The dining hall was quiet as we sat at opposite ends of the long table. It felt like our inevitable marriage was stretched out before us on the white tablecloth: barren, plain, but socially accepted. I couldn't help keeping my eyes focused on the plate before me. It was always hard to look up at him, at my future husband. Kaito had always been so distant and cold. He only confirmed that whenever he caught me looking, attempting to find something to say, and continued on silently with his meal.

Love is what counts, right Mother?

"Have you been practicing for your debut?" he asked, his sudden question and low tones causing me to jump.

"I-I have," came my reply, strangled though I didn't want it be. There was a ball soon and I would enter society with a violin performance to mark the occasion. I was still too young to wed, but my parents felt an early debut would ensure that I don't miss out on the thrill of a season. I forced my gaze to look up at him, to see his response to my quiet one.

He merely nodded.

I bit my lower lip, concerned that this would be another dinner in silence. "Would you," I started, pausing briefly to gain the confidence to continue. Oh God, he was watching me. "Would you like to walk through the garden with me after dinner?" I quickly said it, as if to rid my mouth of the conversation.

His silverware clanged loudly through the hushed hall as they hit the plate. His stern blue eyes were directed towards me, an unfamiliar intensity in them. "I-If that would be all right with you, of course," I hurriedly added on. It didn't seem to help as his hands quickly formed fists, his expression becoming unfamiliar again.

"Excuse me," he said abruptly, placing his napkin over his unfinished plate and standing up. "I am no longer feeling well. I-" he paused, his eyes moving away for a second, his fist undoing before tightening again, "Perhaps another time." With that said, he gave a respectful bow and swiftly exited the dining hall.

My mind left the memory of the night before as I set down my hairbrush on the vanity. I studied my reflection in the mirror for a moment. Was there any reason for him to refuse something like a walk? Perhaps I was too young. The lips of the girl before me pressed into a displeased line. Too young, too childish, and too imperfect. I was clearly not the girl he expected to be wed to. A sense of inadequacy set in as I continued to study the girl in the mirror. Unwomanly in every way; that's what I was. And yet I was to debut into society as a woman soon. Was I even ready? The doubt in the back of my mind cooed that I was not, and who was I to ignore such a strong emotion?

I dropped my head ever so slightly as I left my vanity and moved towards the bed. It was a cold night, but the tall doors leading to the balcony were shut to keep out the chill. I had always liked the fresh air of the night, though it was not needed. Sacrificing the clean air was okay in exchange for safe warmth. I climbed underneath the covers with ease, instantly being cradled in the soft materials. All that was left was to wait for sleep to take me away.

The stress of the earlier encounters with Kaito and the upcoming debut served as great weights to drag me down under the sea of consciousness. That season, being the greatest of my worries at the time, began to play out in the form of a dream. The entire atmosphere held a sense of rehearsal as everyone danced perfectly and in uniform, the glorious colors of outfits all blending together to make the perfect comfortable sight. I could see it all and feel it, too. All the joy and excitement! The thrill of the party and meeting new people!

I brought my hands to chest, in an attempt to calm my beating heart, when I found a violin and bow in my hands. The music had abruptly stopped. I looked back over to beautiful people to see what was wrong, but only saw them staring at me. They had stopped and were watching me with expecting eyes, waiting to see my performance. Did I even remember the piece? I had no idea what I was supposed to play and as I began to realize this, their faces grew darker. The shadows multiplied and all the light was escaping except from around me.

I opened my mouth to tell them that I couldn't play, but no words came out. The harsh figures seemed to understand, though, as they quickly grew taller and loomed over me. Black, impossibly tall, and watching with those red eyes. I couldn't seem to back hide far enough within myself. There was no eluding their piercing gaze. I had failed and they knew it. Everyone knew it!

Tears started to swell as I pressed the violin closer to my chest. Why wouldn't anyone help me? The faceless monsters moved in closer, circling around and moving in. I cowered into my instrument, seeking protection from the object that had gotten me there to begin with. Someone, anyone! Just save me!

"Miku," a voice said, calling my name. Someone was there?

I wearily opened my eyes and looked up, just one of the forceful figures right before me. I began to shake from fear as it leaned down, getting closer to my face. I could almost touch it and that frightened me so much.

"You'll never understand," it said, the low voice practically curling around my ears. I didn't want to understand. I just wanted to be home. I wanted to be safe! I didn't want to be there anymore!

I shut my eyes again, tightly to wish everything away, and opened them, hoping to be in a different place. I was back in my room, but the figure was still there, only it now looked like a man. Frightened, I pulled my blankets closer to myself and screamed, pushing back into the bed to try and escape the intruder. Instantly he stood up, his left hand on his hat as if to help conceal his face.

"What are you doing here?" I asked quickly in a loud, panicked voice. I was shaking violently from fear. "Who are you?"

His lips curled into a smirk before they parted to give an answer: "I am an ally who may only appear at night."

"I-I don't believe you," I said, my grip tightening on the sheets. What was I supposed to do in such a situation?

"It's true," he said easily, his hand coming back down to his side. "I have been cursed."

"Please leave!" My voice came out cracked, almost strangled compared to his smooth and low tone.

His smirk transformed into a smile in a perfect flow of motion. "As you wish," he said as he took one step back. With another flawless movement, he swept his arm through the air, a rain of white flower petals coming from seemingly no where. The dark intruder then moved to the open outside doors and looked back at me. His dark blue eyes, which were only enhanced by the white mask, had a hidden feeling to them; it matched his smile. "Tomorrow night then," he said and left. With just three words the phantom had left my room and the storm of white petals settled.

Wasn't that strange? For someone to break into a girl's room and then leave so effortlessly? Surely he had some kind of goal.

Perhaps he truly was an ally.

That night, several thoughts of uncertainty ran through my mind. I was unable to sleep, though, so I remained awake, accompanied by a single blue rose he had left behind.

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