A/N: This is going to be a new project for me and would appreciate input from everyone. It will be a crossover with stargate, this is just an introduction establishing the crossover.


"He's not coming back this time" Lee said as his fathers raptor disappeared into the vast empty horizon of this new world.

"Neither am I" Kara stated flatly.

"where are you going?" Lee questioned

"I don't know, I just know that I am done here. I've completed my journey and it feels good" kara replied as tears began to well up in her eyes. "So what about you, what are you going to do? Today is the first day of the rest of your life Lee" she asked.

"Well I, I always thought when this was all done I would kick back, relax, spend the rest of my days doing the minimum humanly possible" he replied.

"and now that you're here?" she pressed

"I wanna explore, I wanna climb the mountains, I wanna…" his voice trialled off as light engulfed Kara sweeping her away from the new world.

"It's time" the warm voice of Kara's father filled her ears. All around her the bulk heads of the ship of light, radiated with warmth.

"This is it then" Kara replied, her voice dripping with Emotion "I've led humanity to its end"

"and now you must complete your own cycle" her father stepped towards her, tear's streaming down his cheeks.

"I'm ready daddy" she whimpered embracing her father tightly before letting go. Her father turned, not willing to face his daughter in what would come to be the final moments of her life. His hand passed over a pulsing green crystal on the console next to him, and it was done. She was gone, returned to the moment in which he had taken her, doomed to crash into the planet Earth and be found by her past self thus completing the circle of time to which she was dedicated, or so the others would believe. For Daniel could not bring himself to sacrifice his daughter, and in the final fleeting moments he had sent here away, far away, not in his space or time but to another universe beyond the void. Soon the storm would come, a paradox broken, Time would have its revenge, it would unleash its fury upon much of the universe, erasing and remaking space to its whim, he had doomed his civilization but he had saved his daughter and that was all that mattered to him at this time.

Kara blinked once, then twice and finally a 3rdtime. She had expected to find herself in a viper, ready to crash and sacrifice her life for the future of humanity. Instead she now found herself in the middle of a green field that stretched for miles in either direction.

"This cant be" she spoke aloud "Dad where am i?" she asked to the invisible ears imbedded in her body connecting her to the ship of light and ultimately to her father.

As if in answer, her father appeared before her "I am sorry Kara, I could not let you die" he replied, and as his words ended Lee materialized beside her.

"What the frack was that?" he asked shocked at the sudden change in scenery. "Kara what's going on? One moment you vanish then the next I find myself here, where ever here is!"

Kara nodded in the direction of her father "Dad what did you do?"

"I love you" her father stated before dissolving into nothingness.

"Kara, what just happened?" Lee pressed.

"I don't know, I was supposed to be on Earth, the Cylon Earth, dead" she mumbled.

"What do you mean dead?" Lee enquired.

"I mean dead, you know not breathing!" she replied "It was part of the design"

"Who's design Kara?"

"My fathers, or at least the people he works for"
"I don't understand, didn't he abandon you when you were a kid?"

"Its complicated Lee, and I don't understand the mechanic's of it myself except for the fact that I was supposed to Die. It was the only way to save everyone!" Kara stated fury building inside her "DAD where the frack are you!" she yelled, but the only reply was the chirp of Lees radio.

"This is Adama to anyone that can hear me, does anyone know what just happened?" Adama's voice came over the radio, he had been sitting talking to the grave in which he had burried Laura when a light had engulfed him and placed him in a green field. There was another flash and right next to him lay the body of his beloved. "What kind of Fracking cruel joke is this" he began to sob at the sight of her then moved to embrace the body letting the radio drop to the ground.

As tears welled up and emotion poured into him Adama failed to realize that Laura's body was warm, he also failed to notice that the body had in turn begun to hug him back. "Bill whats going on?" Laura questioned as she embraced the Admiral. "You're Alive!!!" Adam shouted tightening his grip even harder on the woman, fearing that letting her go would end whatever fantastic delusion he was having. However it was no Delusion, Laura had be resurrected.

"Dad can you hear me?" Lee's voice came over the radio.

"Arnt you going to answer that?" Laura questioned breaking his embrace.