I didn't really like what I had so far so I redid this.


I have too many names, the leader of the Light, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, and many more. However, after I had lost my godfather, Sirius, many strange things started to happen...


"Ug, another sleepless night." Harry groaned. That was the second night with those nightmares. Hermione had tried to get him to tell her what they were about in her letters, but he couldn't, they'd terrify her like they did to him.

Harry walked over to Eviyara, his beautiful snow white phoenix. She showed up the second he had a moment alone in the beginning of summer and became a wonderful companion and friend. The Boy Who Lived picked her up and had her perched on his shoulder She raised her head for a moment, said hello through their mental link, and then dozed off again, closing her striking emerald eyes.

Oh well, I might as well get up and start breakfast even though it's- He glanced at the clock- 3 o'clock am. 'Yes, no insane person would EVER eat at 3 am'. He thought dryly. Never mind forget the food, I'm not Ron.

Harry was just pondering about asking Hermione for a dreamless sleep potion, when a shudder ran through his small body, followed by blistering heat blasts in his head, more specifically his scar.

"Oh Crap."


Harry! Are you alright?! He heard Eviyara project into his mind. Harry, Harry, wake up!

He opened his eyes hesitantly and saw a scrambled mediwitch hover over me. "Good," she said, "you're awake. Don't move now, you'll rip open your injuries. It took me forever to patch you up and I won't have you ruining it, dear." The emerald eyed boy nodded, much to his head's protest.

"Madam Pomfrey, what am I doing in Hogwarts?" He asked.

The Healer stopped what she was doing and walked back over to him. "How do you know my name? I've never seen you before." Harry's eye brows furrowed in confusion. He sat up and grabbed his phoenix feather wand from the bedside table.

"You have to be a terrible Death Eater not to know how I know your name." He held the wand up, threating the woman. "But, just because I feel like hell I'll ask you her security question. In my second year when the Chamber of Secrets-"

"The Chamber of Secrets hasn't been open for decades. The last time it was open Myrtle was killed." She interupted loudly. "Now put that wand down!"

The Chosen One's head started spinning in confusion and he croaked out, "W-w-what year is it?"

The mediwitch shook her head murmering 'amnesia' while she replied, "1973."

He blacked out and didn't see the raven haired teenager stare at him from the other bed.


It isn't too different but I think my changes will make this story be MUCH better.