Tony strolled into the bullben, quick to toss his bag down at his desk. His eyes glanced around noticing the complete silence.

He was alone. weird was the word that came to mind, no more like hinky. Tony Dinozzo may not have had Gibbs' world famous gut but Tony could not deny that his was telling him something was off.

Either way Tony did his best to ignore the feeling and sat down at his desk booting up his computer for the day ahead. Still he couldn't help the feeling as curiosity took over, where was everyone? He wasn't truly alone, the other teams surrounding the bullpen were busy at work on cold cases, reports, and for some lucky few a current case.

The appearance of Ziva from the shiny silver elevator doors finally managed to give his nerves some relief.

"I know, I am late I had to catch the bus and then there was an accident slo…." started Ziva before trailing off " Where is Gibbs?"

"No idea but, something tells me you didn't take the bus from your house Zee-vah." stated Tony playfully, he really needed it to relax the unease he felt.

"I would say you are the pan who calls the kettle black but I doubt that it would be true." Ziva retorted sinking into familiar banter.

"Pot," Tony corrected, " pot who calls that kettle black, you know really Ziva I was getting used to you actually getting idioms right before you went back to Israel." Ziva opened her mouth to retort but quickly closed it when strong vibrations rocked the NCIS HQ quickly followed by the flickering of the lights.