"Vincent: Chapter One"

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"This place is haunted!"


"You haven't heard? This building, my parents told me it's what's left of the old Shinra building, ya'know, way back when my grandparents were young!"

"How's it haunted?"

"This couple died in here a long time ago. Somebody told me that it was a couple years after it got destroyed, they were part of the WRO, and went in to kill some monsters. My parents say there's no more monsters here because the man killed them all after his wife died. They said that after that, he killed himself."

"Maybe we shouldn't go in there."

"What, are you afraid Vinnie?"

"N-no! I just think that maybe something will fall on us, or we get trapped or something like that! Our parents don't know we came here."

"Stop being a little sissy Vince!" The little girl called out to him, skipping behind the boy.

He looked around, not wanting to move, but a snapping sound came from his left and he was immediately terrified. "Claude! Lynette! Wait for me! I don't want to be left alone out here!"

The two were waiting for him inside the decrepid building, Claude chuckling as Vincent was crying and out of breath from scaling the mountain of debris, afraid that he had been left behind.

"C'mon, let's go farther in." Claude said, leading the little group further inside.

"But Claude! What if something happens? What if there's a monster?"

"My parents told me there are none in Old-Midgar. If there had been, they'd be coming up to Edge and running through the streets. They wouldn't just stay down here."


"Hey, what's that!" Lynette ran forward, past Claude. The object was tall, and glowing from beneath a large tarp.

"It must be materia crystals. Only materia glows like that." Claude said, matter-of-factly.

Lynette reached up to touch the crystal when a huge roar sliced through the air, sending shivers down the three's backs. Lynette immediately running back, Claude soon following her up the debris.

"Vincent!" Claude turned back, noticing his friend hadn't moved an inch. "Vincent! Come on!"

Things began falling from up above, only missing Vincent by mere inches. A monster came down, landing in front of the crystal, howling at the children.

It was the three's first encounter with the monster.

The monster Chaos.