoozing the class away once again. 'Kanji...even though we worked together, you still pose to be quite an enigma.' she thought to herself.

As soon as lunch rolled around, she along with Kanji and Rise grabbed their lunches and headed up to the roof to meet with Yukiko, Chie and Yosuke. Sitting in a circle with their lunches in hand, they ate and chattered. Kanji and Naoto were the only ones who didn't really put in any input and with a devious plot in her head, she looked over to Kanji. "Hey, Kanji-kun, have you thought abut looking for a girlfriend?" That question caused him to choke on some rice and coughing to get rid of the intrusion, he sent a glare her way. "What the hell! I don't have time for that shit!"

"What do you mean you don't have the time! You have plenty of time now since the case was solved! I thought you would've found some nice girl to date! Heck, I could see you and Naoto being an item." she said, her comment now causing Naoto to choke on her drink. "I-impossible!" she declared as she looked over to the idol. She didn't note the flinch those words brought out from Kanji but he masked the reaction as quick as it came, voicing his agreement to Naoto's comment. "Aw, you both are no fun! What's life without someone there to love you?" she questioned, drinking her tea as she looked to them both.

Kanji looked away from them. "You can make a living without it. I have." he murmured, catching Naoto's attention and she watched as he gathered his things, already done with his food before saying his goodbye to the group and left. The rest were silent as they watched him go before Naoto gathered up her things as well, saying she had something to do before leaving to trail after Kanji. "Man, I didn't mean to upset him." Rise murmured, looking as if she were about to cry and Chie placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm sure Naoto will straighten things out with him." Chie spoke and she was still frowning but Rise nodded.

"I hope so. Now I feel bad for Kanji."

"Kanji-kun! Wait up!" Naoto called down the hall once she spotted the first year not that far ahead of her. Kanji stopped and turned to look to her. "What's up, Naoto-kun?"

"You couldn't mean what you've said. It can't be." she murmured and he huffed, turning his gaze from her. "It is and that's the story I'm sticking with. Nothing good happens for me when I'm in love so what's the point on trying to act out on it?" he explained before walking on. She frowned and continued to follow behind him. "Kanji...is there something that happened in the past that made you think that way?" He turned back to her and shook his head "Not now, Naoto. This isn't something you should concern yourself with." he said before he continued walking on. "But Kanji..."

"Enough, Naoto!" he hissed, looking back to her. She froze in place, never hearing Kanji so angry at her before. He sighed before apologizing and started making his way to class just as the bell signaling lunch rang and students started making their way back to their classrooms. "Kanji..." she murmured, looking down to the floor. "Naoto-kun, don't despair now." Kaja murmured as he appeared beside her. "I'm sure you can get through to him, just give it a little time."

"Oh, I hope you're right, Kaja. It breaks my heart to see him like this but when I don't know what's wrong, how can I help him?" she murmured as she walked on to the class she shared with Kanji and Rise, Kaja following close behind.

After school, Naoto tried to catch Kanji before he left but he was long gone before she packed up her books into her bag. "Damn it..." she hissed as she closed her bag and ran out of Yasogami high, looking around for the bleach blonde teen. Kaja followed behind her, curious as to why she was in such a rush. "What's wrong, Naoto?"

"I need to find Kanji. I wanted to talk to him but he was gone before I could catch him." she said, coming to a stop to catch her breath, feeling a little dizzy. "Don't push yourself, Naoto. You may look fine but it was only so recently that we rescued you. You could still feel some weak effects from the experience." he spoke.

"I know...I know..." she murmured, standing once more and started running towards the textile shop but before she could set foot into the shopping district, her vision became black and she fainted. "...oto!" A voice called but she was too far gone.

She groaned softly as she woke, looking around before realizing she was back home, Kaja sleeping at the foot of her bed. "What happened?" she wondered before everything started coming back to her in a rush. "That's right...I was trying to look for Kanji but fainted along the way..." she murmured. "Kaja must've helped me." She looked down to the fox at the end of her bed before giving a sigh. "Kanji..." she whispered softly before taking out her cell and dialing Kanji's number. "Please answer."

Kanji picked up his phone to see who called and seeing it was Naoto, he ignored it. He knew why she was calling and he wasn't looking forward to explaining himself. "She doesn't need to know the shit I've been through." he muttered, placing the phone off to the side as he got back to working on the little project he started on. "But maybe...just maybe, I'll tell her..."

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