The original author's note is at the bottom. Just thought I might rewrite this note, though, to tell all first time readers that this is, in fact, two different stories. I don't like creating multiple new stories something as trivial as this (like one-shots and stuff). So, in a way, this story is complete. It just has a sequal/rewrite/AU-from-the-first-draft built in, but I'll repeat that for those who glance through these. xD

C A N T A R E L L A is really two different stories put together to save space.

The first one, Chapters 1-6, is my misinterpretation of Cantarella and is written in Kaito's POV. He's crazy and stuff. And doesn't want her like he's supposed to.

The second one, Chapters 7-undefined and the reason why this is labeled as "in progress", is the way Cantarella is supposed to be done, but from Miku's POV. Don't expect to know all that is going to happen, though, because my mind is fickle like that and likes to change things often.

How does one go about telling a tragic tale? Do you start at the end? The beginning? The tragedy? Perhaps the best place to start is before the beginning. Before everything became one lie after another. This story may seem like a lie in itself, though. After all, I, the protagonist, am the cause of those mentioned lies.

Those first four words were the beginning of the end.

"Kaito, meet your betrothed." I looked to her, Miku, the one I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. She was a small girl, petite and elegant in every way.

She bowed politely and then smiled at me. I looked away, down at the floor. There was something off with her. Just looking at Miku, I already knew, but I wasn't sure quite what. Isn't that funny? I didn't know what I knew. Perhaps she was completely innocent. Maybe she didn't care about the engagement. Or maybe she understood everything and planned to manipulate any way that she could.

I wanted out. I didn't want to find out that I was engaged at the age twelve, my wife-to-be only nine years old. My mother heard nothing of it, and I was trapped.

Miku smiled. I cast my eyes down to the floor. The rest of my life with her? No, I couldn't do it. She looked like she could, but something told me that was pretend. That this was all just a show. That-

"Kaito?" her voice called, breaking through trail of memories. She bowed when entering, graceful and polite as ever.

My chest tightened. There it was again, the effect of her spell. I don't know what she has done, but I know that these feelings are all her fault.

"Yes?" I answered. It may sound odd, but I don't know where my voice went. I can still speak when she is around, but it doesn't really feel like it's me.

"We will have dinner together, won't we?" I closed my eyes to the sound of her voice, drowning in the sensual pleasure it brings. If you me asked if a musician had played for me recently, I would say yes. it was her and that natural instrument from the Gods. She always played with beautiful precision, knowing just which set of notes to use. That glorious melody. That wonderful arrangement of sounds that plagues my every thought. It shadows my every dream like a blissful nightmare.

"Of course." I added a fake smile, making an effort today to hide the hold her spell has on me. Perhaps I was making her seem more wicked than she really was. Miku was an angel, that much is a given, and she amazed me every day. The problem was that she too amazing.

She smiled softly, clearly happy with my answer. "I'm glad," she said, her voice so wonderful that even I was pleased with myself. "I was afraid we had been growing distant recently." Maybe I put too much flattery towards her voice, but how could I not? Miku briefly twisted the sparkling ring around her finger, looking nervous. We had been married for a while now, yet she still played that blushing bride routine. It was cute and disgusting.

I took a few steps from the window, stopping in front of her next to the head of the long dining table. She thought we had become distant? Heavens, that was ridiculous! God forbid I had a few hours to myself. She was always there, beside me or in my mind. Another side effect to her spell, no doubt. "Miku," I started, bringing my right hand to hold her face on impulse, "Why would you think that?" After only three seconds of looking into her eyes, and waiting for an answer, I dropped my hand. I didn't know what I might have done if I left it there.

She paused and had instantly regained her elegant charm. "I worry over small things like that. It is because I love you."

Miku had said it so simply, so easily, that I thought I might break. She loves me? If she did, then she wouldn't have put this horrible curse on me. That spell never left me alone, always making me want to wrench my heart out when she absent and to silence its abnormal pulsing when she is there. It was as if I could never be happy or at peace anymore.

I looked to her composed expression, my chest feeling like it would explode on the spot, and had to turn away. "I'll step out into the garden for a while," I said, bowing briefly before heading to the impressive double doors. Would I have to live out the rest of my life under this horrible spell? Will I be running from her, but wanting to be with her for all eternity? No, I could not do that. Some time in the garden would help me clear my head, though, if only for a moment.

"I will join you shortly, then." You could tell from the sweet tone she added that she was smiling. I felt a twisted tinge of happiness from that.

I would find a way to break this spell.

I swore it.

Original Author's Note:

Alright, someone shoot me for writing this.

I know there are already a good number of Cantarellas out there, but I really wanted to write this out instead of one-shot it. So, yeah, here I go. At first I couldn't decide which version of Cantarella to use, but in the end I chose the one where Miku dies. Yeah. If anything seems wrong/off, it's because I couldn't really interpret the lyrics well. This will be side project though, so The Blue Demon will always come first. x3

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Edit: Snerk. I told you I didn't understand it well. Okay, so Miku doesn't really die, but that doesn't change much here. I had already planned three seperate endings, so now I just shift around the order. xD

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