When Buffy got to Spike's crypt, she paused before knocking…but only for a split second. She had a plan, she had to stick to it. Not to mention, not for nothing but this wasn't the first time she'd kept someone in secret. Sad to say, it wasn't even the first times she'd kept a vampire with a soul hidden. God, how weird was that? Buffy peered around the graveyard while she waited and watched as a white SUV drove past. Figuring that it would be an odd situation to have to explain to the other soccer moms, she kicked open the door, and was only half surprised when she found Spike in a recliner in front of Passions.

He instantly jumped up and turned around, bracing himself for a fight. "Bloody Hell!" Spike scolded her. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"I knocked," she explained. "What took you so long to open the door?"

Spike gestured to the old TV that was currently displaying a commercial for KY jelly. "Was watchin' my programs," he explained.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Well as much as I'd hate to tear you away from whatever is happening in Pine Valley," she referenced All My Children.

"Hey!" Spike interjected. "I watch Passions."

"Fine, whatever. Listen, I need a favor."

He raised his eyebrows and placed his hands on her hips. Oh God…she was afraid this would happen. At the lightest touch of his skin on hers, Buffy's heart jumped. She could feel all of her body start to tingle. And then…everything got hot. All of the air was being sucked out of the room, and it was stifling. It felt like getting into a car that had its windows up in the summertime. Buffy would asphyxiate soon unless she did one of two things. Since the other one was out of the question, she backed away. "Not that kind of favor. Can we please try to remember that I'm married here, Spike?" she snapped.

Spike rolled his eyes, looking like the brat he'd been pre-soul. "Oh, please. Are we gonna play another round of Kick the Spike? I remember that you're married. Might've tried to get so drunk that I'd forget, but that didn't work the way I'd planned." Buffy placed her hands on her hips and waited for him to continue. "I've done exactly what you said, stayed out of your way while you had your little Scooby reunion. You're the one who came here to see me." He reached for her again but she moved her arm out of his way.

"I didn't come here to see you. I need to ask you something."

"So? Get on with it then."

"We need to use your crypt for headquarters."



"Are you kidding me, Buffy? I'm already the laughing stock of the underworld. Killing demons, falling in love with slayers, having a soul."

"Slayers?" The word flew out of her mouth before she could stop them, and she inwardly winced as soon as they were out in the open.

Spike shrugged. "Yeah. Is it so hard to believe that maybe I found someone new?"

"Nope. As a matter of fact, I think it would be extremely healthy for you to move on. Anyway, you're just going to have to get over not being voted Little Miss Popularity for now."

"Why do you have to use my place? What's wrong with yours?" he asked in a low growl, sticking a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it with a match.

"Demonic activity isn't really wholesome conversation that one discusses with an eight-year-old."

Spike nodded. "Right. How is the little bit?"

"Fine. Look Spike, there's um…another favor."

"Oh, Christ. What now?" he asked, pouring himself a shot.

Buffy didn't bother to point out that it was barely noon. "I haven't really mentioned to the others that you're…you know, you." Spike knocked the shot back, not seeming to acknowledge what she was getting at, or even that she'd spoken. "So…you have to leave now."

His only response was a dark chuckle. "Now I know you're joking." When he saw the serious look on her face, he asked, "You're actually serious?" sounding amused. "You can forget it. It's not my fault that you're not telling your friends about me." He paused, like he heard something from far away. "Wait a minutes. I think we've had this conversation once before."

"Spike – "

"Or twice."

"Spike – "

"Or a thousand times. Only back then you were doing something wrong. So what are you doing wrong now, Slayer?"

"I'm not doing anything wrong." Her voice cracked and she ignored it before continuing. "Everyone just got back. I don't want to throw them all into it. Not to mention, it's not like any of them were your biggest fans."

"I think they'll get over it."

"Spike, can you please not be difficult, just this one time?" she snapped. "I thought that you were supposed to have feelings now, just like everybody else."

Spike sighed and Buffy recognized it as giving in. It was the same sigh he used to give after saying that he wouldn't sleep with her again unless she told her friends about him. He always did anyway. "Fine. I'll go," he resigned, picking up his blanket from the recliner in front of the TV. "But you have to tell them Buffy, or I will."

"Wait a minute," Buffy mocked. "I think we've had this conversation once before," she repeated.

He smirked, opening the door to the crypt.

"Or twice," she continued, stepping closer to him. "Or…a thousand…" Buffy locked eyes with Spike then. He was so close to her. Her head felt light, something was making her dizzy. Just don't look at his mouth…oh, damn it. Buffy tilted her face up, could feel her eyes closing against her will…

"I'll see ya," Spike said so abruptly that Buffy nearly jumped.

"Right. Sure," she breathed out as Spike, covered from the sun, made his way to the nearest sewer entrance. Buffy shook her heard and flipped her cell phone open to tell the gang that the place was safe for them. Now she just had to figure out how any of this was safe it was for her.