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A smile is given. "Thank you both."

A bow is returned. "As we said - if it helps them...anything."

A question is asked. "Does she know?"

A nod is bestowed. "I think so. Certainly she now suspects that she knew the real you."

A brow is furrowed. "And now what?"

A pair of shoulders are shrugged elegantly. "Now she will mourn you."

A tongue is clicked in sympathy. "The poor child. Perhaps we only increased her pain."

A divine head is shaken. "I do not believe so. They are connected now in a way that cannot be broken. Even-"

A smirk curls a dead mouth. "Even should he try?"

A hand is squeezed. "He won't. He's always needed her - now she's the same."

A smile finally breaks. "So they'll be happy now. They'll be..."

Finally Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, bows to the spirits Thomas and Martha Wayne. "Now they will be whole."


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