Notes: this is the end hooray wait sniff. So this chapter is a little longer but I got my creative juices flowing enough to end this story on lucky number seven I just hope you guys like it. Also thanks for all the reviews it has really kept me excited to finish my first story so here goes the end


"Special Agent Timothy McGee, NCIS," McGee announced to a petite young woman, even he could handle this local LEO, "can you tell me anything?"

"Not really," she answered looking doubtful, " but I have seen my fair share of explosions and to be honest with you I haven't ever seen one where nobody was injured." It was blunt, she wasn't going to try and sugar coat it and for that McGee was grateful.

"Thank You," McGee said and he meant it.

"For what?" she asked, " I couldn't tell you anything and there is probably not going to be anything for me to tell you until we access the damage and find a safe way to make contact with the building."

"Being honest," McGee tried to explain but quickly realized that he should elaborate, " what I mean to say it that well… um you didn't sugar coat it." At that she smiled he could tell that somehow his explanation had allowed the worry for his friend to slip through and that in itself was the best explanation. Though he had no more information than before somehow the understanding she had shown with the few words between them was enough to but his worries at ease, for now.


Abby had heard the struggle below and then the interrogation to follow but even in all it's subtleness hearing Gibbs curse under his breath after hearing the name worried her the most because that man had Tony. Why did it always have to be Tony. She really wanted nothing more than to hug some one, anyone, okay so she really wanted a Tony hug.

Abby was quickly jolted away from her thoughts as she heard the voice from a near by vent that lead to the air ducts.

"Sooooooooooooooooooo," Tony's voice filtered in, and boy did he sound weary, "when do you think Mister Trigger Happy's gonna come back cause I've gotta be honest with you, two coffees is a definite good reason to have to use the head." The sound of a flesh hitting flesh that followed echoing through hollow air caused Abby to psychically flinch.

"Gibbs!" Abby called pressing herself against the hole, " I think I found Tony."


Hearing Abby's voice Ziva turned to where it was coming from. This was the second time she had heard it but last time the eruption of action had given her no time to spectate.

"That is Abby I am hearing, yes?" asked Ziva though it was more of a statement as she went on to ask the more important question, "how?"

"Ah, that is quite a story my dear but, I fear now is not a good time for story telling." supplied Ducky.

"You got that right Duck," said Gibbs his tone back to it's usual gruffness, "Abs, where's Tony?"

"Well," Abby said kind of frenzied out of worry, " I heard his voice coming from the air ducts and he sounded really tired Gibbs and I think he was trying to be all super Tony like he always does when he's hurt or if he's in trouble and then one of the guys hit him but I think there's more than one cause he said something about another guy and…" but as she babbled on Gibbs allowed her only making out the important details as he walked toward the vent where Ziva and Roster had come out intent on finding Tony himself.


Tony could swear he heard the distant familiar fast speaking Abby. However once again he didn't know if that was good or bad. Bad cause she was nearby and he really didn't want her to be dragged into this, no she was like his sister and he had vowed, if only to himself, he would protect her from harm's way. Good cause she was talking that meant she was okay and she could be talking to some one who could come to his rescue and he wouldn't have to worry about making an escape plan through this awful headache. Oh what he wouldn't give for pain killers right now.


"Ziva, stay here with Roster!" Gibbs commanded already making his way to the vent.

"And what exactly are you planning to do?" asked Ziva.

"What does it look like? I'm going to pull Tony out of the fire before he gets himself burnt." was his terse response as he climbed into the vent and started to make his way through the maze of vents sig in hand.


Tony made out a shape making it's way toward them and knew his break would soon be over but what he saw as the figure approached was definitely not what he expected, not at all.

"NCIS! Drop your weapons!" The words were so familiar but usually he wasn't this thankful to here the familiar voice. The man to his left drop his gun with a clatter but the other decided to make for on last defense as he aimed his gun a Tony. Gibbs didn't even issue the second warning as he fired dropping the man dead with a double tap to the heart.

"You okay?" asked the gruff sound that was his boss' voice.

"Yeah boss, I'm okay," Tony said though if he was honest with himself his half hearted attempt in response was enough to show the true extent of his exhaustion.


A few hours later and the building had been contacted with and they managed to haul out the nine of the eleven men who had caused this mess. They would probably get life and maybe a brutal interrogation to bout but the other two would be wheeled out in body bags thanks to a one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The Team was gathered in autopsy now that powered had been restored and the building floors all cleared except for the floor where the bomb had exploded.

"Wow, Tony that must really hurt," offered McGee looking at the agent who was currently being stitched up by Ducky.

"Ya think, McGee" said Gibbs pointing out the fact that he had been stating the obvious.

"There, finished," said Ducky running a skeptical eye over his handiwork, all the while empty a few pills into the palm of his hand, " here take these to take the edge of the pain and do try and get some rest my dear boy."

"Thanks Duck." Tony replied sincerely taking the offered pills and dry swallowing them, "can I go home now?" though the last part was more or less a wine.

"Come on," said Gibbs tilting his head toward the exit, " your staying at my place and only because I know what happened last time you had pain killers."

"Come on boss, really m' fine." Tony argued though he was already off the autopsy table and following.

"Tony, wait I haven't gotten my Tony hug yet!" cried Abby as she followed them out.

"She named his hug?" asked Ziva, " and I thought I was getting use to your American ways."

"She's Abby of course she named his hug she probably named yours and mine too." McGee responded.