Chapter 1

"Alright, Mr. Banks, it's time to take your medication." Sango Noriko said sweetly as she measured out a certain amount of liquid in a clear cup. Her long, thick hair was tied up neatly in a bun on the back of her head. She was dressed in white, with a knee-length skirt on and flat white shoes.

The man sat in his chair and smiled up at her. "I take medicine for pretty nurse." He said, taking the cup from her gently. Sango offered him a smile as he downed the medication.

"Very good. Now, how does lunch sound Mr. Banks?"

"Lunch with pretty nurse." He cheered happily, clapping his hands as another nurse, Kagome Higurashi, pushed him along.

"You seem pretty popular around here." Kagome said, smiling.

"Too bad everyone's…well…" She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Insane."

"That may be true." Kagome said, as the two wheeled their current patient to the cafeteria. "But, you know the old therapist that used to come in here moved. I heard they hired a new one."

Sango looked momentarily surprised. "You mean Mr. Takahashi's gone?"

"Yea." Kagome replied. "But, they hired some new guy. I heard he was young. I bet he's hot."

The other nurse rolled her brown eyes. "As long as he doesn't get in my way, I'm fine with it. I sure will miss Mr. Takahashi though, he was a nice old man."

"You have father issues." Kagome teased.

"I didn't say I wanted to date the old guy. I just thought he was nice." Sango said in defense. "He wasn't a pervert like some of the young guys."

Kagome ordered her lunch, then the patient's order, then moved him along and allowed Sango to stand at the counter. Once they were seated, Sango made sure Mr. Banks was comfortable and sat down to pretend to enjoy her hamburger.

She would have loved to be taken out to lunch to a real restaurant with real food just once on her lunch break, but she wasn't allowed to leave the hospital during her 9 hour shift.

"I heard the new doctors coming in today." Kagome said, cheerfully. "Probably in a couple hours after recreation time. He's coming in for introductions."

"How thrilling." Sango said, with a smile. "I'll be too busy to notice."

"Unless he's cute."

"If he's a doctor, he's got brains. I doubt he's good looking." Sango argued.

"Than that means…" Kagome said, thoughtfully. "That you must be ugly. You are a nurse…you can't be stupid."

Sango scowled. "Women are different." She said, laughing.

"Pretty nurse…Pretty nurse." Mr. Banks reached out a hand towards her and Sango backed away momentarily.

"Mr. Banks." Sango said calmly. "We should get you back to your room."

"Pretty nurse come to room with me?" He asked, looking up at her as she loomed over him. Kagome stayed seated.

"I'll take you to your room, OK?" She said, sweetly and pushed him along in his wheelchair towards his room.

Some patients, like Mr. Banks were sweet and she didn't feel threatened. Then there were others. Like Mr. Alexander who often beat on his door and threw his body against the wall whenever Sango gave her attention to another patient. Or Ms. Simone who would just sit in a corner quiet and still one minute, then raving and crazy the next.

But perhaps the most threatening of patients were the ones who seemed normal. The ones who you could actually sit down and have a conversation with. The kind, that, if you met them on the streets of Tokyo, you wouldn't know they were insane at all.

Sango found them to be the scariest.

Leaving Mr. Banks in his room and turning on the television for him, she quietly exited and closed the door lightly as not to startle him.

Now it was on to give another patient his medication. Hamilton Alexander. She opened up his door that read room 6 to be exact to find him huddled in a corner rocking back and forth.

"Mr. Alexander." She said, sweetly offering him a smile. "Time for your medicine."

He stood up, his ankles in shackles and he hobbled over to her. "I'm glad you came to me." He said, sitting down for her in his chair obediently. "I do not like blond nurse. She's not as pretty or nice."

"Oh, now, Mr. Alexander. Nurse Hayden is nice to you." She said, calmly as she measured out his medication. "She's nice to everyone, now isn't she?" Sango really had nothing against her co-worker, Hayden, except their personalities seemed to clash. Hayden didn't treat the patients the way they should be treated sometimes, but everyone worked differently and Sango often kept her mouth shut in fear of being fired if she started anything with another employee.

Sango truly enjoyed her job, though at times, it was a bit frightening. Like now, she knew what was going to happen to the moment she left to attend to another patient. Hamilton was going to go crazy, but the shackles on his ankles kept him from touching her, but that was the only thing that comforted her.

"No." Hamilton answered her after sipping his medication. "No, Hayden not as pretty."

Sango simply giggled. "Very good, Mr. Alexander. You took all your medicine." She forced a smile and almost dreaded leaving. Maybe she could try and cushion the blow of her leaving to him. "I tell you what, after I make the rest of my rounds, I'll escort you down to the recreation center and you can play a game of rummy with your friends."

He looked at her for a moment, then nodded emphatically. "Yes."

"Good." She said, turning towards the door. "I'll be back, alright?"

"Alright." He said, then watched her leave. She closed the door softly behind her, then she heard it. The sound of his metal shackles being stretched to their limits. His blood-curdling screams.

"Sango! No, don't leave me!" He cried out. Sango just stood by the door for a moment, then she heard someone behind her.

"Excuse me, miss…." She turned around at the sound of a male voice and her breath caught in her throat. His jaw dropped too and for a moment neither one of them heard the insane screams from inside the room.

Regaining his composure, he was the first to speak. "I'm-I'm…I'm Miroku Keseki. Dr. Miroku Keseki. Uhm, may I see this patient please?"

Sango stepped aside and allowed him to enter the room, where Hamilton was flailing and even chewing on his ankle to release himself from the shackles.

"Whoa. Whoa!" Miroku called out. "Take it easy, big guy." He said, trying to sound friendly. But it wasn't Miroku who calmed him down, it was the site of Sango that calmed the insane patient down considerably.

He sat on the edge of his bed and shook as she watched Miroku. The new doctor seemed quite threatening, actually. He was dressed in a suit, tie, dress shoes. His hair was neatly combed and pulled back into a very short ponytail and held together by a thin, white band. His handsome face was accented with bangs, and his wintry blue eyes seem to glisten, despite of the depressing place he was at.

"Nurse Sango come back!" He cheered happily.

Sango offered him a sweet smile and then noticed Miroku was looking at her.

Suddenly, the double doors swung open and she saw her other co-workers. Both strong males. Inu Yasha and Nelly Haynes came walking through along with apparently another patient. His hands were behind his back and he was wearing the usual orange uniform. Inu Yasha and Nelly struggled to keep the man in the grasp as he fought for his release.

The man gritted his teeth and tried to pull away, but the other two men were stronger and they eventually led him into an empty room with a bed, a television, a toilet and a shower.

It wasn't quite like jail, but it was close to it.

Miroku smiled over at Sango who seemed a bit nervous. "You should be used to things like that. You do work here, don't you?"

Sango suddenly became defensive. "Of course I work here. I've been here almost three years. I'm not scared."

"Seems like it to me. I've met some pretty wild people here."

"Well your in a psych ward. What do you expect?" She said. "Besides, didn't you say you were a doctor?"

"Yep." Miroku nodded. "I got a Ph. D. in psychology. I graduated with a degree from Tokyo U. By the way, if you don't mind me saying…that nurse outfits cute on you."

Sango blushed wildly at his comment, then scowled. "I…I…I have to go make my rounds."

"That you should." He said with a smile. "I have to finish surveying the rest of the patients. It's my first day here, just trying to get acquainted with everyone." He gave her a wink, then stepped out of the room.

Hamilton had fallen asleep from his earlier panic attack and was now asleep, flat on his back on his bed, his ankles still in the shackles bolted to the floor. Sango immediately left and went on to the next patient, which she was dreading.

Raven Simone. No, she wasn't the worst patient, but definitely one Sango wasn't too thrilled to have to work with.

Kagome came around the corner with a wide smile as Sango exited Raven's room. "So," She said. "I saw you chatting with the hot new doctor. Isn't he a dream?"

"More like a nightmare." She said bitterly. "He's cocky, arrogant, self-centered, conceited. How did he become a psychiatrist anyway?"

"Oh, c'mon." Kagome laughed. "You're not fooling anyone. You think he's cute. I can tell by the blush on your face."

Sango felt the urge to giggle like a schoolgirl for some reason when she thought about the new doctor. "Stop it, Kagome." She said, looking around. "Other people might hear you."

"So it is true." Kagome giggled. "You should talk to him more, maybe he likes you, too."

"Kagome, I'm here to work, not flirt with him." She corrected her. "I'm only going to discuss business matters with him, if I need to. Otherwise, I'll ignore him."

"Sure." Kagome said with a smile. "And I won't flirt with Inu Yasha anymore." She winked when she saw her own object of desire make his way out of the new patients bedroom along with Nelly.

The silver-haired man smiled at Kagome. "He's all yours. By the way, nice job flirting with the new doctor, Sango." Inu Yasha laughed, high-fived Nelly then the two walked ahead.

Kagome's heart was racing and Sango felt the heat rise around her face and neck. Any more of this, and she was going to end up in an insane asylum.


Miroku stood in the middle of a circle with a select group of patients. Eight of them in all, four males and four females. He sat down in his chair and read off his files. "I'm Miroku Keseki and I'll be your new guidance counselor. I'm here to talk to about anything you might have questions for. So why don't we get started, hm?"

He got a simple nod from Hamilton, who he had met earlier and one of the girls raised their hands.

"Yes, uh…" He read her name tag. "Raven, do you have a question?"

"Can I see what's inside your pants?" She asked, winking.

Everyone burst out into laughter, Hamilton clapped his hands and jumped up and down in his seat. Mr. Shad Moss also let out a loud laugh and Miroku had to effectively quite them down.

"Alright, alright. We've had our laugh for the day." He said, with a smile towards Raven. "Ms. Simone, I don't fraternize with my patients, but thank you for your interest. Why don't we move on to something else, huh? Anyone want to share any dreams they've had lately?"

Hamilton stood up and raised his hand. "I do."

Miroku gave him a smile and sat down in his own chair, as not to make him feel threatened or make him feel as if he was trying to override his time. "Tell us, Hamilton."

He looked around the circle for a moment, then back at Miroku. "I had a dream I got married."

"Really?" Miroku asked. "That's interesting. Who'd you get married too?" He tried his best to sound interested.

"Nurse Sango." He said. "She is very pretty."

"Can't argue you with you there." Miroku said with a smile. "Anyone else?"

Sango and Kagome peeked in through the window at the session.

"He seems to keep them all interested." Kagome said, watching. "Of course I'd be interested too if he was talking to me." A light blush graced her cheeks and an even deeper one came across Sango's face.

"He's…He's not that great." Sango countered, looking in, her sienna eyes fixated on Miroku. OK, So he was really, really, really cute. But that didn't make him loveable.

"Ms. Noriko…" A voice from behind her caused her to turn around and come face to face with her boss, Jay Webb.

"Mr. Webb…I…"

He offered her a smile to show her wasn't angry. "If you can pull your attention away from the fascinating new doctor, I'd like you to meet the new patient we bought in yesterday. He has to take four medications a day, two of them on your shift."

"Right. I'm sorry, sir. I was just…"

He waved her off and stopped her. "I understand. But we can't let our infatuations get in the way of our work."

"I'm not infatuated…" Sango argued, blushing yet again.

"Oh, stop lying." Kagome laughed, then her nurse station beeped. "Oh, crap. Another patient alert. Good luck, Sango." She said, then raced off.


The new patient was a scary when he was first bought in, as Sango remembered from yesterday's encounter. But now, she saw that he was quiet and seemed to like playing solitaire.

"Mr. Bailey?" She called out softly as she entered his room, which was scarcely lit by a small bedside table. Rows of cards were situated out in front of him. His name was Howard Bailey, she had learned from Jay. He was a 6'2, dark-skinned sales attendant at a local gas station and just two weeks ago killed and shot a store clerk at a local grocery store.

His trial had convicted him as clinically insane and instead of prison was sent to the Tokyo Inane Asylum.

He looked up from his cards and smiled at her. "Well, hello there."

Sango was shocked. He greeted her as any other normal person would do. Of course, she had ran into this kind of patient before, they seemed normal on the outside, but inside they were a total nutcase.

"Are you ready for you medicine?"

"Sure." He said, rolling up his sleeves cooperatively as Sango filled up the syringe with his medication. It was an intravenous medication that helped him with his blood sugar disorder. Most of the patients took medications for seizures, heart murmurs, and anger control, but this guy didn't have any of that written on his list.

Just a few medical problems that he needed daily medication for.

"This will only pinch for a second…" She said as she carefully inserted the needle.

Howard simply smiled. "It's not a problem. Sure am glad I have a nurse like you. Some of these women around here are frumpy. You, though, are beautiful."

Sango looked down at him. "I get that a lot." She said with a giggle. She didn't have a problem with having casual conversations with killers because it was part of her job, she did it everyday. But she still couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she had with this man. It was a strange, foreboding sense. Maybe it was because he was a new patient she had never met before. Or maybe it was because of the way he stared at her backside as she turned around to dispose of the used needle.

But whatever it was, she knew she just wanted out of this room and fast. However, she remained calm.

"Well, Mr. Bailey, thank you being so patient. I'll be back to administer you're other medication at 4:00." She told him as she pushed her cart towards the door.

"I'll wait until then, beautiful." He said with a smile and Sango was more than grateful to close the door behind her.