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No Rest for the Weary

Light awoke to find that for some reason, he was in motion. As he opened his eyes blearily, he could see walls moving on either side of him. Occasionally, he would pass a door and as his mind became clearer, he noticed that though he recognized the general setting of where he was, he was quite a distance from where he should've been, back in his room. Well, his and L's room…ugh, he hated saying that.

Then he realized something else. His handcuffed wrist hurt like hell! Wrenching himself around, he soon discovered that though he was still in his pajamas, he'd been dragged, literally, from his bed. Light winced as he was pulled another few feet across the ground. Digging his feet into the carpet, he stood up to face his kidnapper…of sorts.

"L, what the hell are you doing?!" He yelled at the man, who had paused to rub his own hurting wrist.

"Oh, Light, you're awake. Good. I had already pulled you for seven floors but if I'd had to pull you for the next twelve, I don't think I'd have a wrist left to use."

Light stared at him in shock. "And what could you possibly need so badly at—" he checked his watch. "At two in the morning that you had to drag me around the headquarters for?"

"Mm, I wanted a snack while I worked. Watari's asleep and I have a craving for black forest cake and coffee."

Now Light was totally blown away. "L…it's two in the morning. Most people, like me, are trying to sleep at this hour, not ingesting things that are going to keep them up longer."

"Yes, I was aware that you were sleeping, but I was also aware of my growling stomach. You'd already been sleeping for the past four hours and I haven't eaten in the past six hours, so in all fairness, I believe I win out on this one." L turned around and continued his slouch down the hall.

Light ran in front of him to get in his way. "Wait, hold on a second. You believe that just because you waited to eat until after I had went to sleep that that justifiably means you can just drag me around whenever you have a midnight craving?"

L tipped his head sideways and rolled his eyes up in thought. "Mm, yes." He finally said.

Light let out a feral growl and swung his fist at him. Instead of trying to kick him, L only whipped back around and continued on his way. Light's fist hit the wall behind him. "Ouch, damnit!" he hissed. Reluctantly, and seething all the way, he followed L down to the main kitchen on the first floor. At least there he could get some ice for the hand he was now nurturing.

When they finally reached their destination, Light grabbed an ice tray out of the freezer and dumped half of it in a Ziploc bag. Gingerly, he held it up to his bruising knuckles while trying to wait as patiently as possible as the ever-so-picky L gathered his "snack" that looked more like a dessert buffet.

After what seemed like a lifetime, they were finally back in their room. Light curled up on his side on the bed while L pushed the limits of their chain to sit at a small table nearby. Sipping away at his coffee, he now happily scanned over some documents for one of his cases.

The hours slowly went by and amazingly, Light managed to drift back off to sleep. He woke up again though around five in the morning this time, but at least it was of his own accord. Glancing over to the table, he saw that L was still seated there. But his body wasn't moving…minus the slow, rhythmic rise and fall of his back as he breathed. L had fallen asleep.

For some reason, it was somewhat strange to see him sleep. Light was so used to seeing him in motion, whether it was stirring his tea or speaking to someone, that to see him so still seemed almost unnatural. It was calming to watch this detective that worked more over-time than anyone could imagine actually catching some Z's.

Light suddenly smirked. He'd see about that.

Getting up, he stretched his arms, yawning loudly. L stirred briefly, but then settled back down again, tucking his body in like a resting chicken.

Light shook his head. No, he wasn't having any of that. Not bothering to try and tip-toe, he loudly stomped over to the small room adjoined to the bedroom. Their bathroom. The chain wasn't long enough to let him fully enter, but that was no problem. Giving a hard yank on it, Light actually smiled as L was thrown to the floor.

The man was caught totally by surprise and thus landed on his face. Frowning at the carpet as though it were its fault, he then slowly lifted his head to see Light standing a few feet away, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Is there some reason why you just did that?" L asked, letting his full annoyance be shown.

Light kept on smiling. "I have to go to the bathroom. The chain isn't long enough to stretch so I figured you wouldn't mind if I pulled you closer. I mean, isn't that how this works? We do whatever is needed to meet our personal goals?"

L sighed. "Alright, alright, an eye for an eye. Please hurry up though."

Light's smile turned fully wicked. "Oh, I don't know about that. I think I'm going to be awhile."

L could've sworn he noticed the boy's irises turn slightly red. This wasn't perfect student, Light Yagami anymore. This was a demon.

Dragging L closer still, Light went into the bathroom. Of course the door couldn't close, but Light did make an attempt to close it as much as possible. L settled down on the floor. Curling himself up the same way he would in a chair, his eyes soon slipped closed and he found himself drifting off again.

That is, until a very rude bodily noise made him snap his eyes open. What the hell?!

"Oh man, must've been that chili from the school's cafeteria earlier," he heard Light say from inside. He'd been forced to drag L with him to his college classes (very embarrassing) and when in the cafeteria, L would only get a cup of tea while Light actually ate real food.

"Wow, I really think I'm going to be here for a bit," Light called out, but L could hear the smirk in his voice still. Well, there was no way around this. He put his fingers in his ears to drown out Light's oh so lovely noises and tried to go back to sleep.

Not happening.

Light then proceeded to sing some god-awful song at the top of his lungs.

"Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel, so let's have beans with every meal! Beans, beans, they're good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you fart! The more you fart, the better you feel, so let's have beans with every meal!" And thus the song went 'round and round.

"C'mon, sing it with me L!" the boy shouted joyfully after his fourth chorus, that sick laughter making L's stomach churn. I'd rather kiss Misa than sing that damn song, he mentally muttered, but said nothing out loud.

The sun was starting to break over the horizon when L finally heard the toilet flush. He looked up at the clock on the wall. Six-thirty. It had been over 24 hours since he'd gotten any sleep now. This was some bullshit!

Light stepped out of the bathroom, still smiling like he was some self-proclaimed king of something. "Ah, feels like I've dropped twenty pounds! I just might have to go do some more clothes shopping now!" He gave L a very pointed look that said "And you'd have to come with me."

L gulped at the horror of that idea, then stood to make his way to the bed. Sitting on the floor for an hour and a half had killed his back and though rarely did he sleep in the bed, he'd make an exception this time. He crawled in under the covers, welcoming their softness and warmth. Then he felt the bed dent. Light was crawling in beside him. Fine, whatever. They'd shared the bed before. Right now, L was too tired to care. He also let go of the fact that Light was nearly breathing down his neck with his closeness. Praying to a heaven above, he hoped he could finally get a bit of rest.

And just when he thought his prayers would be answered, a hand touched him. His eyes snapped back open. Light had taken it upon himself to twirl a strand of his hair.

Eyes staring wide open, L slowly turned his head around to face him. And thus met up with that damn grin again, way too close for comfort.

"Hello," Light said pleasantly, feigning innocence.

If L had the energy, he would've been kicked his ass. "I don't like to be touched," he said instead.

Light gave him a cheesy smile. "Oh, sorry about that. It's just that your hair always looks so dry that I had to feel it for myself to believe it. I was right, you could do with some hair care."

L narrowed his eyes at him in annoyance. "I believe that is my problem, not yours. Do not touch me again."

Light smiled in a classic anime way, so good natured. Then he turned himself around to where his back was facing L.

Finally…some sleep…L could only think. His eyes slipped closed again…

Somewhere in his subconscious, he noted fabric moving. He felt someone's breath on his face, but since it didn't smell bad and was warm, he let it go. What he couldn't ignore was the sharp pain in his left eyebrow.

Like a raging bull, he sat up and glared at Light…who only gave him that same fake smile again.

"Oh, did that hurt?" he said in a very concerned tone. If his voice got any sweeter, Light himself would give him diabetes.

"Did you just pluck my eyebrows?!" L yelled. His composure was gone.

"Um, yeah…there was one hair that was kind of straying from the others. Figured I'd be a friend and take care of it for you."

Somewhere in the back of his throat, L gave a weird growl. "Didn't I just say, don't touch me?" His head was bowed, shadowing his eyes.

Light dismissed the intimidating posture. "Yeah, but if I were in your situation, I'd want you to pluck that hair too. It was so…unsightly!"

L slowly raised his head up. His eyes were bloodshot. The shadows under his eyes were spreading to include the entire eye and his cheeks looked sunken. "So, that one hair was so unsightly, huh? You had to wake me back up after I've gone over twenty-four hours without sleep just for that?"

Light gave a nonchalant shrug. "Like it's my fault that you haven't been getting any sleep."

It was that same smirk and red-tinted eyes that made L snap.

If he had only growled before, this time he gave a thunderous roar. Hands raised like an attacking tiger, he launched himself at Light, throwing all of his weight on him. Sitting on his chest, he gave a strange and eerie laugh. "You want to pluck hairs? How about I pluck all of yours!"

He fisted the brown strands beneath him, pulling violently. His own eyes now seemed to have become a deep red shade. For some reason, one of his successors-gone-murderer came to mind but he let the thought go.

Light grabbed his wrists and tried to wrangle the hands from his hair. I guess I really pissed him off, huh? Heh, good! The continuing smile on his face kept L's blood raging as he attacked.

Suddenly from across the room, they heard the bedroom door open. Both froze and turned around to see a very shocked Watari. No longer did his fuzzy eyebrows cover his eyes, but you could now see his pupils very clearly as he stared in surprise.

L's mind quickly got to work thinking of what he could be seeing to make him act that way. He looked down at himself. His hair was wild; he knew his eyes looked manic and crazed. He was sitting on Light's chest. No, more like his waist…hips straddling him. With his hands fisted in the boy's hair. And Light looked just as disheveled…oh gods.

"Watari, it's not what it looks like!" L shouted out.

The old man threw him a side glance. "Um, I'll just leave you two to it…" he muttered and closed the door on them again.

L continued to stare at the closed door in horror. Until an all-too-familiar evil laughter filled his ears.

"You know, we could actually confirm his suspicions," Light said with his new trademark smirk.

L only rolled his eyes and bopped him on the head with one of the pillows.

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