I was once like him

A Hot Rod Post Beast Machines One Shot

By GhostLord

Hot Rod watched Cheetor giving his first speech as leader of Cybertron. He was thinking of a time when he was like Cheetor. A young leader who's subordinates had much more experience than him. He wondered if Cheetor would face similar challenges, but things were different now. All of Cybertron was techno-organic, as were its citizens. Hot Rod himself was no longer a Hot Rod as his alt mode was now a mighty red dragon. He looked through the crowd and saw tons of techno-organic transformers. Then out of the corner of his eye he spotted a very familiar robot. A robot with a red upper body and blue legs. He rushed towards that robot.

"Optimus?" He cried out, but the mighty Autobot leader was nowhere to be found.

However Optimus Prime had indeed been there he was walking through the street of Cybertron looking happy with what he had seen. Then suddenly he started glowing and then started vanishing and as he vanished he uttured a phrase that could have easily been lost to the sands of time but most likely wasn't.

"'Till all are one."