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Nnoitra was down on the sand in a blink of an eye, before his opponent, agruably one of the most beautiful arrancar next to Halibel and Nemu, could even take the slightest of steps.

"C'mon!" He called up to her. "Let's get this show started!"

Neliel arched a viridian eyebrow in slight surprise.

"Your speed as improved."

In a silent blur of static, she joined him down below seconds later.

"You're wrong." He grinned toothily. Teresa's chain jangled slightly as he hefted it over his shoulder. Its single crescent gleamed in the perpetual moonlight, casting an almost horned appearance over his shadow.

"Oh?" She replied, with an almost disinterested look, her tone not quite condescending, but bored, almost as if fighting him was a waste of her time.

"My speed isn't the only thing that's improved." His visible eye danced with manic glee, and Santa Teresa crashed into the sand, creating a small crater in a nearby dune. "There's no way yer gonna beat me this time, Neliel!

"You intend to win this time?"

"Of course!"

"And just how do you intend to do this?" A mildly intrigued look reflected in her hazel eyes, and the almost bored tone lessened somewhat, if not for a moment. "Enlighten me."

He stuck out his tongue.

"Ya'll have to find out yaself."

"I'd rather not." She replied coolly, the icy tone back in her voice again, her forefinger lightly stroking the pale green hilt of her blade. "It'd be much easier if you just told me what to expect."

That look made Nnoitra lose what little self control he possesed.

"SHADDAP! Why do ya always got act so high and mighty ta me?!"

"I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about."

"There it is again!" He snarled, jabbing a finger at her.

"I have a reason."

"So do I! I hate you!"

"That is not a reason.

"Then spill it!"

"It's simple."Gamuza didn't make even the slightest of sounds, as she drew it from her pale sheathe. It was a long, elegant blade, and even though Ichigo knew it couldn't possibly compare to his Zangetsu...

He was rather impressed.

"Its because you're an animal, Nnoitra." Answered the espada, pointing the tip of her zanpaktou towards him. "I follow you around merely for the sake of Aizen-sama, to make sure you don't get yourself killed."

Nnoitra stared at her for a second, unable to believe what he had just heard. His mouth worked silently, and a veins began to throb in his forehead. Oh yes, those words had struck home, deeper than any blade possibly could.

Ichigo smirked, counting the seconds to the explosion.

"Wait for it...

Then the twister of yellow reaitsu exploded into the air, followed by a fierce shout.


Santa Teresa came down like a hammer, but Gamuza swatted her away like a fly. That in itself staggered Nnoitra back a step, and in doing so, Neliel pushed off the blade-

And delivered a violent kick that catapaulted him across the dunes. He clamored up and gripped Teresa with such force that a cracking sound could now be heard.


"When we become hollows, we lose our rationality." Replied Neliel, entirely unfazed by the energy he was emitting. "By becoming arrancar, our sanity returns, and we think logically. You however, lack this reason. Even Ichigo and Grimmjow have some sensibility. Yet you do not. You crave and lust for battle, as if it is your sole purpose in the life."

Grimmjow and Ichigo both winced as the two traded blows, with Nel winning quite handily. If anything, Nnoitra was only making a fool of himself. "Ouch, she's an ice queen, this Neliel."

Tesla winced as a sharp spike of reaitsu was felt. "That's it! I'm gonna kick yer ass!" It was enough to make him close both eyes in mild fear. "Those two... seem to have some bad blood between them."

"Ya might say that." Answered Grimmjow, leaning forward slightly, anxious for his turn to fight Halibel, rather than sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else fight. "She kicked his ass back when we were adjuchas, and he's been spoilin' for a fight ever since."

"Think he'll win?" Asked Ichigo, glancing towards Nemu.

She hadn't expected him to adress her, and as such, started.


His eyes narrowed slightly.

"Don't 'what' me. You can identify reaitsu levels, can't ya?" She nodded meekly in reponse.

"Then take a look at them, and tell me who's stronger."

Nemu knelt to the ground, and pressed a finger to it-

And jerked back in surprise.

"The're even." She whispered. "Dead even."

Pesche frowned. "Neliel-sama will win."

Dondochakka nodded in agreement. "She has more experience, more reiatsu-

Ichigo fixed him with a glare.

"Shaddap. Both of you. I kicked your asses then, and I can sure as hell do it now." After a moment, Pesche and Dondochakka went silent, wisely choosing not to press their luck.

But they still believed their friend would win.

"I said, do ya think Nnoitra will win?" Pressed the strawberry blond, returning his attention to his own fraccion.

Nemu paused for a second, and seemed to stare intently into space. In reality, she was peering at Nnoitra and Neliel. Nnoitra seemed to exude a dark gold aura, and Neliel was emitting a violet energy as well, but it was difficult to keep track of their high speed movements.

They were more blurs than anything by this point, and she could only track that much due to her advanced Pesquia.

They weren't going all out that, this much she could still tell.

"Maybe... I can't be sure, Ichigo-sa-

He fixed her a glare.

"What did I tell you?"

She flushed darkly.

"Suimasen, K-Kurosaki-kun."

Everyone arched an eyebrow at this, and the poor thing turned a deep, vibrant pink. Right now, with so many eyes staring at her, she wanted to shrink away into nothingness. The desire to run as far as possilbe was oh so tempting.

It was only her loyalty to her new master than kept her rooted in place.


"H-Hai?" She was finding it difficult to stand, due to the suffocating reishi Nnoitra was emanating. It didn't really affect him, but the power certainly seemed to be taking its toll on her.

"Sit." He patted a spot beside himself, but never once looked at her. He was focused solely on the battle, and nothing else. He spoke again, and though he did not look at her, he was concerned.

"You will be training with me tommorow." He reminded her simply, even showing enough concern to meet and hold her gaze for a second, before she was the one to look aways. "Therefore, don't strain yourself, and just rest for now."

She did as she was told, and sat down next to him.


"What?" He replied, watching as Neliel came at Nnoitra from above, but now he was the one to sidestep, using Sonido to escape her aerial assault.

"That transformation, why did you turn into a girl?" The naievete of it irked him, and for a moment, she thought he would not deign to answer her. When he did speak, his tone was calm, yet deadly.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Are you touched in the head?" He grumbled under his breath, before launching into a less complex explination. "Try asking your Zanpaktou its name."

A puzzle expression in those green eyes.

"But I already know it-

"Do it, that's an order!" He barked, and she winced in fear.

Do not mind him, child. Soothed a soft voice, that of a young woman. He is not used to having company. He'll warm up to you soon enough, he merely needs time. Nemu appeared visibly shaken, and Ichigo's annoyance faded as her thin blade abruptly took the shape of something else entirely.

Ashisogi Jiz┼Ź now transformed into a deformed trident with curved, serpentine blades and a guard shaped like a baby's head all mounted on the sword's normal hilt.

"I take that form, because I've swallowed my pride." He tapped the massive cleaver on his back. Yammy and Luppi snickered, and he shot them both a withering glare. "Granted, I don't really like transforming into a chick everytime I wanna fight seriously, but the power makes up for it."

He raised a hand for silence when she was about to speak again.

"Sh, watch."


Nnoitra howled as he slashed down at the woman who tormented him so.


For what seemed to be the millionth time, Santa Teresa could not find her mark.

Neliel didn't even bother using Sonido now. She was nimbly and effectively sidestepping his rapid swings, all the while being forced back, seemingly unware of the wall...

Until she blurred behind him.

For a second, just a second, Nnoitra lost his focus. Her stance was strong and firm, clearly a defensive one. She wanted him to come to her. Her body, well endowed even for an arrancar, caught his eye, but just for a second. An ominous wind, blew through her hair, and it seemed to shimmer in the moonlight, the long teal bangs falling just over her left eye, only to be brushed away by a delicate, dainty hand.

"Too slow!" Her words jerked him out of the daze he momentarily fell into.

And then that dainty hand, smacked him upside the head with a one-two bala enhanced punch.

Santa Teresa crashed into the space she had just occupied, but by then, Neliel had already gotten behind him again. "Damnit!" He hissed, as he saw the greenish white blur. But by then the long gash of blood blossomed on Nnoitra's back, causing his eye to widen in surprise.

"She cut him." Observed Grimmjow.

"That's impressive." Answered Ichigo. "His hierro is only slightly weaker than mine, and even though he hasn't released yet, she still got him pretty damn good."

Nnoitra was now pressed onto the defensive, and Santa Teresa was just as frustrated as her master. By now, he was using the pole just to ward her off, and even then, she was getting through, nine times out of ten.

Lets go Nnoitra! Release me, and we'll kick her ass!

"Not yet!" He insisted, opening his mouth-

IDIOT! She cried, but by then it was far too late.

Nel stood unflinchingly, determined eyes watching the cero blast rocket through the air until it was about to engulf her whole. She held up her simple green zanpaktou and opened her mouth wide.

Much to everybody's surprise, Nel ate Noitora's cero whole. She paused just long enough to see the fear register in her combatant's eyes before spitting out her own cero blast. Ichigo was mystifiedat this unique ability. Nel's power was substantially greater than he had anticipated.

It was almost a shame that she was an espada.

She'd would've made a fine fraccion...

A glance to Nemu now, and a shark-like smile tugged at his face

'Perhaps I will go see if Aizen's made any new numeros...

He'd already found one gem, what possible trouble could there be in finding another?

However, he silently swore to himself that three would be his limit. No higher than that, or he wouldn't be able to evaluate their abilities, let alone train them properly.

A blinding flash of light with at least twice the magnitude and velocity of Noitora's attack consumed the espada with a loud explosion. A mushroom cloud of sand and smoke erupted into the air, and all was still.


Nnoitra's scythe whipped out of the smoke, and Ichigo observed a change in it. Now, the first crescent was tipped down. Atop it lay another crescent moon, but its edge pointed upward, and into the heavens.

"I'm the...

"STRONGEST!" He howled, as the saffron light burst into existence!

"Inori: Santa Teresa!"

His form exploded into the golden brillaince, almost immeidiately, he felt its effects.

Surprisingly, he stepped out, a look of grim determination set in his eye. His arms moved impossibly fast, decending from four different angles, all once.

And for the the first time that fight, he drew blood.

It was only a slight cut across the cheek, but a cut nonetheless.

Nnoitra stepped out in his released form.

"Now, lets have some fun!"

Neliel frowned, raised her blade up.


She was about to release, then something changed her mind, judging by the slight widening of her hazel eyes, then a slight frown. She lowered the now glowing blade, and the violet hue faded.

She slid it back into her sheathe, then shook her head.

"I refuse. You can have the rank."

Nnoitra could not believe his eyes, nor could he now trust his ears. She just...gave up? Was she scared of him, afraid to fight him? No, that couldn't be it, it just didn't make sense.

"Nnoitra Jiruga is now the sexta espada." Declared Aizen. "Our next bout shall be with Yammy and Luppi, to decide whom deserves the rank od novena espada."

Unable to comprehend what had just happened, Nnoitra sealed his powers, and walked back up to the podium. As he did, he shot Neliel a venemous glance.


She did something rare, just then.

She smiled, took a slight step forward, now practically raping his personal space. Silently, she pushed his hand, which now grasped tightly Teresa's pole, down.

"You will have your chance later, Nnoitra."

The sexta espada wore a gobsmacked expression.

When it was clear that he wasn't going to try anything, she continued:

"Perhaps would like to join Pesche, Dondochakka and I for dinner?"

Nnoitra's visible eyebrow shot up, his eye widening slightly in surprise, His mouth worked silently for a moment, his mind unable to comprehend the exasperating situation.

At last, he managed: "Eh?"

It was all Ichigo and Grimmjow could do to not burst out laughing.

And then Neliel turned to them as well.

"Would the two of you care to join us?"

They both blinked in surprise, as the friendly gesture.

"Pfft." Managed Ichigo, trying to act cool, even as his stomach growled. "Depends on what yer havin."

Luppi rolled his eyes, and jumped down to the sand.

Yammy landed with a heavy thud now, and Ichigo leaned forward.

"I'm takin Luppi on this one."

"No way." Retorted Grimmjow. "Yammy's got em beat when it comes to strength!"

"Strength alone does not guarrantee victory, Grimmjow." Replied Halibel. The panther hissed angrily at her, before returning his attention back to the fight.

"When the hell is it my turn?!"

Luppi had released, and was currently beating the shit out of Yammy.

Until he made the mistake of mocking him.

And then the brutish espada had the time to get his zanpaktou out.

Faster than the eye could blink, Luppi lost one of his tentacles. Violet eyes went wide as the dismembered appendage flopped to the ground, writhing in a small puddle of black blood.

Yammy's grin was wide and broad, much like the rest of him.

"Ha! Take that-

He jammed the blade into the ground, then clasped his hands together.

"And THIS!"

A dim orange glow shimmered around him, and the sand began to fluctuate in the wind he was creating. He parted his hands, and took up the blade, holding it high into the air-

Just as he declared:

"Thrash: Monico!" (Lord of the Apes)

He was lost in the explosion of orange reaitsu...

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