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Chapter 1

Ling Tong sighed, closing his eyes, blocking the view of the vast sparkling lake in front of him. Some people might enjoy been able to stand out looking at a lake for hours, but not Tong. For him, this was really boring; he just wanted the fighting to start already so that he could go home. You see, recently Ling Tong and his father Ling Cao joined Wu and are currently out at Xia Kou ready to face Huang Zu and his army.

"You know, you're not going to do a very good job at being a sentry if you keep your eyes closed."

Tong's eyes snapped open as he jumped in fright. Slowly he turned to the source of the voice and saw Zhou Yu standing there accompanied by his wife Xiao Qiao.

"I only had them closed for like, a second…yeah a second!" Tong lied.

Xiao's cute little smile turned upside down, she placed on hand on her hip and used her other hand to point at Tong. Then she put on her best glare (not a very good one, but…).

"You're not a very good liar you know. Even if we didn't see that your eyes were closed for longer than a second, like you said. We'd still be able to tell cause you're a really crappy liar."

"Have you been watching me!" Tong pouted.

Xiao placed the hand that she had been using to point at Tong on her other hip and began nodding vigorously, making her look like a bobble head caught in an earthquake. It's amazing that her neck didn't break, it's probably used to the strain.

"Yep! We have to keep on eye on the newbies ya know." Xiao said, once she stopped nodding at took up just smiling brightly at him instead.

"Newbie! How-"

"As much as I hate to break up this little discussion, our Lord has been calling everyone in for a few minutes." Yu interrupted.

Tong and Xiao stopped their bickering with sheepish looks on their faces. Yu rolled his eyes and turned around, walking to where Sun Quan was stationed. Xiao stuck her tongue out at Tong and skipped after her husband. Tong rolled his eyes and stomped after them. They walked up to where Sun Quan was standing on a platform before his troops. Quan opened his mouth and began addressing the troops, Tong knew that he was supposed to be listening, but Quan's voice was sounding really monotone and boring. It was really hard to concentrate on what he was saying. Eventually he stopped talking and Tong hadn't been listening to word he said, too busy thinking about how much he wanted to kill the bug buzzing around his father's head. The buzzing sounded really loud to him; he was surprised that Ling Cao hadn't done something to shut it up yet. The crowd dispersed to go to their stations and get ready for the upcoming battle. Tong, not sure where he was supposed to be going, just stood there like an idiot, scratching his head in confusion. Maybe he could just follow someone else in hopes that he was going in the right direction. Ling Cao looked over at his son and sighed, shaking his head. Bloody idiot…

"Son, you're with me, come on." Ling Cao called, waving him over.

Tong, miraculously understanding the gesture wandered over to his father and followed him to the west side of the battlefield. The battle was passing seemingly slowly as Tong swung his nunchucks around, whacking various enemy soldiers to death. It really sucked; the enemy was so weak and not very skilful either. Tong lifted his right leg, successfully kicking an enemy in the chest and sending him flying backwards into his allies. A huge ship appeared along the river, making its way to where Tong and his father were. Tong watched the ship, wondering whether or not it was an ally or an enemy. He kept his eyes on the ship, but continued whacking various soldiers, allies and enemies alike. But he really didn't give a damn, probably because he was too busy watching the large scary ship that was making him shit his pants; but he probably wouldn't have really cared if he did know. Probably would've claimed that they got in his way and it wasn't his fault in the slightest. The sound of bells filled the air as a wild looking man with tattoos covering his arms and torso and bells attached to his waist. Jumped off the ship, landing in the water with a splash, the man didn't seem to care about his now wet shoes and pant bottoms and took up killing as many red clad soldiers as he could. Tong took his eyes off the man, concentrating on the enemies in front of him as he slowly made his way over to the man. Hearing a cry of pain, Tong looked up to see his father fall before the man, blood pouring out of his wound. Anger boiled inside Tong as he charged towards the man, yelling in anger.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The man mocked, dodging Tong's attack.

"Murderer!" Tong yelled, charging towards the man again.

The man stepped to side, successfully dodging Tong's attack again. "Whoa, don't you know who you're fighting?"

"The man who killed my father!" Tong growled through clenched teeth before charging at the man once again.

"Well yes, but you are fighting the Great Gan Ning, ex-pirate, currently under the employ of Huang Zu." Gan Ning said, raising his sword and resting it on his shoulder.

"I don't care who you are! You are the man who murdered my father and for that you shall pay! Pay with your life!" Tong growled, raising his nunchucks and charging again.

Gan Ning lowered his sword to block the attack. Tong continued his attack, relentlessly swinging his nunchucks at Gan Ning in vain as he tried to hit him. Gan Ning was very skilled and easily dodged and blocked every one of Tong's attacks. Getting annoyed at Tong, Gan Ning decided to turn the tables and began attacking Tong, easily making his nunchucks fly from his hands. Tong watched in shock as his nunchucks flew over Gan Ning's head and landed behind him and fell to his knees in defeat.

"Fine, you win. Now kill me." Tong said, bowing his head shame and getting ready for the blow.

"Nah, I'm not gonna kill you." Gan Ning said, resting his sword on his shoulder again. "Come on men!" He called as he quickly walked back towards his ship.

Tong raised his head, looking at the retreating man sail away in confusion, thinking. Why didn't he kill me?

The rest of the battle passed slowly for Ling Tong. Everything appeared blurry, but he still continued fighting, acting like a robot on the battlefield. They eventually won the battle and killed Huang Zu, but the win felt empty due to the loss of Ling Cao. Tong moped around the castle, not doing much when they arrived back in Jian Ye. Sun Shang Xiang, who he had befriended before he left to go fight at Xia Kou, tried to console him. But her efforts were in vain. Tong just continued to mope around the castle, not wanting to talk to anyone and snapping at anyone who said something to him. Shang Xiang wondered exactly what was on his mind, when she questioned it; majority people just said that it was his father's death. But she was sure that there was something else bothering him. Sure that something else had happened during that battle that was annoying him. Tong paced the castle, not sure where he was going and not really caring either.

"Why didn't he kill me?" Tong muttered under his breath.

He had asked himself that question a dozen times since they had gotten back to Jian Ye. Why did he take his father's life, but then spare his? It just didn't make any sense. He had the opportunity right then and there, but let him live. Tong wished that he could see Gan Ning again, not only to make him pay for taking his father's life, but to question him as to why he spared his. If only he knew that he would be seeing Gan Ning sooner than he intended.

"You want me to hire you after you worked for Huang Zu, the man responsible for my fathers death and after you killed one of my top officers?" Sun Quan questioned the man before him.

"Yes, I hope you will. Lord Sun Quan."

Sun Quan rested his chin on his hand, looking down at the man before him with a penetrating gaze. Zhou Yu, who was standing beside Sun Quan, leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"My Lord, he would be a very good addition to the officers of Wu. I have heard great things about him; they say that he is very strong and skilled."

Sun Quan nodded, agreeing to what Zhou Yu was saying.

"Alright, Zhou Yu has made a very good point. You would be a great addition to the warriors of Wu and in helping us unifying the land under our rule."

He lowered his hand from his chin and looked over at Zhou Yu. Understanding what his lord was silently asking him, he nodded his head. Sun Quan then turned his head to look at Lu Meng and Zhou Tai who were standing on his other side. Both also understood what was been asked and nodded their heads in agreement. Sun Quan then looked back at the man and gave him a small smile.

"Well then, welcome to Wu Gan Ning."

Gan Ning smiled and bowed before his new lord.

"Thank you Lord Sun Quan."

Sun Quan waved some servants over.

"I want you to prepare a room for Gan Ning." Sun Quan told them.

The servants nodded their heads and bowed before exiting the room to fulfil their orders. Sun Quan turned to Gan Ning and stood up from his throne.

"Now if you'll come with us, we'll show you around the castle."

Ling Tong lounged on the grass in the courtyard, thinking about how he would kill the man that murdered his father, if he ever saw him again. Tong's lips curled up in satisfaction, as he imaged him hacking the man to pieces.

"Tong!" A voice called, interrupting his 'wonderful' daydream.

Ling Tong opened his eyes to the blaring sun, squinting in the light, trying to focus on the woman who so rudely interrupted his daydream.

"What do you want?" He asked, glaring up Sun Shang Xiang.

"Quan wants everyone to go to the meeting room; he has someone he wants everyone to meet." Shang Xiang said, as she offered him a hand up.

Tong sat up, grasped her hand and hauled himself to his feet.

"Why? Did he finally get a woman?" Tong asked, as he followed Shang Xiang into the castle.

"Oh, haha." Shang Xiang said dryly, smirking at Tong's comment.

Together, the two of them walked through the palace corridors towards the meeting room. They entered the meeting room, finding that they were the last ones to arrive. Shang Xiang grabbed hold of Tong's wrist and dragged to the two empty seats in between Lu Xun and Huang Gai. Shang Xiang dropped her hold on Tong's wrist and took a seat next to Huang Gai at the large wooden rectangular table, while Tong took the seat beside Xun.

"Ok then, everyone is here." Sun Quan said, clapping his hands together. "Well, you should all know that reason why I've called you all here. There is someone I'd like you all to meet."

They all looked towards Quan in anticipation, with the exception of Zhou Yu, Lu Meng and Zhou Tai.

"I would like you all to formally meet our newest recruit." Quan said, gesturing towards the door.

Ling Tong turned his head to look at the door as he heard it creak open. The door opened fully and revealed the man on the other side, causing Tong's eyes to harden into a glare.

"Everybody, I'd like you too meet Gan Ning."

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