"EDWARD CULLEN!" Esme's voice screeched through the house, "You get yourself down here RIGHT NOW!"

I walked out of my bedroom, slowly making my way to our living room, unsure of what to expect.

I reached out trying to read their thoughts but my mother and father had blocked them from me.

'Playstation' Jasper thought out to me, and as I entered the living room I saw that both my brothers were already there, looking petulant.

Our father, Carlisle stood in front of them, behind Esme, both looking equally as furious.

"What exactly do you three call this?" he demanded at us as soon as I had gone to stand behind Jasper, gesturing round the ruined living room.

Our TV was smashed(Emmett), the huge window at the back was cracked (Jasper) and the sofa was ripped to shreds (me).

"Emm…" I hadn't realised how badly we had messed up the place, "It wa…was… a… a… a…."

"Tournament sort of thing," Jasper supplied rushing through his words.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"And we were all losing at different times," Emmett finished our lame explanation.

There had also been some serious wrestling involved, but we thought it best not to alert our parents to that. Esme would flip. We stood beside each other, and I focused on my feet and shuffled them about, looking, I hoped, suitably contrite.

"What are we going to do with you?! The three of you! At the one time!" Esme exploded.

I hated to hear my mother shout. From what I could gage from both she and Carlisle's thoughts I could pretty much guess at exactly what they intended to do with us. It wasn't too bad, but they could have been blocking their more harsh measures from me so that I got the full weight of shock and surprise They had done that before.

"One," Carlisle began, pacing up and down, "I want a new window, tv and sofa in here by tomorrow at 5 when I finish work and you three are going to make sure that happens."

"Two," Esme cut in, "No playstation, no video games, no tournaments in or outside the house, no anything along those lines for a month," she paused. "Oh, and NO WRESTLING".

I guess it had been pretty obvious that there had been wrestling going on, even if we had decided not to tell her about it.

"Mom," Emmett groaned.

Bad move. She rounded on him, "Don't you test me young man I already fully intend to spank you sp that you don't sit for a week so don't push me or I'll spank you every night for a week!"

That sure as hell shut Emmett up. Esme and Carlisle's spanking were rare, but not at all to be taken lightly.

"And on the subject of spankings," Carlisle looked at Jasper and I, - 'oh god please no' Jasper and I thought to ourselves whilst Emmett tried vainly to think of something that would stop our mother using her hairbrush on him – "I shall be spanking both of you. I think all three of you richly deserve it, this isn't the first time this has happened as you well know. Your mother and I have perhaps become too lenient. Perhaps you are still all exceptionally immature young men who need to take trips across our laps more frequently."

We all looked at our feet, we had nothing to say to that. If we had said what we thought it would have probably only confirmed his view.

"Edward- go to your room," Carlisle ordered me, "Jasper – go to my study."

"Emmett go to your father and I's bedroom," Esme finished, looking grim.

We shuffled out of the room to our various locations, convicts with our sentences weighing heavily on our shoulders.