The final random part 4 to my short-lived series, '101 Uses for Reno's EMR'. Mind sending me a review to tell me which use out of all four chapters was your favourite?

Ah yes, and the credit for 'Craptastic Hunter's Horn' goes to...*drumroll*...Raptorsrevenge !

Hope you enjoy Part 4! :D


Happy Stick (just holding it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside)

Portable Battery (just pray it doesn't run out-this is the cheapo version)

Lighter (can't find the damned matches again?)

Yaoi Summoner (of which makes all of Reno's wildest dreams come true)

Choose-Your-Own-Dream-Machine (the title says it all)

Teacher's Rod (Reno? Teach? Maybe not...)

Blind Man's Stick (he never stole it off an innocent old, never...)

Ecstatic Stick (so...much...fuzzy...feeling...about to...explode...)

Third Leg (I wonder where that belongs)

Monkey Bar (so that's why all those kids from the park were being rushed to hospital!)

Inflatable Tent (the latest in Turk technology)

Bringer of Peace (bow down to the great EMR!)

Chocobo Whip (it's not really a whip, but it makes the chocobo run like hell-never lost a race)

New and Improved Microphone (it might be new, but it doesnt run well in the shower. Yes Reno, I'm looking at you.)

Vendor Trash (it might have 101 uses, but really, it's all just a load of junk)

R18 Rated Toy (no use trying to hide it, Reno. We all know your dirty little secret...)

G Rated Toy in Disguise (...that you have TWO dirty little secrets!!! Mwahahahaha!!!)

Craptastic Hunter's Horn (it's craptastic!)

Trophy of Honour (Reno did a lot to deserve this...*cough cough*)

Shocky VIII (the last Shocky died of a shocking death)

Last Remnant (of what, we are still uncertain...)

Staff of a Thousand Curses (this damned piece of crap has been stupidly plagued with this retarded curse...damn)

Hockey Stick (no one can tell the difference)

Disco Bal-I mean, Rod (it flashes!)

Master Plug of Midgar (who unplugged this!? Reno, you stupid idiot!)

And the final, 101st use is...

UNABLE TO BE REVEALED!!! You can blame Reno for unplugging the Master Plug of Midgar. Now the whole city has been completely blown up. In fact, I'm quite uncertain as to how this message is being sent to you. Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually...In the meantime...

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