Rules for Warrior Names

1. Names cannot begin with star or moon. These things are sacred to the cats, and if "Starpelt" becomes leader, she will be Starstar.

2. No cat can be called Silverpelt, as this is the name for the stars.

3. Warrior names cannot end in kit, paw, or star.

4. There can be no two cats named the same, even if they are from different Clans. For example, there cannot be a Birchpaw in ShadowClan and a Birchpaw in ThunderClan. Likewise, there cannot be two Birchfalls. Try to avoid identical beginnings altogether, so try to avoid having a Birchfall and a Birchpelt, unless one has died.

5. Avoid naming a cat with the same beginning as a Clan leader. Even if you do not intend to make Fawnpelt a leader, there is always the chance that she can be. You cannot have a Fawnstar of WindClan and a Fawnstar of RiverClan.

6. Do not begin a name with Wind, Shadow, Thunder or River. It may sound cool, but it is inappropriate, especially if the cat is from a different Clan. Imagine Shadowstar being the leader of WindClan!

7. Do not name a cat with the same beginning and the same ending; that is just stupid. Imagine being called Cloudcloud.

8. Limit the names to something the cats know about. For example, don't call your cat Biscuitpaw or Dragonpaw or Glasspaw or Oceanpaw. They don't know what biscuits and dragons and glass are. They don't know what the ocean is: they call it the sun-drown place. Be careful.

9. Don't be a smartass and call your cat Dirtpaw or Yellowpool or something else like that.

10. Avoid names that don't go together. For example, Sandflight is stupid and makes no sense. Stick to less retarded names.