Sasuke stood in front of the grave staring down at it. He felt the empty ache in his heart as he looked down at the beloved mound of dirt. Grass had coved it in the years since it was dug. He had selected the place with care. Trees grew tall over the headstone and shaded it from the sun.

Iruka was standing on one side and Neji on the other each of them were bearing a bouquet of flowers. They stood with him silent in their tribute, saying a prayer for the loved one. Iruka went first and laid his bundle of daffodils next to the marker.

"You are missed," he said thickly then straightened, moving away.

Neji followed suit and placed a packet of daisies down. He swiped away a tear that fell.

"Life's too short but you had a great impact on us all."

He turned to Iruka and shoulder to shoulder they walked away leaving Sasuke alone for a private moment.

"God, how I miss you," he muttered as he approached the stone. He brushed his had over it and trace the name. "I didn't get to give you your keys back. I remembered them today, and fished them out of the fountain." He pulled a plastic sack out of his pocket. It held six sets of keys in it. He laid it down next to hid bouquet of yellow roses. "I was such a selfish little twerp thinking that there was nothing worse than not going to the zoo. I forgive you; I really didn't want to go to the zoo. I just wanted to spend the day with you."

The pad of his finger found the date. Ten months ago. He didn't know if the empty place in his heart would remain but he wasn't going to forget his brother. The wind stirred and a petal from the cherry blossom tree caressed his cheek and he smiled.

"Guess what, I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier. Naruto's pregnant were going to have a baby. Thank goodness we had the wedding ceremony when we did. I don't think she would have married me if she had been pregnant before getting married. She probably would have thought I was doing it for the sake of the baby." He smiled.

"I had to fire Karin last week, there were enough complaints about her that I just couldn't keep her on. Hopefully she will find another position that she will be happier with. Naruto finished the program and it's a huge success. I've moved her to the main building where I can keep an eye on her. I've even given her a job in the human resource department. Did you know that we have over three thousand employees and Naruto knows every single one of there names and birthdays?" He laughed at that and felt so proud of his wife. "She makes sure that everyone gets a gift on their birthday and even goes out to buy it personally."

He pushed up from his crouch on the ground. He brushed his hand over the top of the grave.

"Hey, Sasuke" he heard Kiba call out. "Naruto says that if you don't hurry up the baby will be born with out you. Her water just broke!"

"Shit! I'm sorry, Itachi, I have to go but I'll bring the baby here to meet you in a couple of months." He turned and ran to the car. Jumping in as Kiba pressed the gas pedal.

Itachi grinned from his place next to the tree, his parents, and Naruto's parents next to him.

"The new addition to our family is going to be a little terror," Minato said clapping Fugaku Uchiha on the back.

"A little demon," Kushina said her arm joined with Mikoto's as they smiled at each other.

"A clever little fox," Itachi exclaimed.

"Just like her mother," Fugaku said grinning.


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