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Tonks sat up in bed, frowning. She heard someone, presumably her boyfriend, walking toward the room. She flicked the lights on with a wave of her wand and waited.

A moment later, Harry walked in and dropped his Auror kit by the door. "Oh," he said. "I didn't expect you to be awake."

"Most people aren't awake at three in the morning," Tonks conceded. "Why do you even bother turning up this late?"

"I told you I'd come by," Harry said, shrugging.

"I'd rather you came by first, and not after you visit your other lover."

"Stop being so paranoi—"

"Shut up, Harry," Tonks said in a tired voice. "Just…go home, will you?"

"I had to wor—"

"No you didn't. Kingsley told me he gave you the weekend off, so don't bother to lie. Out of curiosity, who is it?"

Harry stood still in the doorway.

Tonks smirked. She knew he was debating telling her the truth. "You're cheating on me. You're caught. Who is it?"

"How do you know I'm cheating?" Harry asked in a small, petulant voice.

"For the past five months, you've only kissed me on the cheek. You're agitated all the time, and it's not a stressful time in our department, so it's probably not about work. You don't want sex anymore, and that's seriously odd for you. You avoid me at work. We haven't been on a real date in ages…Shall I continue? Or do you want to tell me now?"

"Dmmffrrghh…" Harry muttered.


"Draco. Malfoy."

"MY COUSIN?" Tonks yelped. She wasn't completely surprised that Harry'd switched teams again, so to speak, but she hadn't been expecting that. It was all so incestuous….

"Yeah," Harry said defiantly. "He's—"

"I don't want to know," Tonks said, waving both her hands in front of her and shaking her head. "Really, I don't. Just leave."

Harry gazed at her for another moment before grabbing his bag and leaving. He slammed the door behind him.

Tonks sat fuming. Malfoy? That poncy mummy's boy? Was Harry serious? He could take a flying fucking leap, as far as Tonks was concerned. She got out of bed and walked down the hall to her training room. Not bothering to turn the lights on (she'd practiced in the dark many times before), she began throwing hexes and curses at the targets….

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