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Chapter 9 - Epilogue

As Cordelia was disappearing quietly into the light, there was something else happening at that exact moment – but this time it was across the Street - inside Booth's own apartment.

Inside Booth's Place . . .

Another image was beginning to form - but this time it was someone whom NO ONE had expected to see! It was none other than Angel's most seductive Archenemy – a Miss Lilah Morgan!

Lilah Morgan, a life time member of the PTB, was materializing in the center of Booth's darkened bedroom. Time was of the essence as she quickly moved over to the sleeping man's bedside with the goal to wake him with the news that she was sent to deliver. She had been fully debriefed by The Powers That Be, as far as Booth's new identity and life as a Human being. They sent her with this extremely important news, critical information that he had to be informed of as soon as possible.

After reaching out to turn on the small lamp on the bedside table, emitting enough of a soft glow to allow them to see each other once he did wake up.

"Angel wake up please - Angel" - having trouble waking him, she then began to attempt to shake him out of his deep slumber. That appeared to work as she finally saw that Booth was slowly beginning to awaken. Blinking his eye's as he became more and more alert. He sensed something wasn't as it should be and once he was awake enough to comprehend what was going on, he saw just what that something was.

Booth was stunned for a moment, upon seeing the tall, beautiful female with long brown hair standing in front of him. A stunning woman with cheekbones that looked as though they were chiseled from the finest Ivory. But now that he had become Booth, he did what came as naturally to him, as putting on one's slipper's upon waking would be to a Non-Law Enforcement individual, Booth reached for the comfort of his own gun, an FBI issue Glock23, that he always kept on his nightstand, or inside the nightstand drawer. Lucky for him, he didn't have to waste time digging for the weapon tonight since he had fallen asleep before he could put it away in the drawer.

He easily slipped his index finger through the opening of the trigger guard of his where the trigger is housed, and aimed it directly at the mysterious intruder.

"Okay, now - I don't know what's going on here or why you keep referring to me as Angel – the name's BOOTH!" he corrected her firmly. "And you are going to tell me rii-ght now – just who are you and what the hell are you doing here!" Booth said, now almost hyper-awake.

"Oh yes I'm sorry, it's just such a habit for me to refer to you by that name - I have only known you as Angel for as long as I have known you. I had forgotten the fact that, as the Powers had alerted me, that all of your 'Angel' memories had been erased. But before you shoot me – uh, Agent Booth, let me tell you what I am referring to and prove to you that you and I know each other."

"Fine," Booth agreed, "You have 5 minutes, start talking." he commanded, still aiming his weapon at her head.

Sp she spoke in a hurried tone, "The 'Powers That Be'sent me here to deliver an important message to you. But in order to do that, I need to place a small memory enhancement device on you. It isn't a weapon, it isn't a bomb, and I only ask that you trust me that you will not be harmed in any way."

Booth interjected, immediately rejecting her plan. "No. No way am I letting you put anything on me! So, I hope you have a plan B Ms. Morgan." he dared her.

Just then the PTB, whom had most likely been monitoring the entire scene, once again filled the room with the brightest flash of warm and luminescent light that only lasted for a mere 10-20 seconds, before leaving the room back in it's original dimly lighted atmosphere. The reason for the intervention of light, was mainly to assist Lilah with the task that had been assigned to her. They had chosen her because they knew that she and the Vampire turned Agent, had developed an underlying and unspoken professional respect for each other over the years.

Booth then looked at her – stunned and confused, he kept his weapon drawn as he tried to absorb and decipher what had just occurred, with the light. As he regained his senses, he realized that he now was able to recall almost everything. Lilah Morgan, Cordelia, Spike, Illyria and the others. He stared at Lilah confused and unsure of how to react.

"What is going on Lilah?! Why are they now forcing these old memories back into my mind, only a day after going to all the trouble to give me this new identity? What the hell is going on?" he asked her, sounding quiet and vulnerable at that moment.

Lilah quickly realized that the PTB had helped her out. They must have realized it wasn't going according to the initial plan. "Angel – or, Booth – or what ever name you want to go by, this regaining of memories is just temporary, except I have convinced them to allow me to do something for you, in return for your not killing me over the years even though you had plenty of opportunities to do so."

"Oh and by the way," she added, "You may as well go ahead and put the gun down. You really can't hurt me with it anyway – I'm already dead." she suggested to which Booth complied – engaging the safety lever he laid it gently back on the nightstand. Angel/Booth just listened in silence, still slightly stunned by the whole charade.

"Okay, you now remember Cordelia, yes?" she asked him, to which he nodded in agreement. "Well, I think just about everyone realized that you and Cordelia were meant for each other, perhaps even before the two you you did!" she told him. "Hell I knew and I wasn't even around the two of you very often. You and Cordelia were, and are true Soul Mates in every sense of the word and even though your destiny's at the moment, appear to be spent in separate dimensions - the Powers have found a way to rectify that which wrong, and finally make it right."

"What?! How can that be possible? What are you saying exactly?" he asked her, unable to fathom how this could even be possible. Lilah continued explaining everything to the man who's heart had been broken when Cordelia first called on to become a higher power, and when she had told him she could not be with him due to having seen everything he had done when he was Angelus.

"Alright I will get right to it since I don't have much more time. Have you noticed as your new persona, that of the handsome and sexy Agent Seeley Booth, that you have a certain, well – a certain 'chemistry' with your new partner?" she said with a half smile, tilting her head and raising just one of her perfectly arched eyebrows at him letting him know that she knew he had noticed it.

"Well yeah bu- wait, how do you know that?" he asked her in surprise "You should know by now that the Powers know everything. In fact, this plan was put in motion long before now. It seems Angel, that you are not the only one who was given a new chance at a real life, and there's a reason that your new partner, Temperance Brennan, seems to familiar to you and there's a reason the two of you have this unspoken heat and sexual tension between you, though you haven't even known each other for very long."

"Are you saying what I think you are saying?" Booth asked her.

"Yes, I probably am, if you are thinking that Cordelia's own new identity is that of the very beautiful and intelligent, 'Bones' as you so fondly call her. The PTB had determined that Cordelia was to be rewarded for her endurance of the extremely painful visions, and for the way she had accepted them even though it wasn't originally meant to happen that way, or to her. Since she was never supposed to take over those horrendous psychic visions. You should also know that the reason Cordelia was absorbed into this new very brilliant mind and body of Dr. Brennan, making the former and not necessarily brainy Cordy, a genius in every sense of the word. The reason for that is due to her becoming a Higher Being.

She went on, "Once Cordelia Chase became a Higher Being, she had been given copious amounts of knowledge, basically giving her the new IQ level of a Genius. They felt it wrong to now strip her of that well deserved knowledge, so they simply refocused that intelligence into her new persona, into that of a Forensic Anthropologist so there would be a viable reason for the two of you, to work closely together."

Booth was speechless, stunned at the suggestion and still having trouble believing this was possible. Though he knew if it was possible for him to start over fresh, why wouldn't it be possible for her to."

"But why are you telling me this? Won't my memories simply be washed away again once you leave?"

he asked her, frustration evident in his voice.

"That is a very good question my friend, and I have some more good news on that subject." Lilah told him, excited to be able to do something good for a change. She herself had changed so much, for the better, once she had the love of her own true soul mate, one Mr. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. So in the name of the love of her own life, she knew she must do what was right, and assist the Powers in bringing Cordy and Angel back together.

"You won't retain any memories other than those involving your most private moments with Cordy, and you will know that you two have and always will be, meant to be together forever. Your attraction, desire, and love for this Brennan person, is basically your attraction, desire and love – for Cordelia."

Wow, thought Booth, this was almost too much. "But what of Cordy's memory? What will she, Brennan, know of our love and our time together in the past?"

"She won't recall things to the level of detail that you will. Therefore it will take her some time to come around, some extra time for her to realize the true passion and destiny that is meant for her – which is in fact, you." she told him – waiting for his reaction.

"What if I slip and call her Cordy?" he asked, worried. "No worries of that happening Angel, you will not recall that level of detail, you will only be able to recollect what Cordy looked like, and your private most tender moments with her in your past - with this woman, but you will not remember her old name, only her new one. You will recall just enough, and it will buried so deep inside your subconscious mind, that you won't sit there and ponder every moment and every word you say, etc. You will basically just know that this is right, this relationship with Brennan is meant to be. Any other memories will be so vague that it will just simply seem like Deja-Vu at times." she concluded.

Booth couldn't believe what he was hearing from this woman, that he was having feelings for his partner at first seemed, ridiculous. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that he had noticed the amazing connection that was there between he and Brennan. And yes, it was almost instantaneous from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. In fact, he had felt goose bumps forming on his arms when they first started speaking, and were standing closer to one another in the Airport, but at the time, he thought it was just nerves.

"This is almost too good to be true!" he stated, suddenly ecstatic over what he had just discovered, thanks to Lilah and surprisingly enough, the 'Powers That Be'. "Thanks." he said, turning serious for a moment. "Thank you Lilah, really . . . thank you." he told her, meaning it from the bottom of his new heart.

"You are more than welcome Ang- . . . Booth!" she said, finally calling him by his new name as she then disappeared right before his now sparkling eyes -confirming to him that for he and Cordelia/'Bones' - this was the end of a love they never got to finish, and the start of a new beginning.

The End