I spy with my little eye, something beginning with plot?

Nah, I must have imagined it.

It's been quite a while since last, but do enjoy. Happy new years!

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- Receiving an Unexpected Call -

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Allen Walker, fully convinced that sense and reason had abandoned his supposed allies, did what any other sensible person would have done in that kind of situation; he stood up and stalked out of the room, ignoring all protests and warding off attempts to pull him back in with some very well-aimed kicks into some very sensitive areas. Having had no particular plan in mind for what came next, he randomly stalked down the corridor, intent on walking until he found something more worthy or his attention and maybe, just maybe, someone reasonably sane to converse with to waste some time. Or to plot his escape; he had not yet decided on which.

His spontaneous expedition seemingly proved to be a fruitless one however, as the people he eventually encountered on his way somewhere unknown happened to be the individuals who were a part of what he had dubbed The Geek Trio, which had seemingly been dispatched to find him and bring him back to their obviously insane branch leader and thereby put him back into said man's obviously insane plans. To say the least, Allen was not amused.

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It would suffice to say that Tyki Mikk was surprised when he, having returned to his human life and his human companions, walked by a telephone booth and had the telephone ring and picked it up not to find himself speaking to the Earl but rather to an irate voice which it took him quite a few seconds to place. Eventually however, a light went up for him and he managed to pin down the voice in the receiver as the one belonging no none other than the exorcist he had gotten high with and sort of but not really kidnapped just the other day – or was it last week? Tyki shook his head, trying to sort out his thoughts but failing miserably. Instead, he focused his attention on trying to figure out what the white-haired teen was on about.

"Tyki!" said teen hissed, seemingly attempting to keep his voice as low as possible. "This is probably your fault, so you've got to help me out!"

Blinking sluggishly, the Noah of Pleasure attempted to find sense in what the teen was saying, but as his brain appeared to be unable to draw any likely conclusion as to what he had supposedly caused, he felt the need to ask about it in order to figure out exactly what the Hell the other was talking about.

"Right…" he said, tilting his head slightly to the side. "First of all… would you mind telling me what I supposedly did to you… besides offering you drugs and painkillers and bandaging your arm?"

An annoyed hiss was heard from the other end, and Tyki's eyebrow climbed. What the…?

"Sorry, love… but I didn't get that," Tyki then said, smirking slightly and waving at his companions where they stood outside, eyeing him curiously. "Can you take it one more time, a bit slower if possible?"

"That's why I'm telling you it's too bloody complicated to explain over the phone!" the other hissed back. "Just come over and kidnap me already!"

Tyki's eyebrow climbed even higher. "Curious question," he then said. "Are you high or something?"

"No, just desperate," the other hissed back. "I need a way out of here before these bastards come up with another one of these stupid… Gah! Just come over here! Kidnap me! Kill me! Do whichever! Just get over here and put me out of my misery now, goddammit!"

Tyki silently wondered what on earth could have driven the exorcist to such a point where he somehow managed to call one of his sworn enemies and demand to be killed. What on earth…?

"Look…" the Noah of Pleasure finally said. "Let's say that even if I decided to help you out… you're in the Asian Branch of the Black Order, yes? Do you know how difficult it is to get into that place?"

"I do know, but I have to get out!" the other hissed. "Okay listen, I don't think I can talk for much longer, but at least try to forward a message to the Earl or something and tell him that I will-…"

The call was suddenly cut off and Tyki stared at the receiver in surprise, wondering what the Hell had just taken place. Then, shrugging mildly, he hung the mouthpiece back where it belonged and exited the booth.

"Another call from your secret employer… or from your secret lover, perhaps?" one of his companions asked while the others snickered, not bothering to hide their amusement.

Tyki just smirked in response. "Nah, I wish."

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