Because I was bored. And yes, this is very random. Oh, and if this is of any interest to you, and you would like to contribute to this list, just let me know and I'll add it.


Back Scratcher (well, it feels good!)

Prodder (New and Improved-It tickles!)

Child Abuser (fun, fun, fun!!!)

Fairy Wand (feed your inner child. Now.)

Twirling Baton (for Reno's dancing lessons)

Cat Torturer (nah, they like it...)

Pole (for Reno's pole dancing lessons)

Exterminator (electrify the rats-mwahahaha!)

Threatening Rod (scare away the kiddies)

Grandpa's Old Cane (you whippersnappers stay away from the wrath of ol' gramps!)

Make Believe Microphone (for Reno's singing lessons)

Tribal Staff of Fury (*sings random hymn*)

Artificial Spine (sounds like a Hojo thing)

Nervous Breakdown Stick (just gnaw your worries away)

Piece of Wood (just for fun, throw it to the beavers dam!)

EMR (duh)

Gil on a Stick (show off your latest tricks)

Vibrator (with Reno, who knows...)

Free Gil (you've got nothing to lose, but something to gain)

Summoning Staff (for all those times you just wish you were Yuna)

Neverending Lipstick Tube (a woman's dream)

Rod of Destruction (give this to Sephy and its like giving a cat a ball of wool)

Staff of Specialness (well, it SOUNDS special)

Anger Management Resource (one bash and your troubles are gone!)

Fake Lightsaber (use the force, -enter name here-, use the force)