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Chapter 8

Bright and early the next morning Brennan was on her way to the Jeffersonian when Booth called her on her cell phone asked her if she could come straight to his office in the Hoover building, instead of going to the Jeffersonian first.

So she turned at the next main intersection to make her way his office at the FBI. When she got there, she parked in the guest parking space in front and made her way to Booth's office. She thought about his office while she entered the elevator. She was rather impressed with his office, not only was it was quite sizable - which she felt, anthropologically speaking, was definitely a sign of how well respected one was in their well earned position – but she also liked how he had made it his own by surrounding himself with everything that was pure Booth. His impressive awards, his Hockey paraphernalia, a large photo of his son, among other things. Yes, she thought, quite impressive indeed.

She stepped off the elevator and soon walked into his office where she found him watching a home movie on his monitor. Upon closer inspection she noticed it was Chloe. She appeared to be wearing a Graduation robe and standing next to her parents. "They look very happy, don't they." Booth asked her. "Yes they really do." she replied looking a little somber at the realization of what a loss the parents had to deal with, losing their only daughter. So Booth, what did you want to see me about that was so urgent that you wanted me to come straight here?" she inquired.

"Oh yeah Bones, I finally got the search warrant to search Bethlehem's place – but I want you to know that I was never afraid of that guy, okay?" he said getting rather defensive referring to when Bones had accused him the previous day, of being afraid to go after a Senator. "I want you to know that I am not doing this for you, I am doing it for Chloe!" he added.

So Brennan and Booth headed out to the Senator's residence, Warrant in hand, to search for the murder weapon. Booth had requested that a team of FBI agents met them there to assist in the investigation of the large mansion. After hours of searching one of the agents finally come outside carrying a rather large sledge hammer in a evidence bag.

So now now only did they have the murder weapon, they had also uncovered other evidence and they had already confirmed that the Senator had the motive to murder innocent Chloe. They left the scene, taking all of the evidence with them.

Brennan eventually made her way to the Jeffersonian and was now sitting with Angela, Jack and Zack – her co-workers but more importantly, her friends. They were enjoying a well deserved "adult beverage" in the upstairs canteen when suddenly Brennan shouted the word; "FISH!" she yelled.

Then continued while her shocked team looked at her in surprise. "Jack, you had said that Diatomaceous earth can be used as a filtering agent, right?"

"Yeah Dr. Brennan," he replied, " It is typically used for swimming pools and filters." he concluded.

"Well Jack – then what about fish aquariums? Can it also be used in those?" she asked him. "Well yeah, probably." Jack answered, "But what does that have to do with anything?" he asked her in return.

"Well," Brennan started to explain – obviously agitated and yet oddly energized by her sudden but brilliant deduction, "Ken Thompson had read the Search Warrant that Booth issued!" Jack, Angela and Zack all just stared at her, still trying to understand what she was talking about.

"Don't you see? Now he knows what we were looking for - so now he is probably destroying evidence as we speak!!" she added – her voice rising with worry that they could already be too late. Standing up, she started to run towards the exit yelling back at them, "Someone call Booth! Tell him where I am going!"

When Brennan got to the house she peered in through a side window and saw Ken emptying a petrol can all over the floor. Realizing he planned to burn the place to the ground, along with all of the evidence contained within, she knew she had to find a way to break in and stop him. Grabbing a rock from the ground, she used it to smash in a side window next to the back door – so she could reach inside to unlock the door to allow herself access.

Now that she had gained access to the house, she had her gun out and helped it tightly in her shaking hand as she quietly snuck through the house until she came to where she had seen Ken through the window. He looked up at her and didn't even seem surprised to see her standing there in front of him, with a gun in her hand but not pointed at him just yet. "Dr. Temperance Brennan" he announced, "I would get out of here if I were you." he suggested as he reached up and Brennan saw the lighter that he held tightly in his hand. She knew he was about to toss the lighter down, into the clear and flammable liquid below, setting the house on fire while at the same time - getting rid of all incriminating evidence in one giant inferno.

Brennan looked down at the now saturated floor, "This floor looks brand new Ken – did you recently have it recovered by any chance?" she asked, knowing full well that he did. Ken then walked a little closer to her and leaning forward towards her, he started making sniffing sounds through his nose. "I have a question for you too Dr. Brennan. Is that alcohol that I smell on your breath?" he mocked her by changing the subject with a question of his own.

Brennan knew he was trying to buy time and distract her – but it wasn't going to work. She saw him begin to raise his hand up once again and noticed he was about to click down the flint on the lighter, creating the small flame that would eventually transcend into a massive and unstoppable blaze. Thinking she had no other options since Booth had not yet arrived, she lifted her arm so that her gun was aimed directly at his head, then re-thinking her position and trying to think like Booth, she lowered her arm halfway - and shot him in the leg!

Suddenly she heard something and quickly glanced over to her right, expecting to see Booth and his FBI back-up team rushing in – but to her disappointment, she only saw Oliver lurking about. 'What the hell is he doing here' she thought! '. . . and where the hell is Booth?'!

Oliver was a known stalker whom they had interrogated earlier in the day. Unfortunately he he had begun to make Brennan the newest focus of his psychotic and disillusioned obsession. "So is he the one who killed Chloe?" Oliver asked her. "Yes" said Brennan to which Oliver replied "Good, then I hope he bleeds to death!"

Finally Booth entered through the door of the home, his gun drawn and held directly in front of him as he cautiously walked towards the voices. He soon came across the source and quickly assessed the situation. Bones was pointing her gun at Ken, who was on the floor writhing in pain from what was obviously a bullet wound in the leg. Then Booth spotted Oliver! 'What the hell is he doing here?!' Booth thought to himself. Then once he confirmed that the scene was secure, he lowered his arm and quickly re-holstered his weapon.

"Uh, Bones we need to make sure this man stays live whether we like it or not. Because if he dies, you could be up for Murder charges – for shooting an unarmed man. However, I know for a fact that applying pressure to a bullet wound can hurt like hell if you want to make sure he stays alive." Booth suggested.

A few hours later Booth and Brennan found themselves ready to leave the FBI Headquarters where they had just finished giving their official statements and filling out reports, telling exactly what went down at the Senator's house. "Bones, good news, it looks like no charges will be filed against you after all." Booth happily informed his worried partner. They agreed that your shooting of Ken - was a clear cut case of self defense."

Two Days Later . . .

Booth and Brennan attended the funeral services for Chloe's so they could pay their respects to the family. They were happy that they had been able to not only provide the grieving family with closure and their only Daughter's remains, but also to be able to inform them that their Daughter's killer had been caught and would be help accountable and punished severely for his actions.

After the funeral the family invited the partners to join them for a private service out at the grave site. But the duo decided that it would be best if they watched the service from a spot further back at the cemetery. So they watched from afar as the family prayed and finally laid their precious Daughter to rest.

When it was over, Booth slowly sauntered over to a nearby bench dropping down onto the cool cement. Sitting down next to him, Brennan quickly took in the change in his mood and demeanor, sitting down right next to him, "Are you okay?" she asked quietly with a look of concern on her face.

Booth took the opportunity to share some of the details of his own painful past with her. He spoke of his time in the Military as a extensively trained and highly skilled Sniper. In particular, he told her of the tremendous guilt he suffered from due to the numerous lives he had taken during his Tour of Duty with the Army Rangers. He mentioned that the main reason he had gone into Law Enforcement in the first place, was so that he could try to make amends for his past actions by catching as many murderers as the number of people he had killed.

Brennan delicately placed her hand on his arm. "I would like to help you to do that, if you will let me." she said, caring very deeply for him at that moment.

Booth looked down at her hand on his arm, he felt so connected with her. He also wanted to make sure she knew just what she was offering to do, "Thanks Bones, but - it can get very dangerous at times." he informed her. "Yes - but I would also have you there to protect me during those times now wouldn't I?" she replied, looking over at his with the slightest hint of a smirk on her face.

With that he could only smile back at her, wondering how he had gotten so lucky to have someone like her in his life. He didn't know why he had just shared that very private information with her, there was just something about her that made him feel so comfortable. He patted her hand with his own and as he stood up from the bench, he gently pulled her up with him. "Come on, let's get out of here."

As they were making the trek across the beautiful green grass of the cemetery, Booth decided to try and lighten the mood a bit. He wasn't the type of person who liked to dwell on negative things for very long. Choosing rather, to repress his most tragic and traumatic experiences, keeping them bottled up inside.

Nudging her with his elbow as they walked, he could not resist saying; "I told you it wasn't the Senator!" Booth stated proudly - rubbing in the fact that his 'gut instinct' had been right.

"Yes Booth, you were right. However," she added, "I believe I was also right when I said my 'evidence' told me that it hadn't been – Oliver." she couldn't help but smirk slightly as she quickly burst his cocky bubble.

Booth laughed out loud, knowing she had a very good point. "Okay Bones, then I guess we're even." he said. "So I guess my gut instincts and people skills – combined with your scientific evidence and logic – we make a dam good team Bones." he stated proudly as they finished the rest of their walk to the car, falling into a comfortable silence.

Later That Evening . . .

Booth arrived at his apartment, feeling tired yet satisfied with what was his first, full blown case alongside Dr. Temperance Brennan. After changing into one of his most comfortable t-shirts and his favorite sweat pants, he laid on the couch - mindlessly flipping through channels on his TV. But found himself continuously getting distracted as his mind kept conjuring up images of his attractive partner.

He tried to watch Hockey, but couldn't get the image of her beautiful face out of his head. He tried to watch cartoons, but he was distracted by thoughts of her gentle, almost innocent nature. He even tried watching the News and there again, thoughts of her silky, light brown hair and her hypnotic eyes. He gave up, turning off the television, 'why am I having so much trouble getting her off my mind?!' He thought.

They were partners, he knew it was wrong to be attracted to her – it could ruin everything and even put them in harm's way if he was distracted like this on the job. Oh this wasn't good he thought, but he couldn't find any other reason to explain the feelings that were welling up inside of his heart. Feelings, for his partner. He would just have to be more cautious and enter into this partnership in the most professional manner possible. And if something did develop between them, to where eventually she felt the same way about him – well then they would have to deal with at that time.

Once he had committed himself to that decision, he was able to get her off his mind for the time being, groggily wander into his bedroom, and fall into a well deserved, deep sleep.

Inside a tiny apartment - directly across the Street . . .

While Booth was sound asleep, he had no idea that someone was watching him. Across the street

someone had taken possession of a small, rather run down studio apartment - that had a clear view directly into Seeley Booth's bedroom. Since Booth had been so preoccupied with his thoughts of Brennan, he had fallen asleep with his blinds and his curtains drawn open, allowing this evening's full moon to fill his bedroom with beams of muted light.

Unfortunately, it was that very moonlight that allowed the mysterious person inside the apartment across from his, to have a clear view of Booth – invading the privacy of his home. Using a high powered telescope, he could easily see that the 'Agent' had fallen fast asleep.

Who was this mysterious person? Who would want to spy on the FBI Agent who at the moment wasn't even involved in a case, having wrapped up his current case that very day. But, this man, lurking in the background, actually had no connection to 'FBI Agent Seeley Booth'.

However, he did have a connection to someone called; 'Angel'.


It was Spike! He was the one watching the man he had known for the latter part of 200+ years, only as Angel. Spike felt a rage building inside of him, he still felt that this should have been his life – his prophecy!

"It's not over Booth!" he said, practically spitting out the words with rage. "I will have my revenge on you! After all, the Powers can't watch over you all the time!" What Spike was not aware of though, was the fact that someone was also watching him!

That someone was none other than – Cordelia. She was watching him from her post high above. The Powers That Be had discovered Spike's plan and quickly were forced to realize that somehow many of Spike's memories of Angel – had not been replaced by new ones. They felt that his vengeance and resentment ran so deep within him, that it somehow was able to over power the memory replacement spell that had been cast on ALL parties involved.

The PTB knew that somehow they had to stop him so they allowed Cordelia to also regain many of her own memories as well, then allowing her the freedom to do whatever it took, to stop Spike before it was too late, and somehow get him back on the right track.

"Spike, you will never learn will you?" Cordelia said aloud mainly to herself. She then was able to make herself appear inside the very apartment that Spike had occupied - startling the platinum blond Vampire.

"Hello Spike." she said with distaste. Spike spun around away from the telescope he had been looking through - "What the -?!" he shouted, stopping mid-sentence when he saw who was standing before him.

Cordy quickly addressed him by saying, "Spike, I know what you are up to you . . . vermin." she stated firmly. "And I must warn you that I cannotallow you to follow through on your vengeance. You do know that, right?" she asked, almost sarcastically, fully intending to protect Angel/Booth in any way she could.

"No Cordelia." Spike announced calmly, "You can't stop me! I will seek my vengeance and take over the life that was meant for ME!" he said, his voice slowly rising.

"You are wrong Spike – I can stop you, and I will! In fact, I even have the Powers' blessing to end your life if you attempt to do anything to take your revenge out on the man we now must refer to as Booth." she warned him.

"No way!" Spike announced, "I will not refer to him as 'Booth" - he is Angel and you and I both know that!" he was now shouting back at her. "And you my dear Cordelia, are not strong enough to over take me so I am hardly worried about your little threat!"

"Ohhh-ho on the contrary Spike! I am a higher being now, in fact, I am half Demon! I can actually produce enough energy, that I can make you a pile of dust in seconds! So Spike, I would give up now if you know what is good for you." she added with complete confidence.

Then before Spike had time to react, or to attempt to attack her stunning Highness, Cordelia decided to catch him off guard and within seconds the light that had taken over the air when Angel was made human, suddenly filled every corner of the room with it's brightness, as Cordelia Chase, Higher Power – re-instated the spell that would banish Spike back to his life in Los Angeles and permanently removing all of memories that were supposed to have been washed away the first time!

Then in another flash, the light disappeared and along with it, as did Spike. Cordelia was now the only one left remaining in the nearly vacant room. She took a moment to walk slowly over to the telescope, where she couldn't resist taking advantage of her temporarily replaced memories of 'Angel' – and look through the scope to rest her eyes upon the sleeping form of her former love.

Then, standing upright and backing away from the magnified looking glass, she was exuding happiness and smiling her brightest smile – and then she vanished just as quickly as when she had first arrived only a few moments before and all was right with the World once again.


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