Author's notes: The setting of this story is taken from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) and characters are borrowed from Masashi Kishimoto. I do not own any of these things, only the story (where Gaara is not blood-related to Temari and Kankurou) ^^

Also, this chapter will be a prologue. It is quite confusing because it will inform you of the characters. You can skip it and continue to the next chapter, but I advise you to read it, especially those who do not know the game. Hinata will be Mary.



Hinata placed the last dishes on the sink as she started to hum another song. Squirting liquid soap on the plates and pots, she stroked them with her soft, delicate hands till bubbles filled the ceramic basin that she always uses for washing dishes.

She, although only seventeen, lives alone in a cottage located at the corner of the Konoha town. The cottage had been the Hyuuga's ever since her great-grandfather was born. It was made partly of wood and stone, with a small living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, and a tiny but cute garden tended by Hinata every other morning.

It is every Hyuuga's dream to run a shop or anything useful for the townspeople. Her cousin, the only relative she has and vice versa, Hyuuga Neji, had been chosen to be doctor of their village. Hinata, on the other hand, received the responsibility of running the library upon her mother's and sister's death.

The library sits peacefully beside her house. It was a second-story building made of rocks and cement. On its right sits Sakura's house, much to her joy, for the two were close to each other and had been best friends since kids. Beside Sakura's house was the Hokage's, the mayor of their town, and then the supermarket, managed by Ino Yamanaka and her family. After that comes the clinic, where Neji and his nurse Tenten work. Last on their street is the church. A certain Hatake Kakashi provides as a priest for the whole community.

On the next street is the winery, run by Asuma and his wife Kurenai. An Inn is also present, managed by Rock Lee and Chouji. A poultry farm by siblings Temari and Kankurou, with a blacksmith shop in front of it, ran by a man named Gaara, and a farm with cows and sheep by Shino. Kiba, with his dog Akamaru, takes care of the crops and things to be sold by Naruto, another farmer. With him at his beach cottage was Nara Shikamaru, a travelling salesman. Sai also comes along every summer to open his summer shop. A mysterious and lone woodcutter also lives in the woods, and is rarely seen by people. He was carrying the name Jiraiya.

All of those people consists the island, and Konoha is not Konoha without them. Beyond the only village in the island are thousands and thousands of trees, and beyond those are mountains and perilous seas.

Hinata had never been to the sea. It had always been her dream, ever since she was small, to travel far beyond home. But it can never happen. For years she tried to take a journey, and even dared escape her mother, but conviction always won her pure heart and never had the courage to put a foot out of the hamlet's borders.

Sighing the matter over, she defeatedly contented herself with books written from faraway lands by faraway people. Tales of history and people she never met, tales of fairies ending happily-ever after, tales with horror and murderous intent, anything. She reads and loves anything.

Hinata let the water drip from the plates and pans before wiping them dry. When she was done she happily went to the dining room to look at the various meals she had prepared, arrayed in the table in front of her. With her fingers she counted the servings her dishes could make.

"For Sakura, Ino, Neji-nii, Tenten, Naruto…" she went to the fridge, opened it, and to her delight found a chocolate cake sitting sweetly. "And there's a cake here. That would be enough for everybody, I suppose."

With that she looked at her wall clock. It read 11:46 pm. Smiling like crazy to herself, she went upstairs to her bedroom and changed her clothes. She then again went downstairs towards outside. She began her journey to the cliff.

The fireworks began exactly at 12 am. As the others celebrated New Year in their homes, She, Hyuuga Hinata, alone with herself, watching the colorful display of fireworks, wished for something new and exciting that year.


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