Okay so this is just a short story based on Brianna and how she felt after talking to Dustfinger in the chapter The Wrong Words from Inkspell. This is my first so please tell me what you think!


Ten Years

Brianna was sitting alone in her room; praying that Violante would not send for her.

Everyone said you were dead! It had broken her heart to say those things to her father but every word of it had been true. Still….she couldn't shake the feeling she'd had when she saw him for the first time in ten years, ten long years.

She had wanted to run to him, touch him just to make sure that he was really there and not just another dream. She had wanted him to hug her like he used to and tell her that everything was going to be fine now. She had wanted him to give her a good reason for staying for ten whole years.

I couldn't come back.

Ten years. In that time she had done everything she could think of to convince herself that he was dead. How many times had she tried to explain this to the Black Prince? Even when she had been younger, she had tried to find some kind of explanation for her father's absence and this was all she could come up with: either her father couldn't come back to her or he wouldn't come back to her. Brianna could not bring herself to entertain the idea that he wouldn't come back if he could. However that only left her with one other option: he couldn't come back.

The only reason that would justify such a long absence was that he was dead. Well, she had thought, better that than being hurt or trapped somewhere all alone.

So Brianna had adjusted to life without a father. Not that she hadn't had people around her, looking after her when she had needed it. The Black Prince had taught her a few useful tricks, so had Cloud-dancer and her mother……well her mother had never been the same since her father left and then after Rosanna….

I was afraid of going to sleep for ten whole years, and now here you are, hale and hearty, as if nothing had happened! Brianna regretted shouting at him. She knew she had a fiery temper that even after all these years she could not control but that did not stop her feeling guilty. She hadn't meant all the things she had said. She wanted to tell him that she was glad he was back and how much she had missed him.

But how could he just walk right back into her life like that and expect her to be fine with it? And why had she had to go and see him? Surely he should have come here and –

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Wrenched from her thoughts, Brianna turned to find Basta leaning on the door frame examining her triumphantly like she was a bird caught in a trap.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Me? I'm just an old friend of your fathers". With every word he said Brianna's eyes narrowed. "You look just like him, only your pretty face is missing a few….minor details." As Basta spoke the last words, he withdrew a sharp knife from his belt and took a menacing step forward.