Disclaimer Story

Seeing as fifty million of you want to destroy my work and make my life miserable, I've had to come up with a genius plan.

The rules state that the following is not allowed:

Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.

One or two liners.

It does not say a short story is not allowed along with a relevant list. So here is my disclaimer story, a random piece of meaninglessness, using some names in the list, so that you cannot shut me down.

Acornfire ran through the woods and came to a halt at Ashclaw's den. Beewing, along with his minions, Beetlefang, Birdfeather and Blizzardfrost, were attacking the camp.

"Ashclaw!" called Acornfire.

It was not Ashclaw who emerged, but her children Blueflower and Bramblefur.

"What is the problem?" asked Blueflower.

"Beewing is attacking the camp!" Acornfire cried.

The two cats rushed after Acornfire and into the camp. Brightpool and Burnfur were at the entrance to the camp, battling with some more cats of Beewing's army.

Inside, Cloudstripe and Crowheart were trying to pull a large tom off of Dapplefall.

Dewstar's yowl rang out across the clearing. "Where are you, Beewing?" she cried. "Come out so I can kill you myself!"

Laughter sounded from the other side. "Beewing is already dead!" claimed a brown tom. "I am Duskcloud, his son! I will rule EagleClan with my mate Fawnsong!"

However, he didn't know that Finchwing and Flamewhisker were creeping up behind him. They pounced and killed him before he could protest.

"My mate!" Fawnsong screamed, leaping at another cat, Fogtail.

Frostclaw whipped around and pulled Fawnsong off of her son, Fogtail. Along with Goldspirit, they killed her as well.

A cat named Greyfoot stood on his hind legs. "We have won the battle!" he cheered.

Yeah, its crap, I know. But it's just so I get to keep this entry.